7 Best Games Like Minecraft For Android & iOS

7 Best Games Like Minecraft For Android & iOS

The first X box version of Minecraft was released 8 years ago and became so popular that the mobile version did not wait too long to appear. Since then, this 3D sandbox game has remained popular with cellphone holders, although some people are looking for alternatives. First, because they want something new but with the same features. Secondly, Minecraft is not free and for that you need to pay a different amount of money from when downloading.

In this article, we have collected 11 of the most feasible games like Minecraft even though there are more games that are presented in the application market. Most available for Android and iOS devices.

1. The Blockheads


Blockheads is one of the most popular Minecraft alternatives with more than 5 million downloads. Free with app purchases and resembles Minecraft with its mining and craft features. This is a 2D game made from blocks created by developers from New Zeland. This is more than just a mining game. This is a survival process because you have to build a shelter before sunset to defend the fire. It supports single and multiplayer players who need an internet connection and allows you to gather your team to invite friends and family friends.

What can you do?

  • Control your team from fools and their lives among nature.
  • Craft tools and manage blockhead work.
  • Find minerals. metals and gems from the ground.
  • Prepare food for yourself that collects coconuts and makes meat on a campfire.
  • Build a house, renovate, and design.

This is a true sandbox game that survives, mining, and exploration.

2. Minitest


Minitest is a game based on the Minecraft platform and overcomes it. Blockless world in a sandbox game where you dig raw materials and build bricks of the owl world after bricks. The colorful images and stunning graphics in this game are combined together so you can play single or multiplayer online modes. In addition, it is claimed that the game runs with open code letting the player edit it as he wishes.

The game is free to download on both platform devices. It has been translated into many languages.

3. Survivalcraft


If you are looking for a copy of Minecraft, this game is for you. Survivalcraft is a block building game with many features and objectives. And the main goal is to survive and build a new world. Just imagine yourself as a great land explorer and conqueror in a blockless and colorful world of blocks. You have to build, make, make weapons to defend yourself, grow trees, and decorate your living room.

In this sandbox game, you will feel yourself like a real engineer and construction worker making blocks that can remind you of real bricks. Plus you can decorate your home and choose colors from everything in it. To feed yourself, you will hunt carefully for dangerous animals that can really cause your death. Having a variety of weapons that change from arrows to rifles will bring a sense of adventure, especially if you use explosives.

Survivalcraft is available for Android and iOS for $ 3.99.

4. Terraria


Terraria needs you to do many things like digging, fighting, and building. They cost $ 4.99 and are available for Android and iOS. This game is a cellular version of the popular PC game. It supports various sizes of the world that you will be playing: Medium, Small, Large. It also supports single online and multiplayer with other gamers.

Although the graphics are simple but very detailed and colorful. The main goal is to dig slowly one by one, moving underground. There are various weapons and work equipment such as hammers that will help you dig. Gathering different materials You can make useful tools such as torches. Mines for various ores: gold, copper, iron. Ore blocks are often placed together. There are more than 800 items to explore.

5. Winter Craft


Get ready to play Minecraft but in winter, winter colors and snowy scenes. Your goal is to experience different obstacles such as predators, enemies, and even monsters, making buildings take cover in block by block. Crafting is the main feature of this game. This is a 2D single player sandbox game. For many people, this can be a very good alternative to Minecraft.

Don’t forget to light a fire, otherwise you will die of cold because this game only has a cold environment as one obstacle. Get yourself a pet that can protect you from other animals. Although the game was developed more than 2 years ago, it is only available for iOS devices.

6. Block Story


Block Story is a blend of 3d sandbox, exploration and role playing. This is a free game that is very popular, highly ranked, and both platforms with one exception. In order to have the full version, you are advised to upgrade to a premium game through Android, even though iOS offers it for $ 2.99 from the first moment.

In this game, you run, collect things like animals, get points. Some materials need to be made a torch. You can different creatures like dragons and get advice from wizards. Dragons and other fighters are a big help in your mission. Make weapons and artifacts if it is important and that is an item that is needed through the game process.

This is a block game but there is nothing to mine in this game. This is a more fantastic magic game where you find various craft, gathering, and conquest lands.

7. Roblox


Roblox is a great alternative to Minecraft which gets a lot of positive comments from players. Block survival sandbox with online multiplayer mode. It is suitable for children and adults and is free. The game involves players in an unlimited world exploration where they can buy, sell goods, equip themselves, and participate in buttles. The graphics are simple, the characters are like lego toys, so its popularity among children over 12 years.

An interesting feature of this game is that it contains a variety of games with different genres right in one application. So it is said that there are various genres and a large number of worlds to play. This game helps develop imagination instead of just following a few instructions.

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