9 Best Keyboard Apps For Android

9 Best Keyboard Apps For Android

We all use Android devices for a purpose, and one of the goals might be sending messages or writing text. To do this, we need to install a keyboard app on your device, or you won’t be able to type anything. There is no need to worry as most Android devices come with a built-in keyboard application which can be used to type simple text and edit it. However, the built-in keyboard app has limited features, and you can’t send smileys, GIFs or other fun things like stickers through them. Plus the pre-installed keyboards are mostly limited in functionality and don’t even have to be autocorrect functions, speech to text functions, slide type functions or AI learning features. This makes them useless in this age and generation. To solve this, you need to install an additional keyboard app on your device which you can easily download from the Google Play Store for your Android device. There are many keyboard apps available on the internet today, and a list of the top apps in this category is given below. Take a look at the list and after selecting the app you wish to download, you can immediately jump to the app download page on the Google Play Store via the given link.

1. Swift Key


Swift Key is about the best AI keyboard on the market today. This app is loaded with features and you won’t feel the need to try another app after you install this app. This app not only gives you the best user interface but also gives you a much faster and more flexible keyboard experience. The app is low in size and doesn’t slow down your device in the slightest, but rather increases typing speed a bit and makes it fun to write and chat. It has pre-installed auto-correction and prediction features and a glide type is also available in this app. Features that make chatting more fun like emojis and GIFs can also be accessed by this app and predicting emojis is also one of the qualities of this app. The great thing about this app is that it is free and will always be free to use.

2. Gboard


Gboard is a keyboard application by the most popular company in the world Google. This app was created to help those users who are struggling with their device’s default keyboard, and it’s free to download for any device. Since many other devices don’t have the Emoji feature and many of the features the new keyboard app has in them, this app can fill that gap. You just need to download this app from the Google Play Store for free, and you’re good to go. This app consists of all the latest keyboard app features, and keeps getting regular updates from Google to stay on top of the list. Just go one step further towards the features and download this app on your device to enjoy all its features. Features such as voice commands and typing are also embedded in the keyboard using your Device’s STT Engine.

3. Fleksy – Emoji and GIF Keyboard App


Fleksy – Emoji and GIFs Keyboard App is a simple but powerful keyboard app that is loaded with various features. It allows you to choose among tons of themes to customize your keyboard the way you want and provide you with a lag-free experience. Apply the theme you like and type whatever we want in it with a calm look and nimble hands on the keys. It can search from within all kinds of GIFs, and you can send those GIFs directly from the user interface of this app. The keyboard provides your protection over keylogging and the keyboard itself does not read anything you type on the keyboard under any circumstances. You can change the keyboard size, change its settings, apply gestures, and much more that can be done with this keyboard. Apart from that, you don’t have to worry about your language in this app because this app is multilingual and supports around 100+ languages.

4. Chrooma – Chameleon Keyboard


Chrooma – Chameleon Keyboard is the application for you if you are a colorful person with a rainbow personality. This app is specially made unique in such a way that no other app can follow it and say; this is the only app in this category with very beautiful features. This application is like a chameleon that changes its color pattern automatically and adopts the color theme of the application you are using. Not only is this app a colorful app, it packs features and performance that make you love it in many ways. It has a powerful built-in AI engine that continues to study you as you use the app and its predictions become more to your liking as you continue to use it. Start using it by downloading it for free from the Google Play Store.

5. Grammarly Keyboard – Type with Confidence


Grammarly Keyboard – Type with Confidence is an app from the record-breaking organization Grammarly. The Grammarly has broken the top ranking charts in no time and is at the top of today’s dictation apps. This app is created to correct your English mistakes when you are typing text and most of the people learn English through it. This keyboard app is an app by Grammarly that will always be like an English guide for you if you have installed it. It is very easy to type in English for people who do not know English accurately. TI provides users with a powerful grammar checker, contextual spell checker, advanced punctuation correction and Vocabulary enhancement. Though, if you want to improve your English and make a good impression on your friends and family or even your professional career then get this app. You also get a good keyboard app with an English guide that you know.

6. Minuum Keyboard Free + Emoji


Minuum Keyboard Free + Emoji is a very interesting keyboard app for the younger generation because of its lovely and optimistic features. This application is rich in features in both aspects, beauty and performance. It is equipped with a powerful backend engine which allows it to provide you with a lag-free typing experience and as the developer continues to work on this application it keeps getting more updates regularly with new beautiful themes all the time. This app also lets you create custom themes for your keyboard where you can choose your own picture for your keyboard background, change the color of our buttons, change the sound of keystrokes and much more. You can also download many other language modules for this application and write in your native language or any other language you want. A link to its download page is given in the links section.

7. Simple Keyboard


Simple Keyboard is not as simple as the name suggests. The app is pretty much customizable in many aspects, and you can count on it to meet your needs regarding keyboard requirements. This app is made in a very small size so that it doesn’t slow down your device even in the smallest parts and anyway, it always gives you the best performance the keyboard should be. This app is only 1 MB in size, and is available for free on the Google Play Store for download and use. This app allows you to set it to a minimal notification setting which makes it vibrate only thereby using less battery and extending usage time. Apart from that, since many other popular apps offer keyboard themes, this app also allows you to customize the keyboard themes you want. Emojis and GIFs are also available in the app.

8. AI. Type Keyboard Plus + Emoji


AI. Type Keyboard Plus + Emoji is a specially customized keyboard for learning and predicting user texts. It is equipped with a smart and powerful AI engine which makes it learn and predict when the user is using it and it keeps getting better as the user is using it. The predictive ability goes far beyond other AI keyboard apps, and you will feel comfortable when using this app. This app can also predict emojis while you are typing, for example, if you type cake on the keyboard, it will show the cookie emoji in the predicted part of the word, and you can input emojis directly from there. The developers have tried not to miss the need when creating this app and got hold of all the features that a user might dream of in a keyboard app. Positive reviews show the hard work of the developer.

9. Multiling O Keyboard + Emoji


Multiling O Keyboard + Emoji is a keyboard app that focuses on many languages, and it is built with an engine that can handle both performance and language. This application has support for more than 200 languages, and improves support for many other languages. Switching between languages ​​is also very easy in it. Coming to the features of this app, this app is loaded with lots of features like emoji support, online GIF search and fast typing experience. It has tons of customizable themes and several ready-to-use themes from which the user can immediately select and apply his / her preference. It allows you to do speech writing to text and also has a prediction feature which continuously predicts the text as you write it. The list of features doesn’t end here because this app has a lot of features. To get a detailed view of the application, visit the official page of the application on the Google Play Store by visiting the link provided.



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