7 Best Apps For Nature Lovers Android & iOS

7 Best Apps For Nature Lovers Android & iOS

Who doesn’t love being close to nature? Greenery, peace, calm and soothing sounds and many kinds of animals!

Being close to nature we not only enjoy but also learn many things and get information about the wild.

But it can be a little difficult to explore or study nature without proper guidance. You can do this with the help of the device you are holding and get an up-close experience of nature while learning new things.

There are various applications for nature lovers that will allow them to explore the wild and get to know it better.

Some of the apps will come in handy when you are actually in nature, they allow you to identify different plants and provide information about animals and birds. With this nature app, you can explore nature and its beauty without limits on Android and iOS devices.

1. 10000 Best Nature Wallpaper


This app will provide you with images for some amazing landscapes and natural landscapes that you can use to set them as wallpapers for your Android and iOS devices. Here you will find more than 10,000 HD images from great locations that you can use as wallpaper for your device. Even though this app is available on both platforms but the developers are different. You can use this wallpaper application to select the image you like the most and set it as your wallpaper to approach nature.

2. WildTrails


If you are planning a vacation and are thinking of visiting somewhere to see natural wildlife, then Wildtrails has you covered. Here you will be able to find trips to various wildlife destinations and search from the categories given according to your location. You can search for trips in the wild by luxury, animal sightings, or by species or theme and a few others.

You can also view photos and videos of various destinations and animals uploaded by other users. Apart from all this, it can also be used as a wildlife spotting application. Here you can get sighting information for various animals with distance and chance of sighting from your current location. This will allow you to choose from the animal species you are looking for. Not only that, you can read news and several other options like bird spotting, parks, and info about wildlife from this app itself.

3. Merlin Bird ID


This app is for all bird lovers around the world. The Merlin bird app will provide you with information on various bird species according to location and country. There are several bird packs available by location such as US, Canada, Europe, Mexico, Brazil and several others. You will be able to see the number of birds in the list and the file size you need to download.

Once downloaded, you can read information about the various birds and their species available in the country or region for which you downloaded the list. Apart from that, you can also use this app to identify birds using their photos. This will display a list of all the birds that will match the provided image and their details in the app itself.

4. PlantNet


Whether you are having fun exploring nature or taking a trip or hiking in the wild, knowledge of your environment is always necessary. There are several types of plants, fruits, and flowers that may look nice and beautiful but can be dangerous. To get rid of this problem we have PlantNet. With this application, you can get information about various types of plants and their species.

You could say this is Wikipedia about plants. Here you can browse projects in categories by theme and location. In this project, you will find information about plants according to the category or project title you choose. Apart from that, you can use this app as a wild flower id and scan a picture or take a plant photo to find out the details. You can also have more knowledge about any plant from the internet if you wish.

5. iNaturalist


iNaturalist is one of the best nature identification apps for all nature lovers. This application combines the features if almost all of the above applications. You can use it as an insect identification app or to identify flowers, birds and other wildlife from the given list.

Here you can take any photo in the wild and share it with other users who use this application. Users will assist you in identifying the content in the images which you can find in the comments below. You can even help others in the same way by looking at their observations and commenting on them and providing information about them if you have.

6. Toca Nature


Toca Nature is a nature games app with which you can learn and explore the wilderness in a fun way.

Here you can shape nature in 3D, raise wild animals, feed them and watch all your wildness unfold right before your eyes. This app is great for teaching your kids about nature in a fun way. The only downside of this app is that there is no free version available for this app, it is completely paid on both platforms.

7. Animal Sounds


This is another nature games app available on your Android device which you can download for free. Here you have to identify the animal sound from the given audio and select the animal. This application will display an image, and provide audio for their name and the sound they make so you can learn easily.

There are various categories such as farm animals, wild animals, birds, etc. Which you can choose. This app has three games that you play to easily memorize animal sounds and names. You can play memory, scratch or slide puzzle games from the app itself.



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