13 Best Password Manager Apps For Android & iOS

13 Best Password Manager Apps For Android & iOS

In this era of less security and more anonymity, our devices are not secure enough. Our passwords are not very secure when we make online purchases, and we sometimes forget them. It’s become important to use a password manager to store all the logins and passwords of our social sites and the websites where we buy things.

Not everyone can use the same password for every application, and not everyone can try different passwords. There are Android apps that secure your passwords and manage them for you, so you don’t have to log into websites and log in again and again.

If your password is compromised, this application replaces it with a new one, so you don’t have to waste time in lengthy procedures and operations. They have high security functions and prevent any attacks on your account.

Below is a list of password managers that store your passwords and store them in deep encryption for your security.

1. LastPass Password Manager


LastPass Password Manager is an epic and amazing personal vault and security app that provides its users with great assistance regarding their privacy and security. This application has the unique ability to auto-login to the browser and establish a secure path through which all passwords and other identifying data of all users are stored and secured against unauthorized access.

The in-app safe vault allows users to set one password for all their logins and social media sites so they have to remember that only and other passwords are safe in the app vault.

The password autofill feature introduced within the app allows its user information and profile to be auto-filled whenever needed and that too in a fairly secure manner. Apart from the password keeper, the app gets the option to save personal photos and media items in the photo vault.

2. Keeper


Keeper is a confusing and pure quality based file protection, password storage, data management and other security issue monitoring application that completely takes care of all kinds of important security based things from its users. It is one of the best password manager apps used by millions of people from every part of the world, and the number of its subscribers is increasing day by day.

Password storage is now much easier and safer as this application allows its users to store all their social media login and password information safely in a safe and secure vault so that it cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons.

The app has a solid build-up and robust setup that ensures a premium level of high work quality and smooth streaming performance. The application is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android devices.

3. Dashlane: Password Manager


Dashlane: Password Manager is another amazing password manager and password store application that lets its users know all their passwords and various account login details. It is said to be one of the safest and best password manager apps with capable intelligence of digital security wallets.

It is quite well known among people all over the world for its brilliance and pure quality based effectiveness. Other useful features of the app include auto-fill password facilities for various social media and applications that require users’ personal information.

Backups and user data are in safe hands and in an encrypted form so that even unauthorized persons can access them, and remain useless to them. The best part about Dashlane is its simple and attractive look and user interface. It has a size of 19MB and is available for free on the Google Play store.

4. 1Password – Password Manager


With more than one million satisfied customers from every part of the world, 1Password – Password Manager is an exciting and excellent premium digital vault and password storage application that allows its users to store their data, passwords and other personal information safely and securely. on their Smartphone and other smart gadgets.

This application is developed and released under the banner of AglieBits. This is a masterpiece app by the vendor and has built its positive image in the market. Despite facing fierce competition from similar types of applications on the market, it still manages to stand out as a unique and effective password manager and digital security vault app.

It is quite practical and convenient for users to use. Promising features about it convincing include easy synchronization of passwords and user data across all its devices, whether tablet or PC. The safe appearance and overall positive design of the application make it more acceptable and adequate. It is only 7.8MB in size and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

5. True Key™ by Intel Security


Intel Security’s True Key ™ is a pioneer in password storage and digital security vault applications. This app was launched as an official product of Inter Security and was developed under the famous McAfee (Intel Security) banner. Application vendors are well known for delivering pure quality products and software for PCs and desktops.

It follows the same tradition of glory and has extraordinary brilliance. This application provides a great level of convenience to its users compared to other similar types of password storage applications.

The user is now the password, meaning they are the key and the password itself, so there is no tension of losing passwords or fear of unauthorized access.

True Key fills in logins and forms for users, which makes it an easier and more practical application in terms of its effectiveness. It comes freely on Google Play for smartphones and gadgets based on Android.

6. Sticky Password Manager & Safe


Sticky Password Manager & Safe is another excellent and astonishing digital security vault and password manager application designed primarily to safeguard user data such as login details, credit card details, passwords and other personal data and information.

The app is quite simple and easy to use in terms of its user interface and overall phenotypic appearance. But being simpler it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have the powerful and efficient features that are important for a password manager app to have.

This application is developed and published by Lamantine Software. With this app, users are free from all the tension of losing their password or forgetting it as this app keeps it safe for the user. The app is a small 11MB in size and can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android.

7. eWallet – Password Manager


eWallet – Password Manager is a premium and elite data storage and storage application that has the mastery capability to load all kinds of passwords and personal data, even private and confidential info including credit and other bank and debit card details of users. This application contains built-in military-grade encryption, which allows it to keep all user information and data very secure.

The app’s robust features to preserve all types of passwords and other user details make it the best and most amazing password manager app of all time. Now users don’t have to worry about their data and bank account details. They are even safe if handled online via the app because this app takes care of everything.

It randomly generates passwords for users so that users can use them for routine websites and social media platforms, and all other important passwords are the same. It costs $ 10.50 and can be downloaded from Google Play for elite class security for Android smartphones and gadgets.

8. Enpass Password Manager


Enpass Password Manager is another modern digital password storage and vault application that has incredible brilliance and intelligence in terms of effectiveness and results. Enpass Password Manager is developed and proposed by Sinew Software Systems Private Limited.

Even though it is new to the market and facing stiff competition from similar competitors, this application has been successful in the market. It has managed to manage a handsome and unique place in the market and has its own identity now. It already has more than 100 thousand users from every part of the world and counting.

The best and most promising thing about an app that gives it a slight edge over other apps is its simple yet powerful, alluring and confusing interface and settings that not only ensure premium quality work performance but also attract the user at the very first glance. It has a size of 15 MB and comes freely on the Google Play Store.

9. SplashID Safe Password Manager


SplashID Safe Password Manager is one of the best and easy to use and useful password managing apps with premium quality effectiveness. While there are many types of similar password manager apps on the market, the level of comfort that this app maintains is not shared by any other app. Any type of user can easily use and operate the application to secure their data, such as passwords and account login information.

It has more than one million users from all over the world and counting. Users can synchronize their passwords and personal information on the go through this application between other devices and PC. Data is stored in the 256 AES encryption method and is managed and stored in a very sophisticated manner.

It has a free version and a pro version which costs $ 19 for a year subscription for backup and other additional premium features. Both versions are present on the Google Play Store for Android-based devices. It has another edition devoted to teams, this time for individual users.

10. RoboForm Password Manager


If you don’t have a good memory or always lose or forget your password then this is the app you need to know and use for your assistance and convenience. RoboForm Password Manager is a digital security vault, data management and password store an application developed and published under the banner of Siber Systems Inc.

It has an alluring and amazingly attractive appearance and arrangement which makes it quite attractive and attractive for the users. The simple but powerful user interface and the overall settings of the application ensure premium and elite work performance as well as a variety of high-end functions.

Users can now store all their data, passwords, bank account details, login information, credit card PINs and all other confidential things in this app’s digital security vault and can relax because they will never be accessed by unauthorized persons. It is free of charge present on the Google Play Store for Android.

11. Bitwarden


Bitwarden is a password protection app for iOS and Android devices. It protects your phone with sheer dedication and contains the best security aspects which are not commonly used among free and open source apps. The app includes AES-256 bit encryption mode, salty hashing, and PBKDF2-SHA-256, which helps prevent brute force attacks.

With an excellent interface and simple GUI structure, this application has been placed among the password protection programs. Bitwarden offers features such as the Autofill API, which allows you to host your password servers. It can manage your passwords easily and provide quick and easy access whenever you need your login and password.

12. RememBear


RememBear is a password manager for iOS and Android devices. The function of this application is standard. It provides important security for your password, which is in the free version of the application, in the purchased version it offers additional features. Apart from having the essential functions of a password manager, its security is the most secure. The interface is user-friendly and straightforward, which provides easy navigation.

RememBear’s core features include a conventional design, automatic lock, single master password, touch ID or face ID access, and many others. There are benefits of RememBear which include auto-logging, faster check out, storing sensitive records, maintaining data security, preventing identity theft, and much more. The app is free to use and does not provide sync and backup, but purchasing the pro version for $ 36 / year unlocks these features and more.

13. Password Safe


Password Safe is a password manager for multiple platforms. It comes with widget support, which makes it easy to access, and users don’t face any problems setting up the app. The interface is quite friendly, and the app layout provides navigation for user convenience. Excellent and secure application security features, manage and allow access only for users.

No internet permission needed to secure your passwords and they are stored by category to manage them properly. Features of the free version include access via one master password, password generator, statistics, automatic cleaning of the clipboard, backing up and restoring encrypted data, and much more.

The purchase / pro version includes additional features like image attachments, fingerprint login, archive entry, view password history, and many other advanced features.



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