9 Free Clip Art Apps For Android & iOS

9 Free Clip Art Apps For Android & iOS

If you have been involved in design, poster production, or just a passion for graphics, you are clearly familiar with the concept of clip art. In general, by clip art we mean graphic objects that can be part of a large project or create something new in a photo. We can say that this is one of the most important tools in photo design and processing, if you want to give it individuality.

Of course, many designers make and use them on laptops and computers, because it is much easier to work with graphic objects. But there are times when you need to edit photos immediately, or you just like to add clipart elements to your photos before sharing them with friends or social networking sites.

However, it is currently possible to use it even on mobile phones, without using any tools. We have selected 9 of the best applications for you to use clip art, stickers and even edit your photos.

1. PicsArt


Photographers and enthusiasts of photography and processing are familiar with this application. PicsArt allows users to make changes to their photos, easily correct flaws, turn photos into real works of art and more. You can edit professional snapshots and make memes and jokes. Filters, millions of stickers, and a large library of clipart files give you the freedom to be creative and create something new.

At PicsArt you can not only use pre-made stickers and clipart, but also make your own! You can do this in two modes. The first and simplest is that you can take ready-made pictures with stickers and just cut them into new layers! At the same time, a separate folder is created in the application, where all your clips are stored. So you can use it from unlimited time and quantities.

Using the second method you need to spend a little time. You can draw stickers yourself using the PicsArt tool. Next, cut the item and save it in a separate application gallery. However, you will be able to create your own details and also use elements from the large collection of applications themselves.

2. OpenClipart – public domain free vector Cliparts


Application that sorts all clipart categories for you, making it easy to find and access them respectively. The most convenient is that you can search for the image you want, using only keywords or tags. This is convenient because you don’t need to look at thousands of images to find what you need!

This is the order in which OpenClipart attracts users. On the start page, you will immediately see the category section, where you choose what you are interested in. Also convenient you can upload your clipart in one of your own categories – just give the application access to your gallery. Convenient navigation allows you to easily move between categories, and, if necessary, go directly to the search bar.

The most important thing is that all clipart is completely free and available to every user. So you can use it without having to pay. You can also share the clipart that you like, and save it in your smartphone memory. In addition to downloading new clipart, you can create your own categories – for example, likes, frequently used, or albums that consist entirely of your pictures. In addition, the developer promises to immediately upload the most popular stickers from other social networks!

3. LightX


LightX is sometimes called “the simplified version of Photoshop” for smartphones. This is a justified title – this application has various features and capabilities, each of which you can use even if you don’t have editing skills. Not only can you apply basic effects – like sepia, black and white and the like, but also add some exposure, blur the background and, of course, use stickers and clipart!

Photo frames for collages, a sticker library and the ability to create memes directly on your smartphone – in our opinion, this is an impressive feature for mobile applications. In LightX all stickers and clipart are divided into special categories.

For example, you can find love stickers, dialogue clipart, elements of congratulations and many others. The large library is constantly updated by the developer and almost every update you can find something new for yourself. After adding these elements, you can easily change their position and transparency.

This way you can make various stickers with different transparencies. You can’t help but mention the possibility of drawing, so you can add a part of yourself to a photo, making your own drawing above the image.

4. PhotoGrid – Video & Pic Editor


One of the most popular applications with clipart and stickers. In fact, it makes it easy for you to adjust all image parameters – from photo size to creating overlapping photo mosaics and images. Apps like this are suitable for amateur photographers, especially if you don’t like boring pictures and want to make something new in your friends’ news feeds.

PhotoGrid is used by more than 300 million users worldwide and you can easily become one of them, because they prefer this application for a reason. You get animated filters, more than 500 stickers, and their collection continues to grow.

In addition to the usual improvements and image quality improvements, you can also personalize your shots. For example, PhotoGrid has a large number of bright collage templates, each of which can be highlighted with a sticker or picture.

Besides clipart, you can also add text extracts and draw your own graffiti on top of images. So, you can make your own and unique photos – just open the gallery with stickers and choose the ones you like the most!

In PhotoGrid, you can create your own personal album from the elements that you like the most – for example, special clipart or templates. Using this album, editing your photos will take less time than it should have taken.

5. Pins – An easy and simple photo collage app


There are also many applications for users who don’t need functionality too much, which will allow you to process snapshots beautifully. The pin will help you to fully adjust your photo – that is, you can change it without being recognized – so that the original won’t be seen at all. This application allows you to create beautiful and original photo collages using various editing tools – stickers, fonts and inscriptions, image processing or basic photo frames.

From the start, you will be offered to choose an image size depending on your purpose. You might want to print the results in the future – that is, you must immediately make them according to the standards you set for the printer.

Pin allows users to choose the final image size without any restrictions. You can also try various filters on each collage image, as well as small print or full text notes. Stickers and clipart can also help you – for example, to make footnotes to dialogue on images or something else. There are stickers that are really different.

Pins even has a cryptic collection of clipart styles. This gives the photo a special charm and even makes it sophisticated. With iOS smartphones, it’s a good idea to try Pin – you might be fascinated by this sketch sticker.

6. LINE Camera – Photo editor


Many people know this cute little bear with an application logo. LINE Camera has gained wide popularity among children, adolescents and teenagers. After all, this application will help you to make your photos unique and highlight them among gray and boring images in your news feed.

LINE Camera is convenient because you can edit photos in whatever way is convenient for you. You can also use the application’s full functionality to take photos as you like. When it comes to editing, LINE Camera has a great “Beauty” feature that makes you more attractive with just a click of a button (although we have no doubt that you are attractive without filtering).

More than 1000 signs and stamps are ready to help you, which you can use easily in your photos. You can also enter text clipart – LINE Camera has many fonts, some of which are artistic. In total, there are more than 5,000 stickers and clipart files in the application – and they are constantly updated! LINE Camera is updated every week, so you get a new jewelry collection for your photoshoot every week.

All clipart is made by professional illustrators and the quality is different. You can send your results to any of the social networks – for example, Facebook, Twitter and … LINE! Yes, LINE has its own social network where you can post processed images and collages. Download LINE Camera and show everyone how you can work with photos.

7. Canva – Graphic Design Creator


Canva is a great service for graphic designers and all fans who want to be involved in design. This application has a web version and versions for Android and iOS. So we can say that Canva is very multi-platform so you can use it on all your devices at once!

Designs created with the help of this application will seem very simple to you. The process itself won’t take long, because developers rely on services for beginners, not just for pros. You will be able to create projects that make it easy to achieve your vision – use stickers, edit pictures, and make something that is entirely your own.

The developer immediately gives you a choice – you can start something that is fully owned, and use the layout or design that is ready. The second option is not so easy – some layout is paid for (honestly, about half). But even the free options are original and quality templates. With Canva, you can make your own clipart. Because this application is designed for professional designers, it has all the tools that will allow you to make something qualitative and beautiful. You can immediately apply your logo to the template, so you can see if you need further work.

A good bonus in this application is the constant quotes and examples of motivational and humor films – while you are involved in creativity, you are supported in this regard.

8. PopCam Photo


The reason people add stickers to their photos is because they want to stand out. That’s why PopCam is designed to bring your photos to life, bringing something new and fresh to them. In Asia, PopCam is considered as one of the best applications for exclusive photo editing.

Initially, this application was specifically designed to add clipart and stickers to your photos. Furthermore, standard features are added for editing and modifying photos, but the main directives are still considered clipart. For example, PopCam has several filters that include several stickers by default. This can be an inscription, bubbles, asterisks or snowflakes, depending on the style you like.

The most popular album clipart on PopCam is probably Pusheen. This cute cat that has become a card almost called the application. We think that Pusheen’s popularity can be easily determined by his indicators on Facebook – there he has garnered more than 9 million sympathies from users.

Also among the stickers is the popular Ricky Casso. This rabbit is also preferred by those who install the application. However, clipart on them is not limited to. In total, PopCam works with more than 60 illustrators, who continually contribute to the application catalog. So the album is constantly updated and you will not run out of ideas for original processing.

9. PicCollage Grid & Photo Editor


A large number of downloads on the App Store, as well as a large number of users immediately draw your attention to PicCollage in the Photos category. Such good ratings are not in vain – perhaps one of the first and still developing applications that allow users to change photos directly on their smartphone.

In the free PicCollage sticker, clipart, and complete postcard font and layout. Developers continue to update holiday templates according to date – for example, at the end of October, users receive thematic clips and templates for Halloween celebrations, and at Christmas, developers have prepared new frames and jewelry. You can also use themed wallpapers.

PicCollage has exclusive artists and illustrators who work with it. They are constantly updating the app gallery to give you more room for creativity. You can also work in freestyle – that is, without templates, instructions or stickers, you can make your own photos or drawings.

This way you can upload your own original clipart or save it on your phone. If you want to use ready-made stickers – then your service provides a keyword search – it works in several languages, which greatly facilitates your search for thematic stickers.

In addition to the free application, there is also a Premium version. Of course, it has more content and more tools, but in general, the free version is enough to make your real photo. If you don’t have enough free clipart collections, then you can buy a subscription, and there you will get more themed stickers.

Players, cameras, photo cameras, personal computers – phone functions can extend to completely different areas of people’s lives. So if you need to make clip art, decorate your photos or just paste a few stickers and edit them, you can count on your smartphone to do it.

Whatever type of operating system your smartphone has – for iOS and Android above, we have presented options. All you have to do is choose the most suitable application and only install it on your smartphone.

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