7 Of The Best Tai Chi Apps For Android & iOS

7 Of The Best Tai Chi Apps For Android & iOS

Have you ever wanted to practice Tai Chi? You have covered this article.

There are many Tai Chi Applications for Android and iOS that can help you improve your health and bring more balance to your life. Tai Chi training requires slow and calm movements so it is suitable for people of all ages and levels of physical training.

If you are interested in other yoga and meditation techniques, be sure to read this article.

Here is a list of 7 best applications that are worthy of you.

1. Yang Tai Chi for Beginners 1 by Dr. Yang


Let’s start with the application called Yang Tai Chi for Beginners 1 by Dr. That. This application holds dozens of Tai Chi video lessons that will help you learn all the techniques.

First of all, the main point of this application is that it makes you feel like you have private lessons with world-recognized Tai Chi masters. Thus, each lesson includes a detailed explanation of each Tai Chi movement so that even beginners can understand it. Tutorials in the application will show you the basic parts of one form of Tai Chi which usually takes years of practice for students.

Needless to say, lessons will be beneficial for beginners and masters at the same time. The program in this application will teach you how to relax and give you complex exercises throughout the body. In addition, you will learn how to control stress, understand your body’s breathing and coordination, and even find ways to make your immune system stronger.

Along with that, this application teaches you aspects of the Tai Chi martial arts and explains to you all the health benefits of Tai Chi. In addition, there are a number of health problems that can help you overcome Tai Chi and there are lessons about that too. However, you can only have access to one hour of free lessons and if you want more, you need to make a one-time payment.

In the long run, if you want to learn the Tai Chi method wherever you want, be sure to try the Yang Tai Chi application for Beginners.


2. 7 Minute Chi – Meditate, Move & Relax in 7 Minutes


The next application is called 7 Minutes Chi – Meditate, Move & Relax in 7 Minutes. This application has short Tai Chi exercises that allow you to learn techniques without spending more than seven minutes a day.

The main purpose of this application is to give you effective training so that you will not spend more than a few minutes resting and increasing your energy. Along with his brother’s application, this one also contains a tutorial and video guide that will help you learn the Tai Chi method.

When you open the application, you can see the history of Tai Chi there and the benefits you can get. All exercises that you see in the application consist of easy movements that can even be done by beginners. When bargaining, you can use the application in the morning to replace your routine training and meditation by Tai Chi. You can also do this exercise to relax after a long day at work and even during breaks to be more focused.

All tutorials in the application are divided into several categories depending on what results you want to get. At this point, you can do activities to increase breathing, relax, meditate, and get a quick energy boost. This application also tells you about illnesses and problems that can help you with and have lessons about Tai Chi.

In conclusion, if you want to learn Tai Chi but don’t have time for full lessons, pay attention to the 7-Minute Chi app.


3. Tai Chi Chuan


Tai Chi Chuan is another application that can help you learn Tai Chi meditation techniques.

As you might know, Tai Chi is a martial art that is remembered for fighting methods and health benefits. With this token, this application includes exercises in both directions. The most beneficial thing about Tai Chi is that all physical exercises and stretching techniques are easy and gentle so that even beginners can achieve that.

Plus, the tutorial in this application is suitable for people of all ages so that even your grandmother can learn Tai Chi. As already mentioned, the practice of Tai Chi has proven health benefits and there is a list of health problems that can help you overcome them. In the same way, the learning program in this application requires daily training so that it can help you burn calories.

In addition, this application has an introductory section that tells you the history of Tai Chi and its advantages. As for the meditation section of this application, there are meditation methods that can help you to rest after a day of work, get an energy boost before studying, and more. There are even programs that can help you get better sleep and control your anxiety and breathing.

To top it all off, if you want to practice the Tai Chi method with simple training lessons, try the Tai Chi Chuan app.


4. Yang Tai Chi Chuan


As the name suggests, Yang Tai Chi Chuan is an application that includes the Yang style of the Tai Chi method. The Yang Style is the most comprehensive Tai Chi style that includes various meditation methods that can help you gain self-control and body control. This application contains video tutorials that will help you learn this Tai Chi style step by step.

In total, there are more than 100 training and activities which each help you overcome certain problems and get rid of problems. In the same way, all video tutorials are detailed and easy to understand. Plus, all exercises and actions are calm and easy so it’s perfect for beginners and people of all ages. The masters in the tutorial have voice calls and are happy to follow their guidelines.

What’s more, this application explains to you all the advantages of Tai Chi. For example, there are methods that help you regulate your breathing, show you how to relax, and overcome your anxiety. It also needs to be said that the Tai Chi program burns the number of calories comparable to surfing.

In the long run, if you want to learn the Yang style from the Tai Chi method, be sure to try the Yang Tai Chi Chuan application.


5. Tai Chi for Beginners 24 Form (YMAA) Helen Liang


Tai Chi Form for Beginners 24 (YMAA) Helen Liang is an application made for people who are just starting to practice Tai Chi.

As the name suggests, this application includes training tutorials made by Tai Chi master Helen Liang. The tutorial covers the most common six-minute Tai Chi techniques that you can practice wherever you want. In the same way, because all videos are made for beginners, it shows techniques from various angles and step-bu-step instructions,

Every technique in the application will be explained to you in six minutes which is very helpful if you are in a hurry. Even so, you can still see the benefits that Tai Chi provides for your health. To be more exact, you will see having better sleep, more energy, and lack of anxiety.

All videos can be downloaded if you want to watch without internet. However, only a small portion of video material can be watched for free and you must commit to a one-time payment if you want to continue watching.

To top it all off, if you want to practice Taci Chi but you don’t have much time to use it, try the Tai Chi app for Beginners.


6. Taichi Temple


Taichi Temple is a study guide for those who are interested in Tai Chi. The main points of this application are to help you learn Tai Chi day by day. Plus, there is a two-hour video that explains everything you want to know about Tai Chi so you will know about all the basics, poses, terminology, and even the way you need to breathe to get the best results.

This application gives you the feeling of a private lesson with a master but it’s better because you can practice anywhere. Along with that, all learning, the methods in the application have been used for more than thirty years now so you can be sure everything is authentic. In addition, this exercise develops step by step so that you start with a quick warm up and produce a longer exercise.

More precisely, there are breathing exercises, basic Tai Chi activities, and Yang styles. This application has eight levels after it’s done with everything, you can adjust your own training program to suit your lifestyle. You can also add adjustments to your training schedule whenever you want. You can also synchronize the application with a smart watch or fitness bracelet and track your score. This application doesn’t have a subscription package and you don’t even need to sign in if you don’t want to.

Overall, if you are looking for a Tai Chi dictionary, pay attention to the Taichi Temple app.


7. Meditation Moves


And last but not least, Meditation Moves is an application that has a large collection of meditation techniques and tutorials including Tai Chi.

This application is made for all meditation lovers out there who want to try different styles – from Tai Chi to Qi Gong. The purpose of all the sessions represented in the application is to teach you how to relax, focus, and get an energy boost with the help of the art of movement.

Plus, all sessions in the application don’t last more than five minutes so it is suitable for people who are always in a hurry. In addition, all movements and exercises in the application are slow and quiet so people of all ages can try it. This application also gives you a detailed explanation of how you need to move and breathe during the session.

You can also read a list of health benefits that you can get by meditation. For example, you can sleep better, reduce anxiety, and learn to control your stress and anger. However, this application works with a subscription package.

To top it all off, if you want to bring meditation into your life without spending a lot of time on it, be sure to try the Meditation Moves application.


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