7 Best Challenge Board Apps For Android & iOS

7 Best Challenge Board Apps For Android & iOS

Everyone wants to be perfect. We went to the spa salon and fitness center. We spend a lot of money to be perfect. But think a little. What if you could be stronger or slimmer at home? Do not you believe? Yes you can.

Board is one of the most popular exercises for building a perfect body. You can see the list of applications below and choose the one that is perfect for you!

1. 30 Day Plank Challenge


Do you want to be strong and slim? You can exercise your muscles to the fullest at home using only your smartphone. This application allows you to be stronger for 30 days. It has an intensive plan starting with easy tasks and ending with difficult. It has several levels of difficulty.

You will be motivated because you want to build strong muscles. Just download the application and start right away. Every day the application adds 6 seconds to practice.

You can choose the level of difficulty that suits you. This application maps your progress. You will always be aware of the increase. It also has a rest day to help you recover your energy. If you don’t know what to do, the application has tutorials for each level.

Compete with friends. It is funny. You won’t miss training because the application will remind you of that! Challenge your muscle strength with the 30 Day Plank Challenge.


2. Plank Challenge Free exercise


You can change your body just by doing board challenges. This application is calculated at 5 weeks. This exercise can change your stomach and arms. The training program is perfect for busy people. You will train 4 in a row and then relax for 3 days.

Why does it rest for so long? Because your muscles need to recover. This is an effective way to change your strength. After 5 weeks, you will be able to make boards for more than 240 seconds.

If you dream of making boards for 3 minutes or more, then this application is right for you! It has a simple and intuitive interface. Just what you are looking for to build a perfect body.


3. Plank Workout – 30 Days Plank Challenge Free


Do you want to learn how to make different boards? This application can help you. It has all kinds of boards for beginners and advanced people. You will get rid of fat or strengthen muscle strength. It takes 5 to 10 minutes a day to achieve a perfect body.

You can make a personal training plan. You don’t need to go to the gym. You can practice at home anytime. This application helps people burn excess fat. You can get rid of back pain and energize throughout the day. The board can speed up your metabolism.

You can track your progress. If you are not completely satisfied with the results, you can start over and add complexity. With a board every day, your body becomes stronger and stronger.


4. Plank Challenge


This is a board timer for people with different strengths. It was made to make training time easier. This application can calculate personal time for board challenges that suits you.

It has several levels of difficulty. You can choose which ones you can handle. It was designed for 30 days but you can repeat it again. There is a training plan ready. You can also make your own.

It also has a good reminder. You will not forget the training time. You will get notifications every day. Don’t just ignore it because it becomes very annoying. Easy to use and not too tight. Try it and you can increase your strength!


5. 30 Day Plank Challenge Free


Challenge yourself with 30 day board challenges. Prove yourself that you can do this. You will get a perfect body and lots of strength.

This application has been downloaded more than 500,000 times. This can help you change yourself. This application has a smart calendar that helps you track the progress of your work.

You can slowly increase your strength and enlighten you. Don’t give up, continue until the end. This is a very good application for board exercises.

You can choose the time when the application can remind you of trains. You can also choose a time when you are lazy. The application will not bother you at that time. You will listen to music that is suitable for board challenges. 2 exercises have been added recently. This is a combo and a side board. Try and build your perfect body.


6. Women’s Plank 30 Day Challenge


This is a board challenge application specifically made for women. This is a 30 day trainer application. It has a beautiful design that can make your practice more comfortable. It takes 30 days to develop new habits. This application can help you.

This application will congratulate you every day that is finished. It can motivate you to continue the board challenge. This application has 3D animation. It makes the application more beautiful. You can easily build a perfect body and burn fat.

You can track your progress and then share it with your friends through social media. This application has daily reminders. You will not miss the train.


7. 30 Day Plank Challenge


This application can help learn how to do the perfect board. Every day you will try different types of boards. Each type can train different muscles. The combination of boards can help build the perfect body.

The first day is an easy day but the following days become more difficult. Complications occur to strengthen muscles. Suitable for men and women of all ages. Children can also try it.

You will always be motivated to use this application. After 30 days you will see changes in your body. This application has various exercises. You will see a progress table to understand your strengths. All statistics in one application.

You can see your performance history and track your progress. This application will teach you how to do the elbow board. It does not allow you to rest on holidays. This application was created to help you build the body of your dreams!

Regular practice makes you perfect.

Don’t forget that you can truly change your body in less than 5 minutes a day. Planck training is a full body exercise. But make sure that you talk to your therapist before starting the 30 day board challenge. Your doctor can find out whether it suits you or not.


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