9 Best Racing Apps For iPhone

9 Best Racing Apps For iPhone

Who doesn’t like to feel the superior racers of super sports cars involved in the rally? Playing racing, we get adrenaline. Every iPhone owner will feel like a true professional driver who can easily maneuver even on difficult tracks.

Such games develop reactions, sharpness, form the ability to take decisions quickly, to navigate the situation. In companies with racing games for iOS devices, the time will fly without being seen, but the fun will be enormous.

Movement is life, and fast movement is race. Step on and read about 10 of the best racing applications for the iPhone.

1. Asphalt 9: Legends


Racing game for iPhone? For most people, Asphalt will probably be the first association that comes to mind. And that is true because this game has maintained leadership in this industry for years and seems to go nowhere.

This is an adventure and exciting game in the best racing tradition. Luxury cars, amazing tracks, skilled rivals – Asphalt will attract your attention for hours. As always, you start with the weakest car and are upgraded with every new level and every new win.

Another amazing feature of this game is the graphics. All landscapes are executed in great detail, making exact copies of real world locations. Already feel ready to start and push it to the limit? Then get Asphalt 9 and don’t waste your time!

2. Unstoppable


This is the thrilling struggle of trucks in the post-apocalyptic world. At your disposal, you have a massive armored truck. Many opponents will try to cause you damage. Upgrade your truck and turn it into an unstoppable killing machine!

Grab machine guns, spikes, flamethrowers and other weapons to neutralize enemies and win rallies to survive. The world we knew before was destroyed. To survive you must move your truck to the badlands. Repel the attack of the robbers, get gold, modernize your truck. The game does not require any purchases. Cool graphics and game dynamics are ready to help you.

3. Cosmic challenge


Once humanity has solved all the mysteries of our planet and successfully conquered the universe, the spirit of sport and competition has not been canceled. Humans have discovered a new sport – a space race, where there is crazy speed and excitement.

The cosmic challenge is an energetic impulse in a fantastic world. Control powerful glyphs and cross unexpected slopes in the future and overtake your opponents. Participate in online contests and win awards.


  • amazing graphics;
  • qualitative sound;
  • song editor;
  • board of directors;
  • unique vehicles.

4. CSR Racing 2


This game is similar to Asphalt, but it’s still different. The level of your success in racing here will depend on how well you will act at the beginning and then how skilled you are at switching gears. And unlike on asphalt, here your application provides further customization options.

From each race, you win money that you can use to improve your car. Another distinctive feature that is here you will find many retro cars with beautiful designs. Also, the game will be in multiplayer mode, so you compete with other players in real-time mode.

5. Rush rally 2


Rush Rally 2 – take part in an off-road race with many obstacles. Participants have a number of vehicles to choose from. Dodge competes for traffic, maneuvering around corners and avoiding obstacles.

Every song in Rush 2 Rally is a test, this is a challenge that you must accept and respond to well. You will visit seven different countries, passing more than 70 tracks. Enjoy beautiful graphics, and dive into today’s world of speed and danger.


  • high quality graphics;
  • 6 modes;
  • 8 cars with the possibility of adjustment;
  • more than 72 tracks;
  • realistic management.

6. Traffic Rider


Here your vehicle is a motorcycle and you have to pass heavy traffic. The whole action game will occur from the first person display so if you like games where you can really see the character and control it then this is not an option for you.

Another distinctive feature is that you have more than 20 motorbikes to choose from. The realistic atmosphere of the game is enhanced by real bicycle sounds. There are more than 70 missions that must be addressed. By the way, if you are going to drive with a speed of more than 100 km / h you will get bonus points. This application supports 18 languages.

7. Tile rider


Drive a fast car, equipped with powerful weapons. Help the rider to get out of the virtual tile world where he is trapped. After overcoming a complicated route with Dodges, your race car has to fight for its life with another car.


  • original gameplay;
  • 35 levels;
  • the unexpected world;
  • opponents with intelligent intelligence;
  • interesting physics.

Are you interested in this game? Then, click the link below.

8. Beach Buggy Racing


If you want to play something more relaxed, with pleasant graphics and a charming plot, then this is the application for you. Even small children will find this racing game interesting. One of the best elements of Beac Buggy Racing is the opportunity to continue to improve your car.

As you pass more levels, you get more new cars. There are 15 different tracks in total with different difficulty levels. Yes, for those who like diversity – you better go to another racing game, like Need for Speed. Another cool feature is that you can race with other players. In other words, this is an easy and fun game for everyone.

9. Gear.Club


Maybe not a leader in terms of graphics, Gear.Club still provides a very interesting approach to gameplay. It has a simulator type gameplay that is combined with a free-to-play model. The cars here are exact copies of the best cars in the real world. Another cool feature is that here you compete with other players in real-time mode.

Just like in other racing games, here you have to get points after each race to improve your car and get ready for the next level. The game offers an excellent campaign mode that is packed with action and you can also check out events if you are ready for fast action.

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