7 Of The Best Push-up Apps For Android & iOS

7 Of The Best Push-up Apps For Android & iOS

What are the benefits of push-ups and how big are they? How to do push ups, so that the benefits of push-ups look as fast as possible, but do not harm your body.

In short, we can say that this is a very useful exercise and, if done correctly, someone receives extraordinary benefits. And if we slightly expand the topic, it will be as follows:

  • Push-ups are beneficial because they help strengthen the human heart and overall circulatory system, forcing them to work a little and increase the general tone of your body. This is very important for people whose jobs are not related to physical activity or just walking from office to office.
  • The benefits of push-ups will be noticed by people who want to gain weight or especially muscle mass.
  • After all, when doing pushups, chest muscles, triceps, shoulders develop.
  • For those who want to lose weight, push-ups will help in this regard.
  • With the correct application of push-ups from the floor, as well as running, breathing habits are formed correctly. And correct breathing is one of the reasons why some people are always healthy and happy.
  • Thanks to push-ups, endurance increases.
  • Pushup, like other physical activities, increases metabolism. In combination with proper nutrition, push-ups and running will surprise you after only one, a maximum of two months.
  • The advantage of push-ups for girls is that by developing chest muscles, they improve the appearance of their breasts. After all, large breasts due to push-ups will look firmer, and small breasts will appear larger.
  • For those involved in martial arts, push-ups are useful because they increase the speed and violence of attacks.

However, push-ups will be completely useless if you do it wrong. That’s why in this post we decided to present a number of tools that will help you in this matter. They are PUSH UP APPS which can be installed on your smartphone. With their help, you will do push-ups correctly and with maximum benefits for your body and health.

Start pushing, even if you don’t remember the last time you exercised, it’s quite easy – with the help of this special application. This application can be useful not only for beginners but also for people with strong physical form, who can achieve greater results.

1. Just 6 Weeks: 100 Pushups


100 Free Pushups is a free part of the paid application Just 6 Weeks, which, in addition to push-ups, includes 4 more exercises. Running the application and pressing the “Start” button, we are asked to pass an initial test, which will help determine your current level.

We just need to increase the maximum number of times and choose the appropriate results. After pushing more than 20 times, the application recommends that you start a training program from the third week. Before the start of training, we were given advice and recommendations on how and how much to train. This application offers me to do 5 approaches with a specified amount of time, but this amount can be changed if you can do more or

For example: After pushing more than 20 times, the application recommends that you start a training program from the third week. Before the start of training, we were given advice and recommendations on how and how much to train.

The application will offer to do 5 approaches with a specified amount of time, but this number can be changed if you can do more or fewer push-ups.

After completing all the prescribed approaches, we saw the survivors and the total number of push-ups done. You can also set reminders at any time and at any time. And of course, statistics are available in beautiful graphs or in list form.

The advantages of 100 Pushups Free are a simple and nice interface, and the downside is that it is not possible to count the number of repetitions performed using proximity sensors.


2. Push Ups Workout


Having the Push Up application on your smartphone, you will always have your own free trainer. Push Ups is one of the best instruments for pushup, which has a unique design and powerful features.

First, you must pass the test and push the maximum number of times. Here the application can automatically count the number of repetitions, you only need to touch the screen gently using the nose or chin.

After completing the test, we were asked to make sure that we really couldn’t push anymore. After each approach, we heard a happy voice: “Great”. Furthermore, we promise that we will be able to drive more than 100 times after passing this program. We started training – this consisted of 5 approaches.

Every time you touch the screen with your nose, the countdown goes or you simply press the “FULL” button – this means you have completed the approach. Then the countdown follows the following break. After training, it is possible to improve the program by choosing how the training is carried out – easily, medium or hard.

As everywhere, you can turn on notifications. And the “FREESTYLE” mode is available, where you will not be pushed to follow special programs, but push only a few times. In this mode, your notes are remembered and you definitely want to break them!


* Sensor counter
* Manually enter your results
* Graphics and statistics
* Training mode
* Freestyle mode

Check how this application helps you maintain an extraordinary figure. You will not be disappointed.


3. 100 Pushups workout


100 Pushups is a fitness application that aims to help you get excellent physical shape through a training system that focuses primarily on push-ups. Only ten minutes a day, and in the end, you can do 100 push-ups at a time.

The 100 Pushup training program only requires ten minutes a day three times a week – an acceptable amount of time for almost anyone. The truth is, in these ten minutes you must make everything you can and strictly follow the training programs offered by the application.

The application has a timer for resting, a calendar with reminders for training, and in general everything you need so you don’t miss a workout. Plus, this application allows you to track your physical activity, so you can easily check your progress.

Exercise 100 Pushups is an application that helps you in good shape. Of course, like any training application, this will only be useful if you are really familiar with the class. This application does not offer miraculous results, and by itself does nothing.


4. Push Ups – Fitness Trainer


Push-ups – Fitness Trainers is a program for those who want to get an athletic form. You are guaranteed to learn how to do lots of push-ups in a row after a few weeks and your body will really change. You will see the results with your own eyes.

And for all this, you only need to install the Push-up – Fitness Trainer application on your Android phone. Get down with tiring exercises. What you need is 10 minutes per day for several weeks. Make sure, you spend more time just looking at the ceiling.

This push-up application has a clear interface and adjustable functionality. Every time you receive a reminder that you have to push. So you don’t miss a single exercise.


5. 0-100 Pushups Trainer


Some exercises, such as push-ups, can be done without problems at home. The 100 push-up application will be for you a personal trainer, who will not only push the optimal push-up program for you but will also not forget to remind you when to start training.

The interface is made as simple and as comfortable as possible. Above there is a row of 4 buttons: Clear statistics, Settings, Information, and Exit. In the middle, there is a large “Start” button, which will give you the opportunity to go to the section to choose a training program.

Below your statistics are shown: the total number of push-ups, your level, status, and selected training program. If you choose one exercise, you will not be able to switch to another until you have completed the current program. Or you can click “Delete statistics” and select the program, but all your achievements will be deleted.

In total, 12 training programs are presented in the application, and to choose the best for you, just answer the simple question: “How much do you do push-ups?”. After that, look for the number of push-ups needed in the program description and start the program.

This program is built in such a way that you need to take a number of approaches. Between the two approaches, there is a preconfigured timer, which can be extended to 30 seconds or stopped.

In application settings, you can activate / deactivate reminders, as well as change the time interval between sessions. In short: 100 push-ups are a simple and very easy-to-use trainer that will help you keep your muscles tight.


6. 100 Push ups 30 day challenge


You might see that there are some apps in this category that have similar names, and yes, the developers of this application might not have the imagination as a superpower 🙂 On the other hand, it doesn’t matter how the app is called right? The most important thing you get is the result.

This application will be your personal trainer. The best aspect is that this trainer doesn’t charge you anything, unlike the real thing. This will not only count how many pushups you make in one attempt but will also track how many calories you burn while exercising.

When you just start your experience here, the application will suggest you pass a “test” program where it will determine your level of physical strength. Then, after analyzing your abilities and your biometric data (that you also need to be included in the application) it will devise a suitable training program that will be of particular benefit to you.

You will choose your training schedule – you can do several exercises a week to exercise basically every day. Exercise 100 will record all your progress and will record all data automatically. However, the possibility of manually entering data is also possible.


7. Pushup Perfect


This application is quite strange because it is different from the others in this list. Well, it’s still a push-up application, but with a larger training scale, if more appropriate.

The main idea of ​​this application is not only to teach you how to do classic pushups without considering your overall physical condition and muscle strength, but to train your entire shoulder, hand and spine system so that it will become stronger and, more important, healthier.

Thus, there are various exercises in this application that combine classic pushups, crossfit, and even some postures from yoga. It is actually important to stretch a little after each exercise so that there are no spasms in your muscles. First, you have to choose in the pushups application like what you will do.

This application will count the number of pushups you do each time. In addition, there are daily challenges to keep you motivated and see the progress of other users.


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