9 Best Android Apps To Sell Your Car

9 Best Android Apps To Sell Your Car

There comes a time when it’s time to sell your vehicle. Your car has taken you to your destination, like a loyal and possibly temperamental friend. But now all you want is to part with the maximum value. Buyers, with different agendas, also want a “big bang” and choosing the right application can make a difference.

Depending on where you are, there are several ways and options to choose from. This applies to every buy, exchange, sell transaction. The goal is that buyers and sellers get smooth deals and transactions. I have listed the 10 Best Android Applications for Selling Your Car that offer a similar principle for selling your vehicle, with different standards.

1. CarMax


CarMax is a new leader in the car sales industry. This is a convenient application that allows you to sell your car without additional difficulties. It uses all the latest technology so buyers can examine your old car better and decide whether they want it or not.

CarMax makes it possible to create a 3D virtual tour inside the interior, it also allows you to compare it with other car photos. In total, in this application, you will find more than 50000 used cars and new offers are added basically every hour.

Thus, the more promotion possibilities, provided by CarMax that you will use, the higher the chance to sell your car at a profitable price.

2. Ebay

Although eBay is not a special application to sell and buy cars only, it is still one of the big players in the entire application market and millions of users use it regularly. There are car parts, so by selling your car through eBay, you might attract some interested buyers (more than a few).

Power generation applications worldwide that cover a very large buyer market to search for certain filtered vehicles. Sellers can track displays, offers, and answer questions in real-time.

It also allows sellers to set flexible duration, rates, shipping and details without strict policies. 1 billion to 5 billion Install many users feel comfortable with the process because it has been there for a while.

3. CarWale


Super functional application that allows customers to know everything about the car they want to buy and choose a car with very specific. This is a popular application, so there is always something going on, sellers will find more buyers who are interested and will probably sell their cars in a few days.

Users can determine the price range for them, the series of brands they want to have, location, technical characteristics, and so on. So when you add a description of the car you want to sell, don’t forget to add all the descriptions to find the right buyer who is ready to buy your car at a higher price.

4. Used Cars USA


The main problem when you start searching for applications on Google Play is that the system will show lots of applications that are suitable for completely different parts of the world. In one case you might find a car sales application for India (although it isn’t really claimed in the description), or Myanmar, or Argentina.

Here you can be sure where you will sell your car. Used Cars USA is a fairly simple application that can be used so that you remain confident that you are selling your car to US people. This scheme is pretty standard – just add a description and photo, and wait for the customer to arrive.



As you guessed from the name, this application belongs to a well-known internet portal that helps people buy and sell cars. Because the source itself was on the market more than a few years ago, there is more reason to believe it and the overall service is more experienced.

Buyers can provide reviews about sellers, so try your best to get a reputation. An interesting feature of this application is that you can actually write the type of car you want to get and see a map of the state or country where these cars are sold. Useful for buyers and sellers.

6. AutoScout


European-based application that includes more than 2 million vehicles and motorbikes anytime and anywhere. This application covers all of Europe and is considered the largest online marketplace for buying and selling vehicles. This application is a product of the car magazine of the same name.

In addition, it is possible for buyers to contact the seller directly through the application. Buyers have the option to save searches and favorites that are automatically synchronized with the site. This is one of the most popular car applications in the European market.

7. Blinker: Buy and sell cars


Edmunds can easily be referred to as the closest alternative to the CarMax application. It has very similar features and even a similar interface. What application you choose will only depend on your preferences. However, this application has several distinct advantages.

For example, users here can use a car for rent and use an online calculator to calculate the price. This saves you and your potential customers from all the hassle with banks and numbers.

Another advantage of this application can be the fact that it’s not as popular, for example, CarMax – so competition here will be lower. However, the number of users is also lower in general.

8. Hemmings Classic Cars for Sale


For users who might want to sell their luxury retro cars, there is a special application called “Hemmings”. The advantage is that the specifications are narrow, so only genuine retro car enthusiasts join the application. So, selling your classic car at a bigger price, you won’t find comments like “if the price is very expensive” or something like that.

In general, this application functions the same as other applications where you can sell your car. You add photos, descriptions, locations. By the way, one more tip here is to be a little dishonest with your location and mark places where people have a higher level of life – that way, you will get more interested buyers.

9. Used Car Search Pro


One of the most popular applications for finding and buying used cars. If you decide to sell your car then you must install this application on your mobile. And it’s not just empty words – this application is actually recommended by respected media sources like Forbes or Fox News.

More than 4 million cars are sold every year with Used Car Search Pro. There are filters in the application that help customers find the best deals in their local area (or in their chosen area). As such, you need to mark the location of your car, and of course, add detailed descriptions.

By the way, don’t try to get more than the cost of your actual car in this application – there are experts who analyze the price of each car before it is published.

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