8 Best Apps For Downloading Youtube Videos Android & iOS

8 Best Apps For Downloading Youtube Videos Android & iOS

Today, the Internet is filled with a variety of video content. Many of us watch our favorite videos and clips every day on certain online resources. The most popular site that contains all videos is YouTube.

Because the main assistant in modern life is the telephone, we need to download videos. So, you can access your favorite videos anytime. However, watching online has several disadvantages.

For example, poor image quality, freezing when connecting to the network, and so on. Modern utilities come to the rescue, allowing you to upload videos of good quality.

Do you want to download videos from YouTube quickly and easily? Then check this list of the best applications.

1. VidMate – HD video downloader


Install the VidMate application – HD video downloader to download your favorite videos from YouTube. This is a fast utility with exceptional functionality. You can download videos from various channels. With this application everything is possible.

It supports all possible video formats. When downloading, you can choose the video format of your choice.

Watch and download any video with one click. This application has a built-in video player warehouse. So, you can download videos once and watch them without internet access.

The download takes place in a relatively short time. The downloaded video is saved to your gallery.

You can download videos in various sizes and quality. At the same time, the video will maintain high image quality. VidMate – HD video downloader supports all types of files. Loading can occur in the background. Follow the download process. You can cancel, pause or resume downloading videos.

To download videos, first of all, use a convenient search for the desired parameters. The most convenient and most productive is search by name. Then you can preview the video and decide if you want to download it. Next, you need to click on the “download” button. After that, the download will start.

If you have questions about the VidMate application – HD video downloader, you can contact the support team. They respond immediately. Usually, the answer requires several minutes to one day. You can do this without leaving this application.

2. Video Downloader & Private Browser


Unlike many other programs, Personal Video Downloader & Browser allows you to download free content from YouTube. Choose the best video quality.

This utility allows you to send files and entire libraries to Google cloud storage. Using this feature will save your phone’s memory. This application can extract soundtracks from movies.

This is the classic principle of work. In your browser’s address bar, copy the desired download link. Paste into the appropriate application window.

This is a fast and easy program. There is automatic monitoring of the sites you visit in the default browser. Application loaded from browser cache. Vibrate on high-speed clips, music, various graphics, and many other videos.

Here you will find clear controls and a user-friendly interface that can be known by every user. This program also works with other popular video hosting sites, such as Vimeo and Facebook. The Video Downloader & Private Browser application is adapted for all types of devices.

You can also share videos with your friends. To do this, select a special function.

Here are a few ways to download. For example, you can download playlists from YouTube. Select your favorite video album, after the available formats will appear. You must choose the appropriate extension. Now you can download any playlist.

This application has amazing player functions. It maintains video quality. To save the Internet, you can choose the smallest video size and quality.

You can download the Video Downloader & Private Browser application for free.

3. Video Tube – Play Tube – HD Video player


Video Tube – Play Tube – HD Video player is an application created to download videos and music from YouTube comfortably. It supports all formats.

This program allows you to download any video you want. This feature is absolutely free. Download manager is strong and has the function of suspending and resuming downloads.

Download any video with one click. There are special modes, including downloads that will be in the background. You can also upload many files at the same time.

Not sure whether to download certain videos? Then watch before downloading and decide if you need it.

This application has a default browser in its function. With it, you can search for videos with various parameters. For example, enter a name and select the desired result.

There is also a default video player. This allows you to view videos downloaded offline. You can also watch it online. This application supports almost all video formats. For example, such as MP4, MP3, AVI, MOV, Doc, PDF, and many others.

The application recognizes the video and shows you its offers and downloads. You can stop or cancel the download. This application works very fast, so you don’t have to wait long.

The feature of the Video Tube application – Play Tube – HD Video player is that you can upload many files at once. All videos downloaded are stored in a special folder. You can protect it with a password so that no one can access it.

If several videos fail to download, the program will notify you about it. Then you must go to the application and continue downloading.

In addition, you can download videos in high quality. That will continue. You no longer need to worry about video quality. Large videos are also downloaded very fast.

However, if you have bad internet, downloading may take time. Like videos or channels? Add them to your favorites to follow updates and new videos.

This application Tube Video – Play Tube – HD Video player is very easy to use. This is one of the best YouTube video downloaders.

4. Video downloader master


The video download master is one of the best tools for downloading videos from YouTube. This is a utility that helps you download the required videos to your mobile device.

You can download it once and open it when it suits you. This will help you maintain internet traffic. Download once and watch as much as you want.

You can download many files at the same time. For faster and more convenient use, you can use the default browser. This application supports downloading various video formats.

This works in active and background modes. You can set the queue to download videos or download them simultaneously.

Also, the video download master app has a beautiful and comfortable video player. You can watch downloaded videos without access to the Internet. You can download videos using internet or Wi-Fi service providers.

During download, you can pause, cancel, or continue downloading videos. In addition, you can check the download process in a special section. Share videos uploaded with friends via email or social networks. All videos are stored in your phone’s memory.

A good bonus is the ability to download videos from various sites and social networks. This feature is available through the integrated browser mentioned earlier.

This simple and reliable video download master application is completely free. It has a nice interface and intuitive functions. This is supported on all types of devices and is translated into many languages. For example, England, Spain, France and many others.

5. TubeMote


The TubeMote application is a universal downloader for all videos from YouTube. This allows you to quickly upload your favorite videos. In addition, you can use a special browser. With it, you can download the files needed from various sites and social networks.

This application has a nice interface and comfortable functionality. Watch videos on YouTube or other sites. Download them with high quality. This free application supports all video file formats.

Use the default browser to easily search for the desired video. You can go to various sites, including watching videos on the YouTube platform. Select a video and preview. If you like it, then you need to download it.

Now you can watch your favorite videos without internet as much as you like. Another good feature of this application is downloading videos that you like through links.

For example, you can find it on other devices. Save and send to your cellphone. Next, copy it to this application and recognize and download the saw from this site.

In addition, you can easily navigate through all YouTube videos. With the default player, you can view videos in any format. At the same time, it will maintain high quality. Downloading videos is done with a few simple beats.

The TubeMote application also allows users to download large videos. But, this might take a little longer than usual.

Download many videos simultaneously. Use internet traffic or your Wi-Fi network. You can follow the download process. Pause download, stop or cancel. If the download is interrupted for some reason, then you can continue. You can add your favorite sites or YouTube channels to your favorites.

The application uploads videos to your gallery. You can also create special folders within the application itself. It can be password protected. For Android users, the application can download videos to the phone’s internal SD card.

Downloading videos is done in the background. Now, you can use other applications that are on your mobile device.

6. Video Thumbnail Downloader For YouTube


Video Thumbnail Downloader For YouTube is a simple and convenient tool for downloading videos. This can be done in just a few minutes. You can watch your favorite videos several times while maintaining internet traffic.

This application includes various parameters and settings. This will make your use more comfortable and efficient. Here are 11 search categories. You can also check the quality and size of the video and choose the most preferred one.

See a list of the most popular videos. Maybe here you will find the best for yourself. One tab shows YouTube recommendations. They are updated every day and are based on user views.

The Video Thumbnail Downloader application for YouTube has a fairly comfortable search with optional parameters. You must select a specific category or enter the name of the video you want to find.

You can also search for music by selecting an artist or title. After you find what you are looking for, you can view or listen to the selected file and download it to your gallery.

Select video quality and parameters. You can save your phone memory. Thus, you can choose the appropriate video quality and the smallest size.

Additionally, you can take various actions on your channel. Share videos, comment on other people’s publications, and tag your favorite videos. All of this is available thanks to the default browser, mentioned earlier.

Video Download Thumbnail For YouTube is a good alternative for YouTube. It has a nice design and intuitive functionality.

7. All Video Downloader


All Video Downloader will allow you to see your favorite videos from YouTube without the Internet. Watch videos from your favorite channels and download.

This application has a convenient browser for searching and viewing videos. You can preview them and decide if you want to upload video data.

Each download has its own indicator, which shows the entire process and its results. After downloading, you can enjoy watching your favorite videos.

In addition, you can download many files simultaneously. This can be in the form of videos, clips or music. The application stores it in the memory of your mobile device. This uploader will allow you to download it not only from YouTube but also from many other sites.

All Video Downloaders support almost all available video formats. Select a specific video. Look at this. After that, the application will offer you to download the video being watched. Then click the download button. Completed The video will be saved to your mobile gallery.

You can share your videos with friends. Send them via mail or social networking. This application is one of the fastest video downloaders from the Internet.

To use this application, you must register. To do this, you can use your email or account on any social network.

If you have questions about the application, then you can use help. In it, you will find answers to the most popular questions. If your problem is not listed, then you can contact support. They respond very quickly.

You don’t have to understand a large number of unnecessary functions. In this application All Video Downloaders, only collect all that is most needed. There is nothing extra!

8. FVD – Free Video Downloader


Watch and download your favorite YouTube videos and songs using the FVD – Free Video Downloader application. Do it in the background.

This allows you to use other applications simultaneously with the download. You no longer need to spend internet traffic to watch videos. Simply download once and explore as much as you like.

You can listen to music from YouTube in the background. Turn on your favorite song, lock your phone and enjoy listening. This will help you save on the cost of your mobile device.

Use a convenient video search. Enter the video title and get the desired results. Also, this application shows the best recommendations for you every day.

They are based on user preferences and views. All videos play using a special video player. They maintain high quality. For this process, the application developer recommends using a Wi-Fi network.

Add your favorite YouTube channels and videos to your favorites. Now you don’t need to research the video that is needed. Everything is stored in a separate section. You can share your favorite lists and videos with your friends. To do this, you need to add an email or link an account from any social network.

While watching a video, you can activate video shuffle, repeat and activate the following. You can also change the size of the video being watched or turn on the automatic time stop.

The application saves search history and video downloads. This will help you shorten the search time and play saved videos again. Favorite channels and videos on YouTube, you can add to bookmarks.

This application is FVD – Free Video Downloader absolutely free. It has a beautiful interface and clear features. Download and enjoy watching downloaded videos.

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