7 Best Pet Camera Apps For Android & iOS

7 Best Pet Camera Apps For Android & iOS

Guess, in our childhood, we all wondered what our pets did when they were home alone. However, we have no other possibility except to fix a large camera in one place and at home that all the memory will be enough to record any type of action.

Or some people who can afford to buy surveillance dogs should leave their valuable friends alone at home just hoping for the best and look in constant anxiety about what can happen with their favorite pet.

The Pet Camera application is a whole new world. Now you can connect your smartphone with any type of camera (or multiple cameras) that you have at home and watch your animals 24/7. You can even talk to him through the application. You can finally take funny and cool pictures by using special sounds made especially for pets into this application.

1. PetCamApp – Dog Monitor | Pet Camera


Even when you don’t have the possibility to stay at home caring for your pet – this application will be our assistant for that. Stay in touch with your pet using Live Streaming Video whenever you are.

Many dogs or cat owners have faced this problem before – when they go to work, pets live alone at home and start grieving in a very noisy way. As a result, you continue to receive complaints from your neighbors that can be understood because this voice is not the most pleasant to hear.

Here’s the solution – now you can watch your pet online and calm it when needed. If your animal keeps making a mess in your home, you can also control it through the camera. For its use, you can only use the camera itself. You can use your desktop or laptop, or even tablet. Don’t forget to connect it to your mobile device through the application and it’s almost done.

To watch what your pet is doing, click the “video” tab in the application. It has 8x digital video zoom, so you can use recordings, photos, sounds or just talk to pets. Even for cases when you are not available – you can record an automatic voice that will calm your pet when he needs it.

2. Dog Monitor


If you are a dog owner – you know how these animals can become more active and make a mess wherever they go. Literally, everywhere. So, to save yourself from hours of cleaning and dealing with the consequences that you leave your dog in your home without security – install this application and watch your dog 24 \ 7.

Check your dog while you are working – know when barking, talk to your dog remotely and watch live video. This application is synchronized with all iOS devices. No registration or adjustment of the connection is required. What’s more, Dog Monitor has a special indicator that identifies when your dog is barking and connects you to it.

Watch what your dog does at home and don’t miss the opportunity to save your new shoes from chewing. No sound will be missed. Now you can even give commands to your dog remotely. Or maybe just out of curiosity – you can peek at what your animal does when alone at home.

3. Petcam – Pet Camera


Well, this app is a Pet Camera too, even though it serves a slightly different purpose. How many times before we tried to take pictures of our pets and we failed completely? This is very difficult to do with dogs – it seems like they never stand still and all their photos are destroyed.

We are happy to present this special application and make you forget about any issues related to taking photos of your favorite pets. Create amazing memories with your furry friend sealing them with meaningful photos. Or maybe just take a snap for your pet’s daily blog.

First, you have to choose the right settings – do you have a cat or a dog? Then you take the perfect photo and apply filters to it. There are many funny and colorful filters in the application that will surpass your photos. When you are ready, you can save the picture or share it on social media.

Another interesting feature to lure your animals to take the best photos – is that this application has a default sound to attract their attention. You can try it and see how funny it works. But try not to scare others on the road!

4. Pet Monitor VIGI


Cats and dogs (or whatever pets you have) are the same as us – they can also lose and feel sad when we leave. Besides, have you ever seen cartoons where pets are left at home alone and what do they do ?! Don’t say that after that you won’t be curious about what happens when your furry friend goes home alone. Or, worse, maybe other animals attack your pet at night and you want to know what danger your cat or god is facing?

Just get a pet monitor and stay connected to your beautiful pet at all times. Get noise and motion notifications to find out when your dog is barking, howling, or suffering from separation anxiety. Get notified when your cat will fight with another cat.

If you are looking for a piece of fame, you can make a video of your pet alone in your home and post it on YouTube. Let VIGI Pet Monitor prove itself and become your favorite camera and helper! Let your old iPhone or iPad run applications at home as a pet camera. Use your iPhone to receive notification of noise and movement from your favorite camera.

Or calm your pet when anxious. You will watch all of its unexpected activities. You can also enlarge videos and take pictures. It can also happen that your dog or cat has children and you don’t want to miss special moments while you are working. This application is safe and reliable to use and synchronize with Apple Watch.

5. Here – Pet Camera


Another alternative to monitor camera applications, this one will bring fun and excitement for you and your dog! Many of these sophisticated creatures take part in special exhibitions, win valuable prizes and become a great pride for their owners.

However, it is clear that not all dogs are meant to take part in exhibitions and not from those who are smart (though that doesn’t make us love them less) and may need enough effort to make them sit still while taking photos.

Well, this application has a number of different sounds and sounds to attract the attention of your dog that will lure the most naughty dogs. Finally, you and your friends can be together in one photo! Inside includes the sound of a squeaky toy, the sound of a doorbell, the sound of a baby crying, the sound of dog barking. puppy cries and more.

This can be very helpful when you take photos of puppies to capture special moments from their journey through this life. You can use the flash, rear and front camera for the best results. Have you seen this video with cute puppies on YouTube that has millions of views? Why didn’t you make it too? Use this application for that and enjoy the final results.

6. MobiCam PET


Some breeds of cats or dogs are valuable and rare. For example, for cats, this is a type of Serval or Bengal, for Dogs – Tibetan or Husky mastiffs. Leaving these pets alone at home, especially if their children can be dangerous, they can be stolen and resold. As such, it is always better to fix the camera to keep an eye on them.

In fact, many dog ​​owners already have cameras in their homes to see what their dogs are doing alone at home. On YouTube, there are many videos, when an owner is a GoPro film on a dog collar and then makes a short film about what dogs do alone at home. You have to watch it, this is really funny.

In this application, you can change the configuration to adjust the camera mode to the situation you have. You can record or send sound waves to your pet through the application. Get full control over what happens at home while you are away and learn more about your pet’s behavior!

7. Pet Vision HD


Many people wonder how they film animals on film sets? Is this difficult? How do they make pets do what is needed? Well, that doesn’t mean you have the chance to get a similar experience yourself. Maybe you have long wanted to make a film about your favorite pet and, for example, take part in certain competitions, but you know that just one camera is not enough. But what to do if you don’t have a second person to shoot?

Pet’s vision can be your solution in this matter. Just fix the camera where you want it and connect it to the application on your smartphone. Record videos of whatever length you want. However, if you need a pet camera for simpler purposes like watching a pet while you are away – you can also feel the benefits. Simply adjust the configuration as needed and enjoy!

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