The 6 Best Apps That Improve Your Singing Voice (Android & iOS)

The 6 Best Apps That Improve Your Singing Voice (Android & iOS)

Did you know that singing is a great way to increase brain activity and relax? Then you need to practice singing as soon as possible.
This is why we decided to find and put together a list of the best apps that can help you make your voice sound better.

By the way, if you are interested in learning music professionally, make sure you check out this other article: 8 Best Apps to Learn to Read Music (Android & iOS).
Most of the apps mentioned in this article are free and available on the App Store, as well as on Google Play.

1. Vox Tools


This application was created to help you improve your singing voice. Even though this is your first singing experience, you can be sure that it will be easy to get started.

To make your vocal technique better, you need to find all the functions of the application:

  • Personal training. Vox Tools provides you with all the detailed instructions and lessons packed with in-depth explanations.
  • The opportunity to customize the application according to your needs. Create your own workshop and practice to master the necessary skills.
  • You can choose your voice type. It will be different for men and women.
  • This app keeps track of your progress. You can see what you could do better and analyze your failures.

Vox Tools has a fairly simple and friendly interface so you won’t have any trouble understanding how it works.

The application was made by a professional singer. This is why most of the exercises and lessons are so deep and interesting.

You can download the app for free from Google Play, as well as from the App Store.

The Vox Tools app has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 on the App Store, which is a very high rating.

However, there’s a big downside: the app is updated rarely, so you can’t expect new features and bug fixes.

2. Sing Sharp


This is another cool app for singers. Sing Sharp is an excellent educational tool that can teach you not only to sing well but also to broaden your musical horizons.

In this application, you will get access to various functions:

  • Vocal distance. This will help you find your highs and lows. This will make you understand how to put it into practice.
  • Wide variety of levels – from basic training to the most advanced.
  • Special exercises to build your musical senses.
  • Flexible achievement tracking system: the app remembers all your wins and failures. You have access to your progress statistics.
  • Cool studio effects. It will be great for those who like karaoke singing style.
  • You can download your favorite music from iTunes and practice singing it until you’re perfect.
  • Great practice to warm up your voice. They are constantly updated so you will find something new every day.

This application is free with ads. If you find the ad too annoying, you can always remove it. This will cost you $ 2.99.

There are some in-app purchases but all the basic stuff is free.

You can get it now on the App Store or Google Play.

3. Learn to Sing – Perfect Pitch


It’s time to practice your beautiful voice. Perfect Pitch has a special and unique teaching method.

5 great application functions will make you a great singer. The most popular of them are the following:

  • Cool training program that can increase your motivation and singing skills. This program consists of 10 levels. If you take it step by step, you will gradually improve your performance.
  • Many lessons (more than 50). They are very easy to understand even if you are a non-professional singer.
  • Octave control. You can set low, medium, or high level.
  • Possibility to import your favorite songs from the Internet and practice singing them.

You can enjoy all the free stuff but if you want to go premium you’ll get a lot more:

Extra practice to warm up your voice.
Track Statistics which is updated daily.
No ads or in-app purchases.

A year membership will cost you $ 9.99. If you’re not sure you want to use the app for the full year, you can purchase a 3 Month membership – it only costs $ 4.99.

Warning: the size of this app is large – 173.8 MB.

You can get the app from Google Play or the App Store.

4. VoCo Vocal Coach


This is a great vocal training app that will make your voice sound perfect.

The main feature of this app is a method called “sing-listen-over”. As may be obvious from the name of the method, you are teaching yourself by repeating the same chord over and over.

It’s also useful for tracking your progress. One way to do this is by creating playlists with your recorded voice. You may not like the idea at first, but then you will thank yourself for doing this.

Another great feature of this app is the large number of useful exercises. Make sure you try them all.

If you are interested in listening to classical music, you should check out the 9 Best Apps for Classical Music Radio (Android & iOS).

VoCo is very easy to use, even if you are not an expert smartphone or tablet user. The application interface is simple and friendly. These can be easily customized to meet your demands.

However, there is a big downside – the size of the app is almost 50 MB. This is terrible if you are trying to save your phone memory.

There are no glitches or bugs, the app is very reliable. This is why it has such a good rating – 4 out of 5.

You can get this cool application on the App Store or Google Play for free. There are some ads but they are not too annoying.

5. Karaoke – Sing Karaoke, Unlimited Songs


You might be surprised to see an app like Karaoke on this list. Even so, Karaoke is proven to be effective for learning to sing, especially if you are a beginner with no music education.

In this application, you will find a variety of cool functions that will make the singing process a pleasure:

  • A huge and impressive catalog of popular songs. You can choose your favorite among various genres.
  • Record your voice. Make sure you create your cover playlist. Later it will help you track your progress. Hear your voice again and again and do it better next time.
  • Listen to other people and compare yourself to them. Choose the best singer in the application.
  • When you’ve created your great cover, share it with the world. You can do this through social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.
  • The content is constantly being updated.

All of these features will be available free of charge. However, if that’s not enough, you can always go premium and get more cool features:

Premium song catalog. There are many VIP catalogs that you can find after downloading.
You will be able to save as many recordings as you want.
Additional video themes and sound effects.

This Premium feature will cost you $ 19.99. All functions are included in the price.

This app has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Very reliable and no bugs and features.

Karaoke is available for free (basic version) on the App Store, as well as on Google Play.

6. StarMaker – Sing Karaoke Songs


Do you want to be a star? Of course, you will if you are reading this article.

Well, now we have something cool for you.

StarMaker is the most popular and interesting app of 2020.

You will find many great functions that will make you a good singer:

Opportunity to choose a song. The catalog is updated all the time, so you can easily find all your hits, even if they’re new.
Recording your song is also a big thing. Not only can you record your voice, but you can edit it as well. This is a cool option if your singing skills aren’t perfect, but you want to share your cover with other people.
You can add pictures or videos to make your recordings unique and extraordinary.
There is a cool option called ‘duet’. It allows you to collaborate with friends and sing along. It’s a great way to get famous on the app.
After you finish recording, share it via Facebook. You can attach your account to the app to post your cover automatically.

And all these functions will be available for free. There are some ads but they don’t appear very often.

You can download StarMaker from the App Store, as well as from Google Play.



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