7 Best Garage Opener Apps For Android & iOS

7 Best Garage Opener Apps For Android & iOS

Currently smartphones are not limited to calls and SMS. We can use it effectively to replace most electronic devices including cameras, GPS navigators and many more. And thanks to the rise of Garage Opener application technology, remote control is now a mere thing of the past. Though you have to need some specific hardware or model to be compatible with garage operation application via your smartphone. Today in this article, we are going to share about the best garage door opener app that you might like on your device to get complete control over your garage door.

1. Tap it open


This is the garage opening application offered by Simon Says. With a very simple and easy to use interface, this application does not require anything from you to install and use it. However, you have to get a device developed by the company, installed on your garage door. You can get the details from their website and it is very economical. It works by using your phone’s Bluetooth connectivity with door device and with just one tap the door will open. This app also has password protection if you want. This way you won’t have to worry about remembering where you put your garage key or losing it or someone stealing it from you.

2. GarageMate


Works well on Android and iOS devices using Bluetooth for pairing. Setting up this application is easy and fast. Up to 8 phones can be paired with the device. The device is a GarageMate Bluetooth 4.0 receiver which is available on the app and amazon website. It has great protection that prevents others having the same app from trying to open your garage. This app works with any device that is already paired with it. You must have physical access to the device to pair it once with your device which is in the garage and no one can access it while it is locked. Moreover, this app is password protected even if your phone is lost, nobody can open the app without knowing the password. This app works well with any garage opener made in the last few years.

3. MyQ Garage and Access control


This is one of the best Wi-Fi enabled apps to open or close garage doors. You can also control house lights with this app from anywhere like turning on the lights in the garage with just one click from their smartphone. You can also check the status of the garage door or gate whether it is open or not. Access can be shared with family. You can also send in a pass to open the door when your family arrives. They can have their own app which will get your permission to control the door without you

4. GoGogate 2


This is an excellent application which is limited to iOS devices. This app works with GoGogate 2 startup devices sold from their website. This device connects to your home internet connection to connect with an app on your smartphone that can be anywhere and still control the garage. The user-friendly interface takes you easily into the application. One application can control three garages. Not only doors, room temperature sensors can also be seen through the application. You can also connect IP cameras in front of your garage to know what is happening in your garage instantly with one click on the app.

5. PalGate App


The PalGate application is very simple and easy to work with. It has separate connected devices available for purchase on the official website of the app. Once you are within Bluetooth range (closer to the door), the screen flashes with the option to open or close the door automatically. It’s easy to connect as long as your phone isn’t showing any problems connecting via Bluetooth. You can also grant access to other people and reclaim it by removing their access. There is also an encrypted remote available on their website. This app also has more ratings on play store.

6. Craftsman Smart Garage Door Opener


This is an application for the opener of the same name. This app has the option to show you the status of the door if it is opened or closed. With this app, you can also connect the lights in the garage to your device to control them. At night, you don’t have to worry about going down to turn on the lights in the garage because the app will do it for you. The light status can also be checked in the app. To connect with an opening device, you must be connected via Wi-fi. With such a connection, you can open doors for your family members even if you are far away.

7. Nold Open app


This is a free iOS app which is also referred to as a virtual keychain for its purpose. It controls the nold open which is a Bluetooth compatible device. You can access your garage door via an app similar to the one above. You can also share access rights to your friends and family by simply sending them an invitation letter that they must accept to gain the right. Not only the garage door, even your entrance can be controlled through this app. Multiple doors can be controlled through this application. You don’t have to bother remembering where you left your keys again with this innovative app. Access rights can also be revoked at any time you want.



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