6 Best Walkie Talkie Apps For Transmission Android & iOS

6 Best Walkie Talkie Apps For Transmission Android & iOS

Have you ever dreamed of using a walkie talkie that you may have seen since childhood? But never have a chance unless you work in any field that requires communication through them. In this case, maybe I need to remind you that you already hold a handheld device, namely a smartphone?

You can use your device and with the help of some walkie talkie applications, you will be able to do what you have always wanted. And have a feeling of real communication as you would on a walkie talkie. You can also use this application to connect and communicate among teams or groups for efficient work or coordination with each other. Here we have listed the best apps for using walkie talkies on your Android and iOS devices for free. So let’s see what all these apps have to provide.

1. Online Walkie Talkie Pro


This online application has a theme like the original walkie-talkie, and similar buttons for using various functions. Using this application you can connect to various users whether local, global or even create private channels for confidential communications. This allows the selection of a specific language to have the channel and transmission according to the one you choose. It has a power button which can be used to turn it on or off. You can change the volume of your incoming transmission and even change the tone of your voice.

To speak or respond to other users just press the PTT key and say and release when done. And your message will be sent to everyone who listens to your similar channel or frequency. You can also manually search for different channels or scan to see which channel has more online users available. For private channels, you must have a key or create one. On a private channel, you can also use the camera to share or view the activities of other users.

2. Two Way Walkie Talkie


Just like the above, here you can also listen to or send voice messages using radio transmissions. It can be used to communicate as a two-way walkie talkie and can be used by more than two people at once. You can enter the channel number or share the channel you use to send messages. To connect or make you can use the keypad in the application.

The app will notify you with a beep for all incoming and outgoing transmissions. To respond just press the talk button and send your message. You can also use the map to find the transmission frequency by location. And if you want you can also choose the option to run this app in the background or not which can be useful to save battery. Because most of the apps still work in the background after closing them.

3. Zello PTT


Zello has been praised by many users for helping disaster teams to coordinate with each other to save people in Hurricane Harvey in the US. This application will turn your device into a walkie talkie which can be used to communicate with other Zello users. Even though it requires an internet connection, the consumption is so low that it can function even in weak network situations. You need to create an account to use their service.

You can create channels and invite your contacts to join. Or you can join other created channels. Then all you have to do is press the microphone button on the screen to send a message. This app has one more good feature which I like. You can select the output audio either through the device speaker or earpiece. This way you can listen to the transmission and save it for yourself. Apart from all this, you can also send texts and pictures to the channel if needed.

4. Walkie Talkie Standard


This application for iOS devices uses a Bluetooth connection like the above application to connect and communicate with other devices. Just connect the devices with Bluetooth and start communicating with each other without internet or Wi-Fi connection. Both devices must have this app to communicate with each other. You can tap Talk to send a message while it will automatically receive the message and give you a notification for the same. It can be used for fun or other short communication over a limited distance.

5. Voxer Messenger


It is similar to the Zello PTT app mentioned above in the list. This is also where you need to create an account with them to start using this application. You can only send walkie talkie messages to contacts who also have an account for this app. Or you can invite your contacts via text message. Once you have connected with a contact, just tap on the walkie talkie icon in a chat to send a voice message in style.

Plus, you can send text, images and other attachments from the Dropbox cloud storage. And like the Zello app, it also has the option to change the output speaker. This will let you select Auto mode where it will select the earpiece speaker when the device is near the ear or the phone speaker when away from the ear. Or you can manually select anyone from both speakers. It’s also available for the Apple Watch.

6. Intercom


Another app that also works offline. Like Bluetooth talkie, it uses a Bluetooth connection and to make it more useful, it also works with a Wi-Fi connection. You can connect with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi networks or even hotspots created from any device.

Once the devices are connected to the same network, either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, the device will scan and display all available devices. You can press the PTT button to send a voice transmission or press voice detect to receive it. Apart from that, it also works with Bluetooth headphones without interrupting the walkie talkie session.



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