7 Of The Best Resistance Band Training Apps For Android & iOS

7 Of The Best Resistance Band Training Apps For Android & iOS

Are you tired of sitting nonstop next to a computer screen, lots of daily business, and lack of sports activities? Do you want to pump up your body and get rid of excruciating back pain? Do resistance band training at home.

Resistance band training does not imply the use of expensive and heavy exercise machines, only resistance bands of various types are chosen according to your preferences and goals. This type of exercise includes not only aerobics but also strength training. So, you will lose weight and increase muscle tone without draining weight training at the gym. Power bands are also highly recommended by doctors and are widely used in rehabilitation programs to improve system performance and motor posture. The only thing you need to know is training techniques, as in other types of sports.

This article will present 7 of the best applications for Android & iOS that will quickly increase your knowledge of resistance band training, possible variations of exercises for various muscle groups.

1. Resistance Bands Workouts by Fitify


Resistance band exercises by Fitify is a training application that provides 4 training programs that target various parts of the body. Every movement is accompanied by a clear video demonstration.

This application has an easy-to-navigate interface with customized functions that adjust any program to your level. If you are not satisfied with the training sessions provided, you can follow your own program. To make it, you must group your favorite exercises and set the duration of rest and exercise.

What makes it special is that it can be used in offline mode too. So, you have to go to the village or far from the city, you will always have access to your training application.


2. Resistance Band Exercises


The convenient application, called Resistance Band Exercises, has an extraordinary range of free exercises that are divided into groups according to the targeted muscles. This application includes several types of resistance bands: loop bands, tube resistance bands. That’s why this application will definitely help you choose the exercises that are done with the tools you have.

While training you don’t need to always control the time, the application will do it for you – the voice trainer will signify the beginning and end of the set.

This system also calculates overall time, amount of exercise, and calories; thus, it’s easy to monitor your progress. However, even providing perfectly formed programs, this application does not have free customizable features and has several payment functions.


 3. Resistance Band Workout Challenge – Strength


To stay fit at home, you can also try Resistance Band Workout Challenge. This application has a concise, but a variety of exercises that are quite useful are displayed in illustrated images. You can choose them in settings and choose specific time periods for each based on your feelings and priorities.

You can also track the progress of your training and control the total time spent on sports during the last 7 days using an automatic calendar that graphically shows your training. So you get some kind of incentive in competing with your previous results to improve your current performance in time and difficulty.

At the end of each training session, you can share your performance with your friends on any social network.


4. Virtual Trainer ResistanceBand


Resistance Band Virtual Trainer is here to replace your personal trainer and help you achieve the best results in bodybuilding. This special platform contains 23 different exercises; each presented in HD video.

You must devise your own program to open the path to your perfect body. Is that for your upper body or legs? You will make the decision.

If you are a professional, you will admire timers that support various training programs: Tabata, HIIT, and Circuit training. Play with all the features that are customized to build your unique challenges for the next day or ask to do it for you in the other applications mentioned in our article a random exercise generator application.


5. EW Fit – LIVE Workout Classes


We Fit differs in format from all previous analogues. It does not specifically form a program, but provides various online training classes with personal trainers who explain in detail the techniques of each exercise and demonstrate it.

In addition to resistance band training, you can find Pilates, cardio and strength training with special tools and without them, team and individual exercises, advanced and for dummies. Thus, you can change the style of training to find the way you do sports.

At the beginning of the broadcast news feed, there is an anticipated release program.


6. Resistance Bands Exercises and Workouts


If exercise is an important part of your healthy lifestyle, you should try Resistance Bands and Exercises where you will find not only exercise integrated into a logically built program for different parts of your body, but also a nutritional plan to stick to . To control your eating habits, you should check out our article about the calorie counter application.

When exercising, you will set a timer for you in the application. This task is followed by an explanatory video to prevent possible errors.

In the main menu, you can find some additional helpful hints and tips on how to strengthen your body and lose fat to increase profits.


7. Resistance Band Workout


If you can make yourself do sports naturally (if you don’t find incentives in our article application that pays you to exercise), but need theoretical support you should look at the Resistance Band Workout. This application is intended for a precise explanation of the theoretical part of various types of exercises performed with different types of resistance and stretch bands.

This theory is very well structured and divided into several important points to make it easier to read. Every content associated with a particular exercise is displayed with photos for better understanding.

Such an informative platform would be very good for those who have to undergo a rehabilitation program because the application illustrates the importance of each exercise.

This application is quite simple and might be better used as an additional guide for some of the more sophisticated applications as mentioned in the article about the butt training application. This only covers the basics, but that is enough even for the middle level.


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