7 Best Birthday Reminder Apps For Android

7 Best Birthday Reminder Apps For Android

People who are very close to you, they have a lot of expectations from you. There are lots of chances that he will get mad at you if you forget to wish him a happy birthday or anniversary. The best way to avoid such awkward situations is to download a birthday reminder app on your android device. Android birthday reminder app helps you to remember the exact date of birth of your loved ones. You will find that birthday reminder apps give magical powers to your love relationship and also reassure the other person that you really love them.
So what are you waiting for, install the best birthday reminder app on android and enjoy the beautiful colors of life.

1. Birdays – Birthday Reminder


This birthday reminder app for android is very easy to use. It allows you to import your friend’s birthday from phone contacts and Face book. You can get notifications that your friend’s birthday is coming next week or today. You can send SMS or birthday wishes to your friends. The battery consumption is very low.

With the help of this application, you can find out the birthdays of 2000 popular people who were born on the same day as you. This app also supports Zodiac sign, night mode and birthday countdown etc.

2. Birthday App Free


Free Birthday Reminder app has a very beautiful and inspiring design. You can sync birthdays from face book, phonebook and Google contacts. This app has the ability to push birthday notifications on your device with sweet ringtones. It supports more than 10 languages.

3. Happy Birthday Cards App


By having this birthday reminder app for android, you will never forget to wish your friends a happy birthday. This allows you to know whose birthdays are past or coming next. You can send awesome birthday cards to your friends at no cost. All cards are very beautiful. There are also tons of birthday gifs and quotes to share.

4. Birthday Calendar Free


This is not like an ordinary calendar, it is specially made as a birthday reminder app for android. You can choose the best calendar style for your convenience in remembering the birthdays of your loved ones. You can add birthdays from your phone or face book contacts. You can post birthday wishes on wall and phone face book of friends.

5. Anniversary Birthday Reminder


If you forget to congratulate your partner or friend, birthday reminder will automatically send congratulations to that person saved in contacts. You can also add photos from the app gallery. You will receive alerts for various events or holidays such as Mother’s Day, Independence Day and many others.

6. Birthdays Manager Reminder


You will get notification of upcoming birthdays in your status bar. You can easily set birthdays according to your contact number. You can use this birthday reminder app without internet connection. This allows you to change the background or text color according to your choice.

7. Birthdays for Android


This birthday reminder app allows you to set the date or time when you want to wish “happy birthday” to your loved one. If you forget it, birthday reminder will automatically send you an SMS or predefined birthday wishes to your friends. Many types of calendars and contact management styles are also included in this application.



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