17 The Highest Free Payment Apps That Pay You For Android & iOS

17 The Highest Free Payment Apps That Pay You For Android & iOS

The development of modern technology has led to the fact that everyone has a smartphone. Now you can shop and chat anywhere in the world. In addition, this gadget provides free access to cellular revenue.

Even if it’s not a lot of money, you don’t need to invest and you don’t need to study. Just connect to the Internet to make money anywhere in the world. Not all smartphone owners are suspicious that their gadgets might be a source of income.

In fact, making money on this cellphone is quite simple. To do this, you will need the help of a special application. They, in turn, are of several types.

You can see the site or various videos. Leave a comment and download the application. There are many simple steps to make money.

1. Panel App – Prizes & Rewards


Panel Application – The Gift & Prize application will pay you for simple tasks.

To make money in this program, simply open “New Orders”, “Active Orders” and “Withdraw Money”.

The “Order History” section displays all orders that you began to fulfill. Also, the “completeness” stage is noted here. All ways to make money are registered in a separate application. A check mark indicates the completion or non-fulfillment of a task.

How to produce more? Open the “References” section. There is a special code. Distribution through the network will provide you with a stable passive income. Also here you can copy special links. This you can send to anyone to be invited to the application.

If you have questions about working in the application Panel application – Gifts & Prizes, then you can contact support. Usually it takes a few minutes to answer.

This application has an interesting news section. All the most profitable contests and promotions are collected here. Sometimes here you can find various articles about earnings or mobile updates.

You can also chat with other users from the Application Panel application – Gifts & Prizes. There is also a special section for this.

The information section provides answers to frequently asked questions. The application interface is very simple, so you will not experience difficulties.

Application Panel Application – Gifts & Gifts has many tasks. In addition, the smallest number of withdrawals is very low. Funds withdrawal is done immediately. You can withdraw funds to a bank card or electronic wallet.

2. 1Q


The 1Q application allows you to make money from mobile applications.

After installing the application, you can log in via a social networking account or email.

After passing the authorization, the personal account is open. From there, the income process begins. The top panel shows the number of references that have been registered using your link. Also here is the amount of money in the account at a certain time.

Initially, it was proposed to install five or six programs. Their volumes and payments are different. Most often, games are offered for download. Sometimes you can find useful applications.

To do regular downloads, you can do assignments from partners.

If you click on the “Other Applications” section, a large list of programs will open. In most of these applications, you must be proactive. For example, to reach a certain level or not close the game for a certain time.

At the bottom of the screen is another small menu. The most useful tab here is Settings. In “Settings” you can get acquainted with statistics, improve the appearance of programs, and so on. The functionality is very broad.

Technical support must be contacted if there is damage. This will not only improve your workflow but also help other project participants.

One of the most important parts visited by almost all users is statistics. Here you can familiarize yourself with the complete cash history. You can also analyze revenue from installing applications.

Under the terms of the reference program, you get ten percent of the reference income. To build a network of partners, you can use referral links or invite people to enter promotional codes.

Withdrawing money obtained is possible on an electronic wallet, cellphone or bank card. Applications are processed automatically.

3. QuickThoughts: Take Surveys Earn Gift Card Rewards


QuickThoughts: Take the Survey Get the Gift Card Prize app to pay mobile device owners to install apps.

This service provides a platform to generate income online without investment. By installing the free application, you will get extra money.

In addition, you can take part in the referral program. So you can get from 15 cents for the registration of invited users and 10% of their revenue.

To get started, install the QuickThoughts app: Take the Gift Card Prize Survey and register:

  • Use accounts on any social network or email.
  • Check the device operating system type.
  • Check the box for anti-spam checking.
  • Accept the terms of service and click “Register”.

Next, follow the link in the message sent by email. If the message does not arrive, click the “Resend” link.

At the office, click the “Suggestions” button. This list contains download links and installation fees. A user receives at least 30 tasks per month. The price of one installation is from 20 cents to $ 2.

Click the cost button next to the selected application. Install and run the game, program or widget.

The Statistics page contains various data. For example, task status, number of installations and income.

To get a link to attract users, go to the “My Network” section. This page contains information about the number of users invited. Also here you will see the number of installations carried out by them and make a profit.

To install an application that is calculated by service and accrued income, follow the following conditions:

  • After installation, open the application
  • Install the game or software only once; payment is not repeated
  • Make sure to enable cookies
  • If necessary, disable the firewall and other blocking programs

To withdraw funds, in the “Settings” section, select the method of withdrawing money.

This service suggests crediting income to an electronic wallet or bank card. Automatic payment. Getting money after receiving an account, immediately withdrawn to your wallet. The biggest delay is 1 hour and the smallest amount is 15 cents.

4. Vestly


Vestly is an affiliate application for sharing tasks between users. You can produce in the system by performing various tasks.

This application offers to perform various tasks (more than 140 types) to users. More than 30,000 orders are available every day. This is the fastest way to make money on the Internet.

The price of an assignment varies from one dollar to several tens. This system is designed for artists who spend a lot of time on various sites and in online games.

As a rule, the essence of the task is to follow the link, write a comment or resubmit. To get started, you need to download and install this application. Here you will receive private assignments.

Use “Contractor” and then the “Settings” menu item. Link social network account.

The number of prizes depends on your ranking in the application. Money is withdrawn through the electronic system to electronic wallets and bank cards. Funds withdrawal happens instantly.

All tasks in the Vestly application are divided into the following categories:

  • Just register
  • Just click
  • Registration + activity
  • Social network
  • Post to forums and blogs
  • To write an article
  • Review or select
  • Investation
  • Playing games
  • Other

How to make money with the Seosprint reference program

You can also use the functions of the reference program. This allows you to get money from people who are interested in this system. System partners receive 10% of prizes from reference profits.

All you have to do is tell your friends about this income method. Send them your reference link. You will receive a certain percentage of the money that person will get. The reference program will give you passive income.

5. Nielsen Mobile App


Nielsen Mobile App is an application for making money on the Internet. Paying for installing mobile applications and games. As well as other simple actions.

Such activities have several advantages. You don’t need much time and attention. You can click and complete assignments anywhere and anytime.

The main thing is having access to the Internet. You decide what tasks you want and will do. Your total income depends on this. There are several ways to withdraw funds.

After installing the application, you must go through the mandatory registration procedure. To do this, specify the email address. Next, you need to get the registration code and continue the task.

In your account, you will follow the assignment and see the current account balance. Here you can also follow referrals and communicate with the support team.

Tasks are divided into installation and mobile application activities. You will receive payment for:

  • installation of mobile applications and games
  • reposts information
  • display ad or video
  • participation in surveys
  • original comment
  • and many other easy actions

All tasks are quite simple. They are done in a few clicks and do not cause difficulties. Because of the variety of tasks, you can choose exactly the job you want to do.

Each task has a different fee. All assignments are explained very clearly and thoroughly, so you will not have questions. Usually, assignments are available for one or two days. One task can only be completed once.

In addition, this application has a referral system. You can get 10% of revenue from other users if they register on the Nielsen Mobile Application application using a special link. Funds obtained must be withdrawn through an electronic wallet or to a bank card.

6. WowApp – Earn. Share. Do Good


The WowApp – Get it. Share this. The Do Good application provides better opportunities to make money on many actions.

To get started, you must register in this application. Then you can start completing many tasks. Everything is very simple, accessible and understandable. At the same time, you can do work that has free time, the Internet and cell phones.

WowApp Application – Get it. Share this. Do Good presents a variety of tasks for income opportunities:

  • Public on social networks. Subscribe to groups, placements and video distribution on various social networks.
  • Write a review, like, subscribe.
  • Google +. Write a review.
  • Write a review, just like it.
  • Pinterest: Reposts on Pinterest.
  • Subscribe to twitter accounts, retweet to various sources.
  • Confirm user skills.
  • Write comments, like in the video, click on ads on the video.
  • Install various mobile applications (starting at $ 0.02 per action).
  • Write a review on the mobile app market.
  • Write a review on an online store.
  • Publication of advertisement posts and ad clicks on social networks.
  • View or register on the site (starting at $ 0.01 per action).
  • Create ad.
  • Perform various online tasks given by customers.
  • Pass various tests, participate in paid surveys.
  • Browse the web.

The list of actions to make money is quite diverse. There’s a lot to choose from and assignments won’t look like assignments.

After you start completing assignments, you will get income. You can withdraw money. The smallest withdrawal amount is $ 5. You can withdraw money to an electronic wallet and bank card.

WowApp Application – Get it. Share this. Good benefits:

  • Easy tasks that don’t require special skills.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • There is no dependency on a tight schedule. You decide where and when to complete tasks.
  • There is no penalty for not fulfilling an assignment. Do not like it – do not fulfill, but also do not accept money.
  • Suitable for almost all ages.

This is a free application that will give you a good extra income.

7. Sweatcoin Pays You To Get Fit


Sweatcoin Pays You To Get Fit is an application that promotes mobile applications and games.

After registration, you can start downloading the application from the list. You will receive money for this, which can then be withdrawn to an electronic wallet or bank card.

Using a special promo code or a link from your personal account, you can invite your friends. You will receive additional income from each task they complete. The number of withdrawals is unlimited.

What can be done in this application?

Watch the video. This is fun and interesting. You can find out what games are being released by the developer or where and when useful workshops will be held.

Install applications and games. Install them through this application, use, test. Make money from it. In this way, you display the application on TOP and refill your wallet.

Affiliate Order. It’s complex and highly paid, but it is a special challenge. You will receive it from advertisers.

Good bonus If you recommend this program to your friends, you will receive a percentage of their income. Money withdrawals are arranged in several ways. Webmoney, Paypal, Steam, Payoneer, and others.

The Sweatcoin Application Pays You To Get Fit Benefits:

  • A large number of diverse tasks.
  • Daily updates from the current task list. Come early – so you are ahead of other users.
  • Registration is simple and fast, which does not need to fill in a lot of data. Your name, password, letter – and you have started filling your account.
  • Good job level.
  • Nice interface design. Remove navigation button.
  • Quick withdrawal of funds obtained.

The Sweatcoin Application Paying You To Get Fit will help you get extra income.


8 is no different from income on installing a mobile application. It also offers special programs where offers to download applications appear. But apart from that, smaller tasks are added here.

Even for likes and postings on social networks, they pay money here. After downloading the application, you must register. Or enter through social networks.

After authorization, the main menu appears. From there, you can enter the paid installation. In the settings section, you can see what you have done, which settings are being checked, and so on.

Available offers appear on the Install tab. There you only need to click the “Install” button and download various programs and games. As for other tasks, they are added in the “Action” menu section.

Write reviews, watch videos, and add friends. You will be paid for all this. Earnings depend on how active you will be and how many tasks are made. Sometimes they appear every 5 minutes, and sometimes you have to wait a long time.

To collect the required amount quickly, invite references. Copy the special link and send it to a friend. A bonus is given to you for this.

The average installment prize is 15 cents. Your job is to collect $ 5 from the balance to transfer it using one of the available methods. You can withdraw funds obtained to a bank card or electronic wallet.

9. EntertaiNow


EnterTowNow is the best way to make money using your mobile.

To work with this program, you need unlimited Internet or WI-FI. By downloading the application, you can find out exciting new programs and games. Sometimes a very good program appears.

Task types in the EntertaiNow application:

  • Installation from the store.
  • Installation from the store plus reviews.
  • Installation from the store plus reviews. You also cannot delete a program for several days. The number of days written in the assignment.

The more actions a user needs, the more valuable tasks. There is also a dependency on the weight of the program. If the program weighs more than 80 MB, then the cost of such a task is from 25 cents.

The Entertai Now application has a very convenient menu. There are many different tabs that make using the application easier. New Tab All new tasks are displayed here. Orders – information about all completed and outstanding tasks.

Balance – information about your balance in the application. Funds withdrawal is possible on an electronic wallet or bank card. Money is transferred within one hour.

Options – here you can bind a new account. Also here you can see the latest transactions, read about application updates. There is also a tab – partners. The affiliate program here is very profitable. For each interested user, you will receive 20% of their income. This can be considered passive income.

The EntertaiNow application is free and very comfortable to use. In addition, with this, you will be able to earn additional income.

10. Zap Surveys


Zap Surveys is an easy-to-use application for making money on the Internet.

The Zap Survey Program has many advantages:

  • no investment is needed
  • don’t need time
  • You can choose how to get, how much and what actions you need to take for this
    fast payment and the ability to withdraw money in a way that is convenient for you

This is a program with which you can receive a little steady income every day. Funds obtained can be withdrawn immediately or left on service to accumulate a rounded amount.

First, you must go through the registration procedure in the application. For this, the Zap Survey application will require the following data:

  • Email address
  • Phone number

At the final stage of registration, you must specify your surname, name and age. In addition, allow the application to get information from profiles on Facebook. Next, you need to wait for the letter to the mailing address with the code. After entering it in a special field, you can start completing tasks.

Externally, the Zap Surveys application looks stylish. The main screen is divided into four sections: “My settings”, “My actions”, “Messages” and “References”. Below is another control panel. Here are: personal accounts and types of income. “Install” – application installation and “Action” – action.

Simply, the application at the first start tells you what to do. For this, the inscription and illumination buttons are used.

The task is quite simple and its implementation does not cause difficulties. The Zap Surveys application offers a variety of diverse task options:

  • software installations and applications, games
  • comment on and rate the application
  • see advertisements and videos
  • participation in surveys
  • pass the exam

You can choose the method that you like.

The list of tasks can be seen on the “Install” and “Action” tabs. Each assignment explains in detail what needs to be done. Also here is the price for implementation.

Another advantage of this application is the Zap Survey is the ability to find useful programs or games. Funds obtained can be withdrawn to an electronic wallet. PayPal, Webmoney, or credit card.

11. Acorns – Invest Spare Change


The Acorns application – Invest Change Change will help you make lots of money. This will be a source of additional income.

The program interface is very easy. If you drag your finger across the main screen from left to right, a menu will open. Here you will get access to any part.

At the first start, you will receive a pleasant bonus in the form of funds obtained. Bonuses are immediately credited. You will see a notification in your earnings history.

To make money, you need to download the application. First, you need to click on the application that you want to install. The application will ask if you are ready to start the task.

Click “Yes” and go to the order description. Next, click the green button and continue to download it. After installing the program, you must remain open for 15 seconds.

When time has passed, we return to the Acorns – Invest Change Change application. You will be charged for the assignment. In the income history, there is the name of the application installed and the payment amount for it.

Balance is updated automatically. The total amount of funds in the account is shown above the control menu. You can withdraw money to an electronic wallet or bank card. To withdraw funds, click the method that suits you best.

A confirmation message appears. When the request is confirmed, it appears in the list of withdrawal requests. Status – “in progress”. Once the money arrives on the balance, the status will change to “Confirmed”. Payments come in five minutes. There is no delay.

There are several options in the settings that facilitate work in the application. “Support” is only useful in the case of various types of problems.

“Affiliate program” – here you will find an invitation code to send to friends. When references state your code, they will be appreciated. You will receive ten percent of their income.

12. Survey Retail


Retail Surveys are opportunities to get fun without special expertise. Now you can work on the Internet without leaving your home.

Register and start completing assignments. The smallest amount is accumulated in 2-3 days, if you work one hour a day.

When you first start the Retail Survey application, you will see the registration form on the main screen. You can register using an email or account on any social network.

If you register by email, you will be sent a link and code to confirm registration. Those who want to log in through social networks need to allow access to email and data accounts. After logging in, you will automatically be taken to a page with available tasks.

To open the main menu, click the strip in the upper right corner next to the login.

In the main menu you will find:

  • My job. List of completed, rejected, delayed tasks.
  • Funds deposit and withdrawal.
  • Affiliate Program. Copy the unique referral link and get passively.
  • Enter wallet number, email, change account name.
  • At the bottom of the page links with useful information.

After registration, 20 to 30 tasks will be available:

  • like it
  • reposts
  • watch videos on YouTube
  • subscribe to YouTube channel
  • join the group

After you complete 10 simple tasks, the following will be available to you:

  • see video + comments
  • reviews on special sites
  • publication of comments so
  • create topics and discussions in the forum
  • write your own comments

You can customize the list of available tasks. For this, the Retail Survey application has a special filter. In the task list, you can choose what you like. Next, you need to study the execution conditions.

When you are ready to start making money, click “Continue with the project”. Remember, time is limited. You have 20 to 80 minutes to take the job.

After completing the assignment, your work will be sent for review. Follow the status of the project in the “My Work” section. After verification is successful, the funds obtained will be credited to your account. Funds arrive in 1-2 days.

13. SB Answer – Surveys that Pay


After you install SB Answer – The survey that pays the application, you can start making money.

If you use a promo code when opening the application, a pleasant bonus will be added to your account. Codes can be obtained from your friends who use this application.

You can also share your code. So, you will receive 10% of the income of the person invited. Upon entering the application will give you a list of tasks to start working.

To start a task, you must click on the task that you like. then after going to the next tab you need to read the conditions.

Then you need to download the program and take the necessary actions. After that, you can enter your account and continue to receive earnings from other offers. You can also check completed tasks.

You can do this on the “History” tab, which lists all the tasks that were successfully completed. After checking your work, you will receive a gift. The main menu is located at the bottom of the screen below the three-bar icon. With this, you can control the application.

Possible ways to make money in the SB Answer application – Paying Surveys:

  • Writing articles for various online projects. The types of activities that are quite promising and well paid are worth doing. One article – 30 minutes of spending time and 3-4 dollars already in the account.
  • Earnings from affiliate programs. It all depends on personal activities, willingness and ability to invest your money. Need the right experience.
  • Selling photos. Suitable for those who like and know how to take pictures. To do this, you must create a good and extensive database of shots.

This application is free for the Android and iOS platforms.

14. Clickworker


The Clickworker application will help you provide a good income for simple tasks.

To get started, you must register. This can be done with help. social networking or email account. Registration is very simple and only takes a few minutes.

Next, your account will be available to you. Here you can see available assignments. Open a special list.

The first on the list is income. This is the order. Assignments are standard here. For example, search, download, open the application.

Sometimes don’t remove it for several days. Application created relating to the casino, slot category. More rarely to regular games.

You can also do partner assignments. They pay more for these tasks. But, they also need to spend more time.

Also on the menu there is a button “Bonus invitation”. By entering this code, you will receive 15 cents in your account. Enter the code in the text box and click OK. You immediately receive a notification and money. If you click “No code” – the program will delete this feature forever.

To get money, click the application that you want to install. Then a window appears asking if you are ready to complete the task. Click “Yes” and go to the order description.

After installing on the phone, the application needs to be opened. This must be done only through Clickworker. Open programs must be kept for at least 15 seconds. After this time, you must return to the Clickworker application. Then you will be paid.

“In work” section – here are all the tasks that you started, but have not yet finished. Tasks are divided into two types: current and stored.

The “Withdrawals” section is intended for transfers of money obtained. “Affiliate program” – here is your personal invitation code and your reference list. When a reference shows your code, you will receive 10% of the income.

15. Cash for Apps – Free Gift Cards


Cash for Applications – Free Gift Cards are applications that allow you to earn money to install applications. After you get a certain number of points, you can exchange it for games or for real money.

All you need to do to start generating is downloading the application. After registering and accepting the terms, you will see a list of applications.

They can be downloaded and tested, earning points on your balance. Every application that you download must be opened and seen.

Running this program, you will see many games and applications. By downloading it, you can get points. For each download, you will receive more than 200 points. To get $ 5, you must score 3000 points. Namely, download and try 15 applications.

To get points faster, you can advertise Cash for Apps – Free Gift Cards using a special referral link. You will get 50% of the income of every interested user who starts earning points.

You can also generate from clicks. A special link is available for this. All you have to do is open the link. After that, you will receive a gift. Before completing an assignment, you must read the conditions. If done correctly, you are guaranteed to receive money.

Sometimes after completing a task, you need to send a report. You can do this correctly in the application. Reports can include screenshots and action descriptions.

You can also do assignments from the Social Networking category. Here you will need likes, reposts, and comments.

16. Yodo – Cash for walking & running


The Yodo – Cash application for running & running is very different from the other apps in this list. This application pays you for the steps. This opportunity will help you not only produce, but also improve your health.

This program will charge a special currency to your account. This application is based on pedometer or fitness bracelet data. After completing 10,000 steps, you will receive one virtual currency unit in your account.

With Yodo – Cash for walking & running, you can earn income just by walking or running. To get started, you must download the application and run it on your mobile.

The application runs silently in the background so it doesn’t interfere. Only once a day will remind itself when translating your steps into gifts.

If you live an active lifestyle, then this application will be a big bonus. With this lifestyle, 10,000 steps walk very easily in a day.

Yodo Application – Cash for running & running has a nice interface and useful functionality. You don’t even need to register. run the counter in the application. Every day you will receive additional income for your movements.

You can withdraw funds obtained to an electronic wallet or bank card. Transferring funds usually takes a few minutes. During technical work, you have to wait several hours to one day.

You can also get income from your friends’ activities. To do this, use a special code. Your friend must enter this code when the application is first launched. So, your application will account for 10% of your friends’ activities.

17. Bituro – Rewards & Bitcoins


Bituro – Rewards & Bitcoin is an application to make money by installing applications on your mobile.

Bituro Application – Benefits of Prizes & Bitcoin:

  • A large number of download applications are always available
  • High payment rate
  • Extra daily opportunities to receive cash prizes

The process is quite simple. In four steps, it looks like this:

  • Download Bituro – Prizes & Bitcoin, install, open.
  • Login using Facebook, enter the promo code.
  • Complete the task, get a prize.
  • Send requests for withdrawals, get money.

You can register using your account on social networks or e-mail. Next, you will see a list of available tasks. Download and install the application you like. Also, before executing, you need to read the instructions. All actions that you need to complete are written here.

Also using this application you can install advertisements on your mobile. This will be displayed on the lock screen. When you unlock your mobile device, you will receive a gift.

This method is fun because you can make money automatically. So you get passive income. You will also receive a daily bonus for using the Bituro – Prize & Bitcoin application.

To withdraw money earned, open the main menu. Next, use the Payment Request menu item.

Here are more than 10 ways to withdraw money. Most of them are gift cards to top up your game account on online games and game services. You can also order cryptocurrency or withdraw money to an electronic wallet.

Withdrawals of funds obtained are done in a few minutes. The smallest withdrawal amount is $ 5.

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