6 Subtitle Text Apps For Android & iOS

6 Subtitle Text Apps For Android & iOS

The best way to learn other languages is to watch films in the original language. Sometimes it is very difficult to do, especially at the basic level of language learning. Text will help you. It will be easier for you to understand the dialogue with them. You will be able to write new words and learn them.

Download the legal subtitle application for effective language learning. Legal subtitle applications can also help you make subtitles for your social videos. This will allow you to expand your audience. People from various countries will be able to understand your video.

There is a loss of the best legal subtitle applications for Android and iOS. Try all or just choose one.

1. Add Subtitles – Automatic


This application will allow you to make subtitles legally on your social videos. It uses modern automatic voice recognition technology. It can work with videos of unlimited length. Select the translation language. This application recognizes the original text and translates it qualitatively into other languages.

Text ideally coincides with speaking time. You can create multiple subtitle tracks. Use two languages to expand your audience. You can edit the translated text after the application recognizes it. Find errors and correct them. This application will give you ideas for recording which videos. Save videos to the gallery and share on your social networks.

This application has an excellent subtitle editor. You can choose the font and size. Adjust the subtitles according to your wishes. This application has intuitive navigation. You can download the finished file with subtitles. The application will paste it into the video. You can translate translations to other languages directly in the app.

2. Get Subtitles


This application allows you to find various language translations for all your favorite films and TV shows. Download the subtitle file and add it to the movie. This application automatically searches for subtitle files on your smartphone. Files work on cellphones, tablets, PCs and laptops. It’s easy to watch movies with subtitles.

Scan the application movie file to find the correct subtitles. It enters movie subtitles into movies without time delay. This application has a fast and smart subtitle engine. It has more than 170 different languages. You can start the video player directly through this application.

If you have a problem, you can always write to technical support. This application has helped more than 1 million people find movie subtitles. You can choose the phone’s internal memory or SD card to store subtitles. You no longer have difficulty watching movies in other languages.

3. Subtitles Viewer!


This subtitle application is synchronized with smart TV. You can easily watch your favorite movie in the original film with translation. This application is great for anyone who has a home cinema. This application is also suitable for the deaf community. This application has more than 100 languages. You can find subtitles for almost all films.

This application has a good design. You will love the black interface. This navigation application is intuitive. It scans the movie file and finds the correct subtitles. Scanning does not require much time. Subtitles are downloaded from a large database. You can add your subtitles to the application to improve the community database.

4. MixCaptions: Video Subtitles


If you are a blogger then you need this application. This will allow you to improve your appearance. Add subtitles to your video so strangers can watch it. You can add subtitles to videos for YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Just one button click and the application will automatically create subtitles. The process of making subtitles is very fast.

Many people watch videos without sound. Most social networks also automatically play videos without sound. Add subtitles to interested viewers. Subtitles will get your viewers interested and come back for new videos. Many bloggers use this application as the final step in video processing.

This application can add subtitles even in 10 minute videos. Edit the translated text for further accuracy. Choose a place for translation. There are 3 options: at the bottom, in the middle, and above. This application supports 23 languages. Choose the font, color and size of personalized text. You can also add funny pictures to videos.

5. Subbr Free: Subtitle Editor


This application will allow you to convert and edit subtitles. Download and you no longer need a computer to add subtitles to the video. This application automatically corrects errors in subtitles. Just one click and the application will add subtitles. You can watch any movie with subtitles.

This application is great for language learners. You can find subtitles for any series. The design of this application is simple. Modern and intuitive interface. It has been downloaded more than 100 thousand times. The developer keeps adding innovations to the application and updating it.

6. Easy Subtitles


Some videos don’t have built-in subtitles. You can fix this problem. Download this application and you will get access to thousands of files with translations. It supports several file formats. This makes it a convenient application for bloggers and language learners. You can edit translated text directly in the application.

Choose the font and size of the text. You can use this application to make subtitles on your YouTube videos. This application has an intelligent voice recognition program. You can search for subtitles for movies and also make new ones. You will easily learn how to use this application. It has an intuitive interface. This application has been downloaded more than 500 thousand times.

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