12 Best Microphone Apps For Android & iOS

12 Best Microphone Apps For Android & iOS

The microphone for the PC is used for various purposes: it can be as a chat via Skype with loved ones, as well as voice communication between team members in online games. Sometimes there are situations when a microphone is needed, but it is not possible to use. There are many reasons for this: from the lack of a functioning microphone to the damaged socket on the computer’s own motherboard.

Why use a smartphone as a microphone? For most people, it’s not very clear. Indeed, it’s easier to buy a separate microphone to your PC. But those who communicate through computers with special programs and who are interested in expanding their cellphone functions can make microphones based on conventional telephones. In this case, the machine becomes an analog laptop, a webcam with an integrated microphone.

Let’s look at some applications that will help transfer your smartphone to a real microphone.

1. Microphone by VonBruno


Do you want your cellphone to function as a live-in microphone? Then, download this application. You will enjoy singing your favorite songs from the collection, compete with your friends in singing, and, most importantly, your voice will be heard loud and clear. Just connect your iPhone to your stereo system and turn on the Microphone application from VonBruno.
Some of the advantages of the application:

  1. This application is easy to use.
  2. To adjust the volume, just slide your finger up or down.
  3. There are various effects to add specific effects to your voice.
  4. Select and sing songs from your iTunes library.

It should be noted that the application does not work via Bluetooth or AirPlay speakers. To function properly, it is best to connect to a stereo system.

2. Air Microphone


Air Microphone Application – connect your iPhone to an Apple TV or compatible audio amplifier to turn your smartphone into a wireless microphone. Pretty interesting right?
And it is not difficult to use. You only need to enter the menu and find any device with AirPlay support. It’s still just slandering the speech, the sound you want to make louder and clearer, directly to the iPhone audio receiver.

3. Microphone by Gaz Davidson


This application will turn your phone into a real microphone.
To get started, you need a cable with a 3.5 jack connector. Connect to the phone, open the application on your mobile and activate. Then you must connect the other end of the cable to the jack on the computer sound card. Everything is ready! You can enjoy your voice!
There is a useful feature where the application continues to run even though the screen is off. This application is easy to operate and doesn’t have a lot of advertisements.

4. Microphone by Wonder Grace


This application is unique because it has an acoustic router. You can also find stereo amplifiers, two playback modes (mono or stereo), equalizer adjustment, sensitivity adjustment. This application allows you to choose the level of sampling. There is support for widgets and Lock Screen.
The Microphone application turns any phone into a microphone that can be connected to any stereo, keyboard or headphone system via a cable!

5. Microphone Mic-to-Loudspeaker


With this application, you can use your cellphone as a microphone, speaker, or hearing aid. You will need a stereo cable to use this application. The main advantages of this program include the ability to filter sounds, as well as several game modes, including Sports, Theater, Meeting, Conversation modes.

6. Microphone – Hearing Aid


This is an amazing and easy-to-use mobile application. Test your phone’s internal microphone and speaker, use your device as an external speaker or microphone. All this you can do with the Microphone – Hearing Aids application.

7. AirMic – WiFi Microphone


Imagine, that you are at a conference and you need to make a large audience listen to you. With this application, you can change your device, connect to the TV screen, throughout the karaoke system.
This program helps send voice signals obtained from your idea. The availability of wireless WiFi access points provides signal reception at a distance of 100 feet. The sound quality remains consistently good.

Main feature:

  1. Wireless voice transmission from the device to the remote computer.
  2. Ability to control volume on a computer.
  3. This program automatically detects and connects to remote computers.
  4. You can link up to 4 ideas to one source.

Note: for a WiFi connection, you will need an iPhone or iPad and a computer (or laptop) with an operating system not lower than Windows XP or Vista. This device must be on the same subnet. Installing the AudioReceiver application on both devices – is a prerequisite. Don’t forget to activate the AudioReceiver application on the remote computer first.

8. Megaphone Free


Every iOS device user must have this application on their mobile! What you need – is to connect your device to the speaker with an amplifier and you will get quality sound. Everything is very simple. Be at a party or other place where you need to use your phone as a microphone or speaker – download the application and your voice will be heard. Forget about buying additional microphones. This application will do everything for you.
Connect your device easily to the speakers or stereo system using a cable with a Jack connector. Now you will sound exactly!

9. PocketAudio (Microphone)


Are you thinking of buying a new microphone for your computer, but you haven’t gotten extra money yet? Then the PocketAudio application will save you.
With this program, you can record sound on a mobile device and audio recordings will be stored on your computer.
In addition, with this application, you can easily communicate through such programs that require a microphone connection such as Skype, AIM, Yahoo, etc. Let your friends enjoy the high quality sound of your voice!

10. Mega Mic


Use your cellphone as a microphone. To get started, you need to buy a cable to the headphone jack. One end inserts into the iPhone, the other – connected to speakers, computers, game consoles or something that has AUX output. Now your cellphone will function as a sound amplifier.
Along with the Mega Mic application, a portable microphone is always in your pocket. There is a sound delay function.
If you have problems with background noise, enough to reduce the speaker volume.

11. Audiphone, Microphone & Loudspeaker


Together with the Audiphone, Microphone & Loudspeaker application, you will hear more clearly. Turn your cellphone into a speaker or even a microphone. This application has Bluetooth-headset support.
This application allows you to hear your interlocutor better. And to achieve the best sound quality, it is recommended to use headphones. Other features of the application – You can use your phone as a microphone for karaoke without buying any enhancements.
Let your voice louder, make others listen to you just by using this application.
This application has three distinctive features: can be used as an audio device, microphone, or speaker. There is headset support.

12. Microphone Pro S (No delay)


With this application, you can connect your phone’s internal microphone to external headphones or speakers. Speak as if you are on the stage – without delay and in a clear voice! Now, you don’t need a professional microphone.
It is important to note that the program does not support Bluetooth because voice transmission can be delayed.
To operate it you only need to connect the phone to headphones or external speakers. In addition, this application allows you to use your phone as a karaoke microphone or microphone to greet your audience.

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