5 The Best Self Timer Camera Apps For Android & iOS

5 The Best Self Timer Camera Apps For Android & iOS

Often times, we want to take the complete photo, and nobody takes the photo. Similarly, to make family photos, we can face the same problem.

We all need a tool that can take our photos automatically. Many professional cameras give you the option to set the shooting time. However, nowadays, people have smartphones with high-quality built-in cameras.

What is Self Timer Camera App?
The smartphone camera does not provide a tool for setting the time for taking photos. For such purposes, we need to install specially designed applications.

The Self Timer app includes an option to set a delay for taking photos and taking great photos with your family. It provides a tool to set multiple delay time options according to a given situation.

Best Self Timer Camera App for Android and iOS
Here is a list of the Best Self Timer Camera Apps for Android and iOS which provide the best solution for the purpose.

1. Self Camera Timer


Self Camera Timer is a fast and useful app for instantly taking pictures and sharing them with friends. You have the option to set a countdown before taking a picture. Also, you can take multiple shots in one burst. The self-timer function is also a part of Self Camera.

This popular platform facilitates users to delay shutter release and get the time between pressing the button and taking the actual picture. This program has a simple interface with many functions. The useful tools of the Self Camera Timer are shooting delay, camera flash, image sharing and good focus.

2. CamTimer


CamTimer is a self-timer camera program created to provide an efficient and direct way of taking photos. First you need to set a delay of 5, 15, or 30 seconds for taking a picture and then click the shutter button to activate the timer. You will hear a beep before 3 seconds to take a picture.

This will automatically save your photo to the gallery. This will display the image in full screen, allowing you to delete or share it instantly. In addition, you can switch between the rear and front cameras, take photos without delay, take four photos consecutively, and manage settings related to the camera flash. CamTimer is an open-source and free application.

3. Camera Timer!


Camera Timer! This is a powerful application for iPhone and iPad users to take pictures and share with friends and family instantly. They can set a delay before taking a photo and capture burst images with ease. Single Shooting Mode helps them set a timer before taking from 1 to 60 seconds. In Multi-Shot Mode, they can also specify the number of shots.

You have the option to activate an audio alert and a speech signal countdown warning before taking a photo. You can also set speech alerts in 37 different languages. This app lets you manage flashlight settings and provides a snap button for taking a picture.

4. Retrica – The Original Filter Camera


Retrica is a popular app in the world for taking stunning, stunning selfies and pictures. It offers unlimited filters to work better. You can apply more than 190 filters to your photos in real-time. Give your pictures a fantastic look using a vintage camera light leak. The refined user interface offers a timestamp, zoom blur effect and various aspect ratios.

The viewfinder helps you share unforgettable moments with your friends. You can set a delay time for taking family photos. There are interesting tutorials on photos, lights and colors. You can also take consecutive pictures using Retrica.

5. Photo Timer+


Photo Timer + is a simple and attractive app available on the Apple store to take multiple pictures at the same time. The photo timer is parts of different lengths. It saves images automatically to your image gallery. You can preview images instantly and share them with your friends. You can set the delay time according to your situation.

You can use various shooting options and control flashlight. Countdown audio is available to alert you about taking photos. This app helps you to take multiple pictures instantly from 3 seconds to a delay of 1 hour. The updated version includes final controls and support for new screen sizes.



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