7 Of The Best Home Security Apps For Android & iOS

7 Of The Best Home Security Apps For Android & iOS

Safety is first. Have you ever heard these words? These are words of truth. Many people have a home security system. If you also have it, you must control it properly.

Download a special security application for your home. You can track the security of your home, even if you are very far from it. You can see the camera. You can follow the house directly.

The application will notify you immediately if there are any problems. Any strange activity will be noticed. Your house will be safe. Don’t be afraid of your valuables at home. You can control everything.

There is a list of the best home security applications for Android and iOS. Try them all or just choose one.

1. SimpliSafe Home Security App


If you are worried about the security of your property, download this application. This will help you take control of your home and also increase its security. Connect with your home security system.

You will receive notifications and warnings about strange activities when you are not at home. You will know the exact time of strange movements in your home. If you have a camera, you can see what is happening.

You will monitor the security of your home anywhere. This application allows you to watch live video even if you are in another country. You can also see a man knocking on your door.

Buy a camera for your peephole and the application will broadcast videos on your smartphone. You will receive an instant notification. Look at small activities in your home. This application is popular. It has been downloaded more than 100 thousand times.


2. Home Security Monitor System: Surveillance Camera


This application will allow you to watch full screen videos in your home in real-time. Your house will always be guarded. You can go on vacation without worrying about your property.

You can use the front and back cameras of your monitor device. You can leave one monitor and carry another. All devices are portable. Only you can decide which part of the house will be protected.

A large number of tools will allow you to control every corner of your home. You will get the power to control everything. This application has an alarm. This will tell you about suspicious activity inside and outside the home. This application makes monitoring history.

You can see the status of your home at any time. You can hear any small sound. This application has been used by more than 100 thousand people. Try and protect your home.




Do you want to see everything that happens on your property? This application will help you do this. You can arm or disarm your security panel. You can control home lighting with this application.

Set the perfect temperature in your home. You can lock and unlock the door with one touch. This application will notify you when your children come from school. This will let you know if the garbage door is left open. You will be full of your home.

You will find out whether the dog is damaging your yard or the cat is eating flowers. You can see all events on your security system. You can trust this application. This will increase the security of your home.

This application will notify you immediately if your children have opened a medicine cabinet. If someone suddenly tries to log in to your account, the application will send you a notification. You will know that your home is under reliable protection.


4. EyesPie – Family & Home Security Wifi Camera App


This application will increase the security and protection of your home. You don’t need to register. Just enter the device name. This application has gesture recognition on camera. That is smart.

You will be notified of any strange activities inside and outside your home. You can watch HD live video. If you see something suspicious, use the zoom to see it.

You can control your security system remotely. If you take a long trip don’t worry. You will fully control your safety system even at a distance of 1000 kilometers.

Monitor all activities that occur when you are not at home. This application has a history every hour. You can easily find the time you need and see what happens.

The application stores all videos for 24 hours. Then delete it or send to the cloud. You will receive an alarm if the application suspects strange activity. You need an internet connection to make the application work. This application has cost optimization. Don’t worry your cellphone will be empty.

Create a password for your safe or intercom. This application has been used by more than 100 thousand times.


5. Ooma Home Security


This application will let you know the status of your security system in real time. This is suitable for those who travel frequently on business or travel frequently. This application has a good design.

You can track your front and back doors. This application will display videos from the camera in your garage. You can add places that you want to protect the application. Connect the application with your security system and it will start functioning.

If you have an emergency, the application will call 911. This will send your address and you will immediately receive help. You can watch the timeline of everything that happened during the day.

The application stores all data for 24 hours. Then the data and video are deleted. This saves the memory of your smartphone. You can save important data. Protect your home and your family!


6. Alfred Home Security Camera, Baby&Pet Monitor CCTV


You can protect your loved ones. Use this application as a smart carer. If you have a baby and you are busy cooking, then set your smartphone’s camera in the baby’s room.

This application will record everything that happens. You will get an alarm if something goes wrong. This is a great security camera. You can synchronize multiple devices. The security of your home will be under your control.

You must be connected with Gmail to use the application. It only takes 3 seconds. This application will alert you immediately when suspicious movements occur. You can talk and listen in real time.

It’s easier for mothers and their children. This application supports night mode. This is very popular. This application has been installed more than 10 million times. Try it and your house will be fully protected.


7. Canary – Smart Home Security


If you are traveling on business, but you are afraid of the safety of your home. Then download this application. This will help you take control of your home. Connect to the camera in your home.

You can watch live broadcasts from the camera in your home. You will get an alarm immediately if something goes wrong. This application will call 911. It will not make mistakes. It works quickly and efficiently.

Monitor the health of your home. You will know the temperature in the room. You can check the humidity. You can protect the privacy of your home. Nobody can enter into it.

This application will send notifications about any strange activity. You will know everything. This application will continue to monitor your home, even when you are sleeping. Your sweet sleep will be protected.


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