7 Of The Best Background Eraser Apps For Android & iOS

7 Of The Best Background Eraser Apps For Android & iOS

Sometimes we need to remove the background from the photo for further processing. How can we do it without a computer? Download the application from the list. This is a good background eraser. They quickly and accurately remove the background. You can use an image without a background as a sticker or as an object for photoshop.

1. Knockout-Background Eraser & Mix Photo Editor


This application very accurately removes background from photos. This works well by removing the background around the hair. You will get professional results. Cut and paste the image into another photo right in the application. Use automatic mode.

You need to circle the object and the application will erase the surrounding background. Use lasso to erase the background manually.

This is also a great photo editor. This application has more than 100 filters for photos. Try all 23 mixed modes. Developers have recently added a video trimming feature. You can cut the background of the video and add new ones. This application will help professional photo editors erase the background of images.


2. Background Eraser: superimpose


This application will allow you to delete background images in a second. Click on the place you want to delete. This application has an intelligent background detection system. This removes similar colors that are located next to each other. You can save an image without a background to use it in other applications. You can choose the image resolution before saving.

This is a great eraser that doesn’t take up much space on your smartphone. This application also has tools for editing photos. You can adjust the color correction of the photos processed. Smooth corner of image without background. That will look better. Add a new background. This application has many background options ready to use.


3. Background Eraser


You can crop images from photos. All you have to do is click on the background. The application recognizes the background and removes it. Images without a background can be used as stamps. The application saves photos without a background in a format that can be determined by other applications. The format is compatible with almost all applications.

Use automatic mode. The application itself will find the background and delete it. The application removes the same and similar pixels. This application accurately cuts background of a photo. Use this application to make stickers or fan art. This application will allow you to remove the background from 30 photos in 5 minutes!

It has been installed more than 50 million times.


4. Background Eraser 〜 Stickers!


Download this application and get a background eraser and sticker maker. This will make the background transparent for any photo. This application supports all types of photo formats. Use this application as an initial step before photo montage. You will be able to make great composite photos with stickers. This application has several work modes.

Use star mode to erase the background quickly. This recognizes the edges of the image and accurately removes the background. Use automatic mode where the application recognizes the same pixels. This application will erase even the roughest parts of the image.


5. Background Eraser: Transparent & White Background


This is a great background eraser and photo cleaner. You can replace, crop, zoom and erase the background of any image. Try the magic tool and the app will automatically remove the background image. You can erase the background manually. Select an area and click on it. The app has many tools to erase the background. They will help you to make any photo transparent.

The app has a collection of backgrounds. You can add a background to your photo. It also has a smart background technology selection. It removes the background with high precision. You can adjust the intensity of the background eraser. The app has been downloaded over 1 million times.


6. Background Eraser – Pic Editor


This simple application allows you to erase the background of a photo in a second. It has a professional photo editor design. Use the lasso tool to erase the background manually. You can accurately erase the background and use images to make stickers.

This application has a color targeting tool. Select the color you want to delete. You can replace it with another color or leave it transparent.

Use the target area tool. This will allow you to remove the background from the selected image area. Erase background of photos with high precision. You can save photos in various formats. You can cancel any action. This application has no advertisements. Nobody will bother you.


7. Background Remover Pro: Background Eraser changer


If you want to change the background of the image, you must delete it first. This application has an automatic background modifier function. Try to delete the background manually. You can make stickers with flat edges and good quality. Use the resize button to change the sticker size.

This application has a magic tool to automatically delete backgrounds. Use the background collection that the application has.

This application saves photos with transparent background to the gallery. You can use these photos in other applications to create collages or fan art. This application allows you to easily restore deleted areas in photos. Use your photo as a background. Open the gallery and select any photo as a background.

You will create unique images with this application.


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