15 Games Building Best Base For Android & iOS

15 Games Building Best Base For Android & iOS

Base building games are types of strategy games where players need to build all types of bases (cities, castles, cities, etc.) and develop them to provide resources and security for the residents.

Base building games for smartphones are very popular with users because they are perfect time killers and at the same time provide good training for your brain.

Like many real-time strategy games, basic building games usually contain multiplayer modes so you can interact with other players and develop real strategic skills. Let’s look at the best base building games that we can find for Android and iOS devices.

1. Survival City – Zombie Defence


The current leader of the game category, charming and fun which is part of the series “Survival City”. Here you get a location with your city that you must protect from zombie invasion. Use all resources, plan ahead, try various strategies to stay safe inside the walls.

Considering the character, this game deserves special attention. In the process of the game, there will be around 50 new victims who will join your city and each of them has a unique personality. To create a better defense from zombies, don’t forget to place a trap and watch the troops near the castle.

However, during the day is a safe time for your survivors. Send your team to loot, weapons, and recruit before nightfall in the city. Build and upgrade bases for your intelligent survivors, and dig your army with super weapons and stat buffs. Every time the sun sets, your settings are tested.

2. Zombie Anarchy


This is a survival game based on a base development strategy. Your task is to find and unite the last survivors after the zombie apocalypse, to build a defense base for them and to do everything to protect your people and to win in the war between humans and zombies. You can develop your small defense camp into a real anti-zombie army.

  • Good gameplay, many strategic elements, you really need to think before making any decision;
  • The game is free and doesn’t require in-app purchases, but it contains advertisements;
  • Contains multiplayer elements.

The game is quite developed, this is a good RTS with a step-by-step base building and daily events.

3. Clash of Clans


This is a video game that you will definitely hear. This is a classic foundation-building game, a mixture of strategies and stimulators of war. You must build a village for your clan, develop its economy, and prepare your people to fight.

You can create your own clan or join a clan established by other players. After developing your clan, you can fight in clan wars.

  • This game is so popular that you have lots of people all over the world that you can play;
  • Special events won’t bore you;
  • Good strategic opportunities to build and fight;
  • Frequent updates.

4. Fallout Shelter


A game based on the Fallout universe that is familiar to any gamer. Bethesda can also make interesting games for mobile platforms.

You have to build an underground safe for the people who survived the apocalypse. This game has a strategic element that is well developed. You need to design your residence, care for residents, manage their limited resources, and protect the population from post-nuclear life.

  • You can design not only your vault but also your occupants;
  • Many special events;
  • You can let people explore Wasteland, so with all the features, the gameplay varies.

You should definitely try this game, especially if you are a Fallout fan.

5. My Colony


Space colonization is something that definitely requires strategic skills. This game offers you to build your own colony outside your planet, working with various types of maps and civilizations. This game provides many different buildings. Unlike many other games, all buildings are free (you can only buy decorations).
You can play in single player and multiplayer modes, whatever you like.

  • A very simple design that for some people might seem boring but for others it is adorable;
  • Various choices about how to build your colony;
  • Offering various achievements.

This game, in my opinion, is different from the others listed, but this is still a good game that you should try.

6. Empire: Four Kingdoms


The game builds other battle-oriented bases. You can build your own kingdom using 60 different constructions that you can improve. Developing your empire, you must work together or fight with other emperors. This game provides many different war units and weapons so you can develop your own fighting strategy.

  • Multiplayer mode, the ability to chat with other players and think of strategies;
  • Medieval atmosphere;
  • Regular update.

This game is quite popular, so the creators made everything to make it interesting. Empire: Four Kingdoms is perfect for those who want to combine RTS and MMO games.

7. Boom Beach


Boom Beach is also a combat simulator that includes various elements of strategy, and base building too. As in other similar games, you must find a base, straighten it, and prepare for an epic battle. This game provides many multiplayer opportunities, where you can work together and conquer enemy bases together.

  • Many opportunities to increase your base;
  • Exploration of the game world includes;
  • Many players you can play;

Nice graphics.This game is similar to other combat strategies like World of Clans, where you have to try both and find out what you like the most.

8. War and Order


The third consecutive war simulator game! Games like that are very popular with users, so War and Order are still worth trying. This game is great for fans of fantasy characters: this game has beautiful fights with Orcs, Elves, Beasts and so on.

You have to build a castle and increase your army to fight the enemy. To protect your castle, you can make alliances with other players, trade and cooperate with them, or fight them.

  • A perfectly developed war strategy prepared for you in this game: many opportunities to interact with other players;
  • Beautiful graphics.

Perfect for those who like games for graphics and enjoy battle strategies.

9. Realm Grinder


This game offers you to build your own kingdom and make it prosper. The game has deep plots and good strategy opportunities. You can decide how your region will develop, you can manage the resources your building provides and build alliances with different factions.

The game provides a deep content rich strategy, lots of events, and various achievements, so the playing process won’t be boring right away.

Realm Grinder is a classic city-building game that you will find perfect for spending time.

10. Last Shelter: Survival


Last Shelter: Survival is another post-apocalyptic survival game where you need to build a settlement for the survivors and prepare them for the devastating circumstances of desert life. This game gives you absolute freedom in building your base and training your troops to fight enemies.

You have the ability to join different alliances from various countries, so you can be part of battles throughout the world. What’s more, this game has very realistic graphics.

11. SimCity BuildIt


This city building game is perfect for those who want to try a base building strategy but don’t like war simulators. And SimCity BuildIt is one of the best of this type.

You need to build a city with advanced infrastructure: from three buildings and narrow roads to Megapolis with luxurious airports and beaches. Your citizens will react to every change you make to your city as a major: so, if you don’t provide some facilities, they will leave their homes.

This game has good graphics and is a very good RTS. You can join other mayor clubs, exchange goods, win club wars, and make your city a prosperous place.

12. Ninja Village


A cute game made by Kairosoft Co., Ltd. will take you back to an old Japanese village full of ninja. You must be a leader of brave 16th century warriors and train them to fight fiercely.

The game successfully combines an RPG combat game and a basic build-in strategy, which is quite simple in this game. And if I haven’t said that, the graphics and gameplay are really cool. For this game, some prices may be charged, but you can find the lite version too.

13. DomiNations


DomiNations is a strategy game that is very similar to the Civilization game, but has a basic development aspect.

In this game, you find a village, and then you have to conquer the world, after going through the history of all humans and bringing residents from ancient times to the modern era. The picture is quite realistic, so is the gameplay. This game is worth a try for everyone who likes strategy.

14. Viking Village


This minimalist RTS game is a classic building-based game. Just everything you need to feel the genre. You build villages, train your troops and heroes and win battles.
Very simple gameplay;

  • 10 different modes. You can choose a peaceful mode and focus on developing your village, or a survival mode where you don’t have to build anything and just fight.
  • Free, multiple ads and in-app purchases
  • Many types of enemies: other villages, barbarians, pirates etc.

So, this game is for those who like classics.

15. Battle for the Galaxy War Game


If you feel bored with all those medieval period-based games and want to play in a different atmosphere, then check out the game Battle for the Galaxy – maybe it will be appreciated by space fans.

Here you create your country on another planet – you need to build an entire city from the ground – so you have to be a good strategist. Build a strong economy, build strong defenses from invaders from various planets. Create the strongest army in the galaxy and bring glory to your planet.

So, that is a list of the best base building games for your device that we can find. Play a good game, enjoy your time, and develop your strategic thinking!


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