5 Best Free Mystery Detective Games Apps For Android & iOS

5 Best Free Mystery Detective Games Apps For Android & iOS

Detective and mystical stories are something that can attract the attention of many people. You can always review your favorite TV series about the police, private investigators, lawyers and even those who are interested in psychics, but always wanted to be the center of the show. To stay in touch with the latest police events, you can check out the 11 Best Police scanner apps for Android & iOS 2020.

Maybe you have thought about what you might want to do yourself. So what’s stopping you?

Between mobile and computer games, there are tons of games that invite you to participate in a full investigation. In a variety of ways, you will solve puzzles, gather evidence or discover new information without leaving your apartment.

An interesting detective game certainly requires an exciting story with twists and turns of unexpected events, as well as the main characters with whom you will interact. We decided to find 5 Best Mystery & Detective Games for Android & iOS, whose plot will captivate you for a long time.

1. Who Is The Killer? Episode I


The name of this game addresses the most important question for most investigations – Who Is The Killer? The game is made by canon of any detective story to be revealed.

Every day many people die, but not all of them die of natural causes. In the case of this story, each murder suspect has a motive, but who actually did the murder?

You only have seven virtual days to solve this case, during which you will try to stop this killer. It should be noted that Who Is The Killer? has several different sections, so you don’t have to stop at just one case.

Once you have finished the story, it will be very easy to download the following sections for you to become a true detective. It’s worth noting that in Who Is The Killer? There’s no guarantee of a good ending – if you don’t reveal the monster, of course all characters will die.

In the process of investigating, you are offered some interesting mini-games that help you move forward in the story.

2. Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery


Tiny Room Stories – this is one of the popular games that we have already reviewed several times. The plot is very interesting, especially if you like finding answers to puzzles.

Tiny Room Stories is a mix of 2 different game genres – outdoor and missions. In the process, you’ll solve lots of riddles and riddles that aren’t repetitive or boring – you have to really overload your brain.

According to the plot of Tiny Room Stories, you’re already a private investigator. By chance, you go to a small town, which is completely empty. You have to understand where everyone is going – in fact, there are no souls in the city.

Every house, shop, or other building is fully 3D, and you can study its location from every angle.

In Tiny Room Stories you will go to empty houses, go to catacombs and other places – all to find answers to your questions. Solutions are not always clear, and the intricacies of the plot can surprise you.

3. Murder in the Alps


If you like crime plots and stories from the past, we want to tell you about the Murder in the Alps. This story unfolds in the 30s of the 20th century, and you are at the epicenter of all events.

You’re in a hotel in the Alps, but everything isn’t so perfect – one guest is missing, and it leads to a series of strange events. Journalist Anna from Zurich will solve this crime as it gets darker every day.

Apart from witnessing murder scenes and bloody dungeons, you will also be able to see a very beautiful view of the Alps. With each action you take, the investigation will move forward, but the mystery gets darker and darker.

Murder in the Alps offers you to explore a cinematic story that will captivate you from start to finish. You have to thoroughly check all the rooms in the hotel before you can finally understand who the real killer is among the beautiful and attractive hotel guests.

4. Sentence


The crimes that occurred in small towns were the worst. So you can understand that the killer might be one of your acquaintances or someone you have seen many times in your life.

Sentence is a psychological thriller detective in which you will investigate a murder. The most interesting thing is that you are the prime suspect, so finding the killer is your only objective. All communication and investigation takes place in the messenger, where you will try to find clues.

Every message you send to any character is worth thinking about because that’s the only way you can get new information. Evidence is not so easy to find when you are under house arrest in your own apartment.

Your friends will help you, and the killer will talk to you anonymously – so be careful not to give in to the provocation. Confusing personal relationships, accusations, strange colleagues – any clue can be found in the most unlikely of people.

By the way, Sentence does not expect to solve crimes on time – if you make a mistake, you can easily go to jail.

5. Seven – Deadly Revelation – Horror Chat Adventure


Have you ever been afraid of getting dangerous messages from strangers? If so, it’s time you discovered your fear. Seven puts you in a story where the real evil in the flesh communicates with you via messages, suggesting you make choices.

Your choices and each message can change the course of the story, as well as the ending. You will use simple chat to save someone’s life or to explore new documents, photos and other evidence.

Seven will drag you out, and you will try to uncover all of these stranger’s secrets as quickly as possible. In the game’s story, you are a hacker, and your skills are one way of getting the information you need.

This way, you will get new photos, videos and voice recordings, which will help you save the victim. In total, you will have 7 days to solve the case and save people, after which something irreparable can happen.

It should be noted that Seven has a mini-game, with which you will “hack” someone’s device. So, you don’t even need to acquire skills as a real hacker!



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