7 Best Book Catalog Apps For Android & iOS

7 Best Book Catalog Apps For Android & iOS

Do you have a small library in your home? Or do you have tens or hundreds of books mysteriously placed on your bookshelf? It often happens to bookworms or researchers that they forget where they keep their books.

One of my friends always calls me and another to ask about his book if he can’t find it. There are many applications that can help you with this type of problem.

Here is a list of the best book catalog apps that will help you easily manage your home library.

1. My Library


My Collection is currently the most used and best rated free home library app on the Google Play Store. For entries, you can search for book details in their database by entering the ISBN number or by scanning the barcode. The barcode reader also has the option to activate the flashlight.

If you have an unusual book that can’t be in their database, you can also enter all the details manually. There is a separate section for notes, to which comments about books can be added. You can also export your database to Google Drive or Dropbox. It is liked by users because it is very productive even with very basic features.

2. Libib


Libib is one of the best book catalog apps with a nice interface. It is available on Android and iOS for free. You can maintain more than one catalog and there are two options for inserting books into the catalog. Scan / search barcode or via manual entry.

The scanner is fast and automatically uploads most of the information about the book. Apart from a catalog of books, it also allows you to manage your library of films, video games and music. You can also follow friends and other users and share your book list.

3. Book Catalogue



This is another great app for maintaining your home library catalog system. You can sort the book list in many categories in your own way or in any available format. Apart from the method mentioned in the above application for book entry, this application also has a fourth way. You can search for books on the Amazon and Good Read databases by entering the book name and author in the ‘Search the Internet’ section. In addition, you can change or add thumbnails to books from your Gallery or Camera.

4. CLZ Books – Book Database


There are some good reviews about CLZ Books on the Google Play Store as well as iTunes. But remember this book database application is not completely free. You can catalog your 100 books initially for free. Scan the ISBN barcode with your mobile camera or enter details like Title, Author, Page etc. manually.

You can include collection status on them such as, Sold, As You Wish, Not In Collection etc. You are also allowed to take notes about the book and provide your own assessment. ‘CLZ book’ allows you to create a free CLZ account and import your database to the CLZ cloud, to access it from any device.

5. Book Library


This is a small but very useful book database application to help you track an unlimited number of books in your library. This app lets you bulk scan ISBNs. If you don’t have internet access right away, you can scan offline and view the details later when connected to the internet.

You can make your phone a scanner by connecting to other hardware or also connecting to an external scanner. You also have the option to import / export or share your bookshelf via email or to a storage device. Before sharing, you can choose whether you want to share only the book title or all fields / details.

6. LibraryThing



LibraryThing is a popular catalog web application for sharing book catalogs and other book-related data. Now, they have released a mobile app for Android and iOS users. First, you must register or log in using your LibraryThing username. Here you can scan and add books to your different types of collections such as ‘Wishlist’, ‘Reading Now’, ‘To Read’, ‘Favorites’ etc.

If you are an active member of the LibraryThing community, you can access LibraryThing news from the app. You will have a shortcut to the latest updates on the blog, and all the books the community has reviewed on their website, etc.

7. Book List Library ISBN Scanner



If you want a simple app for your iPhone to help you easily manage your home library catalog system, then this is it.

The app has a bulk scan feature that will add your books quickly, but you’ll need to switch to the paid version for that. You can enter the book by camera scan or manually enter the ISBN number.

You can also search the database for new and old books and add books and ebooks to your collection from there. This app is best for heavy users. What makes it the best book inventory app is that you can list and then view books by author, binding status, editor, genre, language, publisher, series, etc.



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