7 Best PDF Reader Apps For Android & iOS

7 Best PDF Reader Apps For Android & iOS

Portable Document Format or let’s say PDF is one of the lightest document formats in the industry which supports a wide variety of document styles. You can have a text-rich manual saved in PDF format or an ebook with multiple images in PDF format. It is also one of the few document formats that is compatible with every device on the market be it your laptop or cell phone. You can read them with just one click using one of the great PDF reader apps available for smartphones.

There are many PDF reader apps available for Android and iOS. It causes confusion in choosing one. So, here I have prepared a list of some of the best PDF reader apps available in the market which not only lets you read them but also lets you do a lot more with your PDFs.

Here is a list of the best PDF Reader Apps for Android and iOS. You can select one of these applications, download, and start reading PDF files on your smartphone.

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader


Many of us trust Adobe when it comes to PDF reading apps. Adobe Reader is one of the first names that come to our mind when it comes to installing a PDF reader. Adobe Reader has been on the market for over 10 years and still holds the crown of best PDF reader. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a PDF reader application for Android and iOS. This is the perfect reader for those who want to read and annotate text in documents with drawing tools. This PDF reader app lets you view PDF documents, search, scroll or Zoom in or out. You can annotate and highlight text with the help of drawing tools and sticky notes. It also gives you options for single page or continuous page scrolling.

The best thing I personally like about this app is its cloud network where you can save documents and open them from other devices. Another thing that makes me like it is that you can open documents from other cloud services like Dropbox and OneDrive.

Adobe reader comes with a built-in document scanner that lets you turn anything into a PDF so be it your class notes or a grocery list from your mom, you can save it as a PDF.

2. Foxit Mobile PDF


If there is any reader that can compete with Adobe Reader head to head then it is none other than Foxit PDF Reader. With its simple and elegant design, pleasing to the eye and outstanding features, it saves you from the crowd of installing several applications for different tasks.

It has all the usual features of a PDF reader but it comes with some other cool features like split view, pan and document scanning. It also supports multiple tab views on tablets. This app lets you annotate, stamp and sign PDF documents. It also supports to read PDFs aloud. It also has cloud support so you can upload and download your documents via cloud storage.

Foxit recently announced one of my best and favorite features dubbed as ConnectedPDF which allows your entire teamwork on documents collaboratively.

3. Google PDF Viewer


Google is one of the most popular names when it comes to Software. It’s the company that makes Android and its ecosystem and how it could forget to make a PDF Reader. So, Google has its own PDF reader app installed on some Android smartphones, and on some phones, you can install it from the Play Store if you don’t have one.

It offers basic functionality of reading PDFs while you can search for words in them and copy and paste them elsewhere. The ability to view PDFs has always been a part of Google Drive, but the app gives you the option of viewing PDFs when you are offline.

Basically, Google PDF viewer is an application which is available on everyone’s cell phone but no one has noticed.

4. WPS Office


WPS Office has a lot to offer from PDFs to cover-all spreadsheets. So, basically it’s not one of the best among others but it is one of the most useful apps out there on the play store which lets you read PDFs and also lets you work with other document formats.

Speaking of PDFs, WPS lets you add annotations, bookmarks and text search. Apart from that, you can access PDF documents from various cloud services. This is a great office suite application that will let you access every document.

5. Apple Books (Formerly iBooks)


Apple Books is the default (native) PDF reader in the iOS environment. Apart from supporting PDF, it also supports EPUB format which is basically an extension for e-Books as this app also holds a lot of e-Books so if you want to read them you can buy and read them.

Talking about functionality, you can add bookmarks, notes and you can also highlight text in the document. The best feature of this app is the automatic night theme to make reading more enjoyable at night. Another thing that makes it the best for iOS is that you can print your documents easily via AirPrint wirelessly.

So, overall, a simple and elegant PDF reader without any fancy features to add stars to it.

6. Xodo PDF Reader


Xodo PDF Reader is one of the best free PDF reader apps available for Android and iOS. It’s an all-in-one PDF reader and PDF editor that lets you read, annotate, sign and share PDFs. The company also claims to offer the fastest PDF viewing engine. You can write directly on PDF, open word, PPT and excel files and sign documents. The app also lets you take notes on blank PDFs.

If I only focused on the PDF reader feature, you could bookmark pages, turn on night mode for comfortable reading, work on tabs, crop pages, activate Full screen mode, and perform searches.

7. Librera


Librera is also a great PDF reader but only available for Android. It is a lightweight and free book reading application that supports multiple file formats including PDF, EPUB, EPUB3, MOBI, DJVU, FB2, FB2.ZIP, TXT, RTF, AZW, AZW3, HTML, ODT, XPS, CBZ, CBR TIFF Catalog, PDB, MHT, and OPDS. The reader interface has a modern design and allows you to change the theme according to your convenience. You can resize, perform searches, create Favorites lists, and bookmark pages. You can customize the background and colors, activate night mode, split pages, perform multi-word text searches, comment or draw on PDFs, and much more.



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