7 Best Garden Planning Apps For Android & iOS

7 Best Garden Planning Apps For Android & iOS

When building a house, we take care of all aspects, materials, interiors, furnishings and almost every inch of our house. But there is one more thing that makes our homes more like homes and enhances its serenity, which is the garden. I am sure most of you like to have a beautiful garden in your home. In the garden, we can enjoy the fresh natural breeze and enjoy peaceful time amidst the greenery. You can style your garden in any style or pattern, install as many flora as you want, and even grow different kinds of vegetables.

If you are confused about how you should start planning or what you can use or do to arrange the perfect garden, then we have brought you the best garden planning apps for Android and iOS devices that will help you create what you want. . You will also find guides and applications that will help you grow vegetables or flowers in addition to their knowledge and information.

1. Home Designer 3D


Home Designer 3D is basically one of the home designer apps where you can create and plan the interior and exterior of your home. On the exterior, this app lets you design your garden, adding as many kinds of plants, trees, grass and shrubs as you want. This will allow you to create a garden with the exact dimensions that you have left room for gardening purposes. This is a virtual garden planner and once you are satisfied with the elements you add to the garden you can view them in 3D to see what the results will look like.

2. Garden Design Ideas


It is one of the best apps for garden and landscape design. Here you can have pictures of various kinds of gardens, various styles and designs to make them look more attractive. You can share an idea or image you like with friends and family or set any picture as your device wallpaper if you want.

3. Garden Organizer – Manage Your Vegetable Garden


With this application, you can get information about a variety of vegetables, the best time to plant seeds, planting time and harvest time. Once you have some knowledge of what vegetables can be planted by month, you can plan your garden and grow them. It will also show you other details like water frequency, which crops can be grown with other crops and which cannot.

Apart from that, it will also serve as a vegetable garden planner where you can enter the time when you planted the seeds and track their growth and requirements in different phases of nursery, plantation and harvest. You can add any plant from the given list or add your own in My Garden. Apart from that, it will also show the moon and the phases with suggestions to follow according to the phases that will help the plant grow.

4. Planter – Garden Planner


The Planter application is almost similar to the Garden management application mentioned above. It will also serve as a vegetable garden planner app and here it will show you indoor and outdoor vegetables that you can grow. You can get information about the different types of plants and vegetables you can grow. And besides that, you can also find out the details on how to grow the plant and all the other requirements like sun, water, required care etc.

If you wish to purchase seeds from one of the given plants you can open a purchase link which will take you to an e-commerce site where you can purchase them. Or get more detailed information about the plants and their seeds from the web. This will allow you to add your garden, width, length and any plants or vegetables you have or plan to plant there. You can add more than one garden by unlocking the Pro version of this garden planner app.

5. Gardenia


Gardenia is one of the best gardening apps available for Android and iOS devices. Just like the two apps above, it will show you a database for different types of plants and their details. But here you will also find flowers and other flowering plants that you can plant. It will show you the type, name and other requirements for that factory perfectly.

You can create your own garden and add plants from the list that you want to grow in your own home and even add photos of them to track their growth. Here you can also add reminders to water, plow, clean and care for plants according to their needs.

6. Gardroid


Gardroid allows you to have knowledge and information about different types of vegetables and their growing methods. You can add any of the specific plants you have planted in the garden and track their growth. Even set reminders to water and care for the plants like the above app. This will allow you to add notes for important things you want to remember while gardening, in the app itself. You can also unlock other plants like flowers and herbs to gain their knowledge by purchasing the Pro version of this app.

7. Garden Answers


Garden Answer is more famous as a plant identification application, but it is not a limited application. It can even help you find out about other dangerous pests and insects that damage your plants and garden by clicking their pictures through this application. This will allow you to search for any plant and have the information you need with just a photo. Here you can find and contact professional horticulturists and get help with a variety of gardening problems. You can also shop for a variety of flowers, trees and seeds from their website if you wish.



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