5 Of The Best Slow Motion Video Apps For Android & iOS

5 Of The Best Slow Motion Video Apps For Android & iOS

Nowadays cellphone cameras and other devices have become so qualitative that several mobile advertising companies are built based on the possibility of filmmaking. That is, the resolution of the video content received will be very high so you can watch it as a movie or full clip. Given that our smartphone is always always with us, even on the road and learning, we always have the opportunity to capture memories or something beautiful.

A few years ago, cameras were limited to 5 megapixels and video was more like something incomprehensible and non-professional. Now video has become a daily phenomenon, Instagram, Tik-Tok, YouTube – this service is filled with content recorded on smart phone cameras.

Slow motion shooting is sometimes used in shooting funny clips or stories on Instagram, but is not limited to that. You can also take slow-motion pictures of memorable moments, such as your children’s competition, where the action is very dynamic.

In general, slow motion may really be needed to get closer to the details of what is happening. We have selected for you the 5 best applications for Android and iOS, which will allow you to master slow motion.

1. Slow Motion Video FX (Android)


Slow Motion Video FX is a tool with a very funny snail as a logo. This application has a very simple design – you can simply click the Start Slow Motion button on the homepage to start editing.

What is easy to use is that you can edit videos that you have recorded or record new content. If you already have a video on your device, just upload it to this widget and start making changes. Or, you can record video through Slow Motion Video FX immediately in the format you want.

Editing is done using a line that regulates the playback speed. If you set the curve value from 0 to 1, the video slows down, if the value is higher than 1, then instead of the Slow Motion effect you get a hyperlapse effect.

In the edit window you see a curve graph, which only displays video speed. You can record your voice or peek at the camera and the effects that are slowed down will produce funny videos where your smirk will look even funnier.

You will also get slower sound effects – your tone will immediately go down. If you speed up – your voice will become cartoon and squeaky as if you inhaled helium.

Use the application as you wish – record the sound of falling objects or play instruments and see what happens!


2. Videoshop – Video Editor


Videoshop – Video Editor interface is much more interesting. The functionality of this application is very broad – from slowing down the video to full editing.

You can even display music on video. Remember that if you want music to coincide with the speed of the video you recorded, you must add it at the beginning of the work, so that the sound slows down and accelerates along with the video itself. If you want to leave the music unchanged, do it at the very end.

You can extract sounds from Videoshop’s extensive archive and also upload them from the device where the application is installed. If you think that the Videoshop library is only limited to music, you are wrong.

You can also use animal sounds, objects or phenomena – for example, monkey screams, rain sounds or falling objects.

When we started talking about editing, it wasn’t in vain. In the application itself, you can edit the visual part of the video – change the brightness or contrast, slow down or speed up the video, apply effects, or enter text.

Making slideshows is also included in the function. Insert photos into original videos, transitions, or complete presentations – just fine on your smartphone! Whether your device runs on Android or iOS, you can find apps on Google Play and AppStore.


3. Loop Video


Loop Video is the most popular application used by millions of people worldwide. Of course, the functionality of this application is perfect for recording clips for social networks or other applications.

As we have mentioned, its function is really great and the Slow Motion effect is not the most popular tool in Loop Video.

With the help of this tool, you can make short clips that will be looped during playback (making loops, from where the name of the application comes from), making animated GIFs and more.

Video Loop allows you to record short videos of 15 seconds or less, combine them, speed them up, convert them to GIF. Remember that GIF has a maximum duration of 10 seconds, not 15 seconds. Many filters will help you take and record selfie videos in a short format.

One reason for the popularity of this application is that you can share it with friends and customers immediately after editing. Loop Video includes Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and other services that are equally popular. Shoot short clips, edit, slow down and share with your friends – fill your social network with fun content.


4. Quik


Another application that has a video retarding feature. This application is released on Android and iOS, which allows users to download the application on any device.

Quik is different from other applications by the fact that it was developed by GoPro, one of the most famous companies involved in camcorder production. You can edit and change videos with your smartphone’s hands and screen – everything is very simple!

Quik takes pictures directly from your GoPro camera – just edit as soon as you take them.

Once installed, you get more than 20 different themes for your video – each with its own filters and benefits, transitions between clip parts and their effects. Choose the one you like!

Add photos and videos to your movie too. All you have to do is upload it from the gallery to the application and put it in your edits. You can edit videos, highlight important moments and photos, add stickers and smileys, and mark the geolocation of your photos.

As you already know, simple functions like adding music are also present – either from a catalog that is prepared or yours. But you should consider copyrights for songs and melodies – you don’t want your video to be blocked!

If you don’t have time to finish editing, you can save the draft and continue editing later – all changes made will be saved in the project.

After you slow down the video fragments you need or make other changes, you can share the finished product on the most popular social networks. edit, create, travel – slow down and save the best moments of your life.


5. FilmoraGo – Free Video Editor


FilmoraGo is an application that makes video editing as easy as possible. Already have many templates for videos, collages and video presentations.

When editing, you can slow down, speed up, play videos and a standard set of editing functions – effects and transitions. You can also add animation or text to images, so your video will be more informative for viewers.

The design of this application is minimalistic and informative – there are no unnecessary elements. On the main screen, you can see all the functions – superimposing music, slicing, and adding various elements.

You can even change the video format. One nuance: the format must be one of the standard formats – for example, 1: 1. But because most services are designed for this resolution, this is a plus, not a minus.

By default, the edited video is marked with a watermark from the FilmoraGo application. But if you have to get rid of it, you can buy this feature for a small fee in the application.

You can choose the theme or effect you want and apply it to the video section (or the entire video). This will make the visual part more interesting.

FilmoraGo does not compress the captured video – you can save it in the gallery without losing quality and in HD format. Nothing can stop you from making quality and beautiful clips. Of course, because now the editor will be on your iOS or Android device.


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