5 Best Football Training Apps (Android & iOS)

5 Best Football Training Apps (Android & iOS)

At a glance, in the mobile market, there are no fewer soccer applications than notebooks and different applications for weather forecasts. but which one is the best? Now find out! In this post, we have compiled the best Soccer training applications for Android and iOS.

1. My Football Coach Free


My Soccer Coach is a free soccer training application for the iOS platform. It has extensive functions and is at the same time easy to use. Here, you can create a team formation, edit it, and save it. You will be asked to create player names, add photos, manage numbers, place them in the right position and choose tactics.

You can also make arrangements for the first and second rounds. Decide which player will leave the field and which player will enter it. Change your players professionally. It is possible to save scores here. If you want you can record all your team’s direct activities.


2. Football Tactic Board


Football Tactic Board for Android gives you the possibility to create your own tactics for various match situations. It’s free and there are no additional payments for wider functionality.

Main features of the application:

  • You can save your tactics
  • Change the size of the player
  • Share tactics and animations
  • Two modes are available: portrait and landscape
  • Use instruments such as Line, Arrow, Rectangle, Text, Pen, Dotted Arrow, Area, and others.

You can share tactics with others (take photos of your tactics or export to file).


3. Coach it Soccer


Coach it Soccer is an exclusive application for iOS. This will help you manage and develop the team. Now, you don’t need to have a line of paper because you can make it with the help of your gadget. Drag your finger on the screen! This application helps manage players. So, you will not be disturbed by game training.

Main features of Coach it Soccer:

  • Drag-and-Drop function to generate a list of substitution players or manage existing formations
  • Real-time and Pending modes to make changes
  • Line planning
  • Automatic replacement of players on the field
  • Statistics about the best players, team performances.

Management is simple. After downloading the application, select Game Dashboard and start. Here, you have to choose a team, make a change of position (just drag your finger from one player to another), save the lineup. To start the game, press the Game button. Good luck!


4. Soccer Coach – Team Sports Manager


Soccer Coach is an exclusive soccer training application that lets you control every action by your team. It has more than 40 animation practices available for free. They all have clear learning outcomes for players.

The Soccer Coach app functionality:

  • Management team. It is possible to choose the size and formation of the team
  • Customize Player Profile. You can add photos to the player’s profile, edit their bio and more.
  • Training Incorporate animated exercises into practice, send your team in advance and note who was present.
  • Statistics


5. Soccer Coach Pro


Soccer Coach Pro is an application for team management. That’s more than you expect. You can draw and adjust it exactly as you want. You can save Drama and Exercises, take notes, save formations, share plays, or export as photos. Everything to make the game faster and more efficient.


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