6 Best First Person Car Racing Games for Android & iOS

6 Best First Person Car Racing Games for Android & iOS

Do you want to learn to drive? Sometimes we are afraid of something. If you are afraid of real cars, then there are many ways to get rid of fear. Everyone has a smartphone. There are many applications developed for smartphones. Try a first person driving simulator. You really surround yourself with road conditions. Around traffic lights, cars, pedestrians. Challenge yourself.

This is good training before driving school. You can also have fun. Play the game and relax. Activate race mode and compete with the world. You will not be afraid of the car after this application. All your fears will disappear. You will have basic driving skills. Your friends will be surprised why you know so much about driving.

There is a list of first person car racing games. Try all or just choose one.

1. Racing in Car 2


This realistic application will help you learn to drive. You will sit on the wheel of a virtual car. The graphics are very high quality. HD effects make this game beautiful. You will be amazed by the nuances and colors. This game is easy to learn to play. Driving simulator is unlimited. You can walk around the city. The map is very large. Imagine you are a driver.

Control the driving process. Control wheel, steering wheel and lever. There are lots of cars. You can choose one of them. Try different brands. Maybe you want to buy a car in the real world. This is an updated version of the game. The developers have tried to fix it. This game has a lot of positive feedback.

Be an attentive and polite driver. You will experience yourself in a difficult driving situation. You will learn to respond quickly to unexpected situations. This is a great application for those who want to learn to drive. It has been downloaded more than 100 million times. This game has helped millions of users learn to drive and eliminate fear.

2. Driving in Car


Do you want to learn to drive? Are you afraid of real cars? Then try this driving simulator. This is a simple application that will save you from fear. To learn to drive, you need experience. You will get experience in this application. Choose a car and start driving. This application is a first person display. You will be fully in the process of driving. Steering wheel control and pedals.

Look at the map. There are tips. Sometimes people are shown there. Do not destroy them. You will receive punishment. You will see driving time. You can record your driving on video. Look and make your mistake. This application has good graphics. The world of driving is beautiful. There are lots of cars in the app. Try everything!

This application has been installed more than 5 million times. This is the perfect way to learn to drive. You can even work as a taxi driver. Take orders. Look at the map and find customers. That’s very interesting. The game has a search mode and is free. Choose what you like. You will easily learn to drive. Play this game more often.

3. Toon Racer 2: 3D First Person Racing Game


Meet the return of the legendary racing game. This is an updated and upgraded version of Toon Racer. You can choose any type of display. Choose steering wheel or overhead. In the application, there are 7 cars. You can try everything. They are cool. Buy a new car and upgrade. They will become faster and better. You will feel like a real driver. Even if you are 7 years old. This application is very realistic.

You can choose 4 modes. Each mode has its own difficulty level. Try yourself in one hour traffic or on the freeway. Exceeding speed. Do not be afraid. This is just a game. You will receive a bonus for doing tricks. Collect more bonuses and buy more cars. This application has 3 levels. This is the forest, the city and the desert. They’re so beautiful. You will be given every week.

This game can be played without stopping. You will not be able to get out. This app graphic is very interesting. You will love high quality graphics. You will listen to the game melody. It will not bother you. Compare your results with the world. There are world statistics here. Try to be a champion.

4. Real Driving: Ultimate Car Simulator


Do you like car Don’t you have a SIM? Download this realistic driving application. This is a perfect car simulator. There are lots of cool cars in the app. Sports cars, racing cars or just ordinary. You can try everything. The graphics are amazing. You will enjoy amazing images of each object. Use this application as a driving lesson. You will learn how to drive a car without leaving your home. You will definitely know all the basics of driving.

Look at the tutorial and learn the main rules. You will get endless fun from driving simulations. The main feature of this application is driving from the first person. You will see the steering wheel and all car devices. This is very realistic. You will quickly learn all the buttons and sensors of the car. Your friends will be surprised when they find out.

This application has been downloaded more than 500 thousand times. Enjoy 3D graphics. Prepare the camera. Use first person display. You will fully control the car. Control wheels, steering wheels, wipers and other automobile devices. Come up with many driving scenarios. Improve your skills. Become the coolest racer.

5. Car Driving School Simulator


Get behind the wheel and drive. This is a great driving simulator application. City and car are very realistic. You will really dive into the world of driving. You must be attentive. You also need to know the driving rules so that you don’t get into trouble. Pay attention to the signs and traffic lights. Don’t forget to be polite. Watch pedestrians. Do not harm them.

You can choose any area on the map and drive there. Try fast drive mode. That’s like a race. You will love to go around the city. Try a new map of Tokyo. Developers are still working to add new improvements. Wait for update. You will find in the tutorial about the beginning of the game. You will learn everything. Just watch and remember the rules.

26 extraordinary cars are waiting for you. Choose the best car. Make money and buy a new car. Increase them. There are race cars, simple cars and even trucks. Challenge yourself in traffic. This game creates artificial conditions for accidents and traffic jams. You can beat all difficulties. The main thing is to believe in yourself and hold on the wheel.

6. Drive for Speed: Simulator


Start the engine and leave. This application is an excellent driving simulator. Drive to the whole city. See all roads. Watch for obstacles. It is important to pay attention to pedestrians and traffic lights. Try to be a polite driver. You will improve your driving skills. This game is a good preparation for driving school. Make money and buy a new car.

This game has more than 20 cars. Buy all of it. You will have the biggest garage. This application has high quality street and car sounds. You will hear the sound of tires when cornering, the sound of traffic lights and the sound of motorcycles. This application is very realistic. This game is endless. You will want to play again and again.

This application has been used by more than 10 million people. You can complete 4 types of missions. Complete them and get paid. Spend the money to buy a new car. You can also update it. Upgrade their engines and wheels. Car paint with new colors. Create the car of your dreams. This application is popular all over the world. Try it and you will not be disappointed.

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