15 Best Resource Management Games For Android & iOS

15 Best Resource Management Games For Android & iOS

Games for Android and iOS can be a perfect distraction from your daily stress. If you want to develop your management skills or find out what it’s like to have your own business, city or farm with your own economy, or if you just want to have fun, this free resource management game is perfect for you.

What’s more, this resource gathering game is an amazing timer and some of them train your mind. So, let’s look at the best resource management game that we found for you.

1. Township


This game is quite simple and fun. You are offered to build your own city, farm, and zoo and manage it. You have to explore resources, plant crops, and process them in factories.

You can say that this is an ordinary farming game, however, it has several special features that make this game interesting. You can communicate with other city managers, exchange goods, and make friends.

The advantages of this game:

  • Beautiful graphics;
  • Various kinds of plants and resources;
  • Some locations where you can collect resources (city, island);
  • You can decorate your city with famous landmarks and flags from various countries.

2. SimCity BuildIt


This game is made by Electronic Arts and reminds of the Sims video game which is very popular for PCs, however, this is not a life simulator, this is a city stimulator.

Build your city and become the main, develop according to your level. Many types of resources and manufactured goods are available. You can build new quotes to attract more citizens to your city, moreover, you must always be sure that they are provided with basic services.

The advantage:

  • Many types of resources, services, buildings: You will not be bored for a long time;
  • All features are free: if you can wait, you don’t have to pay for real money. Waiting does not interfere;
  • You can sell and buy goods and resources from other mayors;
  • You can join the club and participate in the Club War for a good prize.

This game requires a constant Internet connection to remember your progress.

3. Hay Day


This is a famous farming game that you may already be familiar with. Build your own farm and get and manage the resources generated there to make your small business prosper.

You really depend on resources, and if you are a good manager, you can grow the city from your farm. This game is a great time and stress killer – a very simple and fun interface.

The advantage:

  • Nice and simple interface;
  • Good location choice;
  • Very good feedback from users;
  • Multiplayer interaction capabilities.

4. Townsmen


This game is one of the oldest resource management games for Android and iOS, still good. You are offered to build villages and manage the resources they produce to grow a medieval city.

If gathering resources is too simple for you, you can manage a number of problems for your citizens, including natural disasters, wars, and so on. See, how you can build an economy in the midst of all circumstances.

The advantage:

  • Many scenarios that you can follow;
  • Complex economic development systems: You really need to think about how to manage your resources;
  • Good interactions with residents of your city: they like living with their joy and obedience;
  • Good for playing on mobile and on tablets.

Many functions are available for free, but some scenarios are paid for.

5. Pocket Build


If you are bored with the restrictions and rules that make you follow other games then there is something fresh for you. Pocket Build is a game that allows you to create a fantasy world – everything is limited only by your imagination. Castles, people, animals, trees, fences, farms – and many more objects – everything for your creativity.

Start from the beginning, first choose the type of location where you will create a new universe. Start from building the castle, then adding characters. By the way, one of the cool features about this game is that it can work without a WiFi connection. Being # 1 in more than 57 countries.

The advantage:

  • Good 3D graphics
  • Open world
  • Hundreds of items to build
  • Easily manipulate characters in the application

6. Clash of Clans


This is also a video game you will definitely hear. This is a war-oriented war simulator, but if you want to manage resources, it will be good for you too.

You have to build a village and develop its economy to prepare for a fight. This multiplayer game: You can join other players’ clans or invite friends to your own clan, so you can control the shared economy.

The advantage:

  • You can play a lot of players, because this game is very popular;
  • Many special events are available;
  • Regardless of the resources you get, you can receive special awards.
  • As for the disadvantages, resource management is not the core of the game.

7. Megapolis


Other resource management and city development games. This game has good graphics and lots of opportunities. Gathering resources, you can improve your own city and build megapolis for citizens. Multiplayer functions available.

The advantage:

  • Beautiful design;
  • Good economic modeling tests your resource management skills;
  • Cooperation and competition with other players.

The game is free to download, you can use it in purchase if desired but not necessary. A constant internet connection is required.

8. Holyday City Tycoon


In this game, your main task is to build a prosperous and rich city with many business and entertainment opportunities. If you like urbanistic games, then this is your choice. As an idle game, your city will level up and expand when the game plays in the background.

Clicker game mechanics allow you to build and manage your business with one simple tap, so expanding the city is a matter of time and management.

The advantage:

  • You will experience the whole way to grow your business
  • Restaurant management
  • Possibility to improve buildings
  • Comfortable gameplay
  • Time management game mechanics

9. Ice Age Village


This game is simpler than many other games, moreover, this game is connected with Ice Ace that everyone likes. You must build and manage your village and help your inhabitants survive the cold Ice Age.

The advantage:

  • Characters that you definitely know and love, are also cool for kids;
  • Cute animals including dinosaurs;
  • Many events occur in your village;
  • Multi player function included.

Overall, in my opinion, this is the best resource management game for kids.

10. Empire: Four Kingdoms


This game is also not only a resource management game but also a battle simulator. You have to make your own castle and find out how to prepare for a battle with your enemies using your own production. This game has an amazing medieval atmosphere, so you can feel like you are a king who has to build an empire.

The advantage:

  • A series of functions are developed: You can change activities;
  • Multiplayer: specify who you want to fight with and who you want to trade with and work with;
  • A large number of awards are available.

This game is good for those who like battle strategies and resource gathering games at the same time.

11. Wildlife Park Mobile


Another game for all animal lovers. Just like in Zoo Tycoon here you have to build a new zoo with all kinds of animals. The main difference is that the game interface here is a bit more complicated, but the diversity of animals is greater. This game is a cellular version of the popular PC game of the 2000s.

The advantage:

  • All species of mammals, fish and birds
  • Attractive, challenging and realistic animal behavior
  • Elaborate zoo management
  • Landscape without limits at various heights

12. Food Street


If you want to play games that have elements of the hospitality business, you should pay attention to the Food Street application. The main objective of this game is to create a successful restaurant. You can design, adapt, and build your own kitchen, the hall to get recognition from customers. There are vast possibilities for design on Food Street so you can truly express your creativity.

The advantage:

  • Funny graphics
  • Extensive adjustment possibilities
  • Customers and emotional workers
  • Lots of delicious food

13. Idle Zoo Tycoon 3D


Do you like animals If your answer is positive then you might like this application – the main mission here is to build your unique and successful zoo. Build a birdcage, put animals in it, and create the best natural conditions for them so they can enjoy life and breed. Remember, the happier your animal – the happier people see it!

The advantage:

  • Various kinds of animals
  • Nice graphics
  • Constant updates about the state of your garden
  • Dynamic gameplay

14. The Trail


This game is different from the others listed: You don’t need to build anything (at least, at first). You have to go for a trip, and to succeed, you have to know how to manage the food, water, crafts, and other resources you have.

Benefits of Trial:

  • Interesting arrangement, in my opinion, this game is the only one;
  • The overall landscape and beautiful design;
  • This game is very simple and relaxed.

15. Hades’ Star


This game is a space strategy game. Many players have colonies and can interact with each other. Build your own colony and use the resources provided to make it prosper.

The advantage:

  • Good opportunities for communication with other players: from space diplomacy to war;
  • Random resources in your star system;
  • Amazing space design.
  • If you are a fan, you should try it.

So, these games will help you spend time happily. Manage your resources well and live happily for your game character!

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