11 of the best recipe organizer apps for Android & iOS

11 of the best recipe organizer apps for Android & iOS

The art of preparing food is an ancient one on our Planet. People always improve the way they care for themselves, reflecting the trends, moods, stories and drama of their time in different foods.

And that’s not surprising – humans tend to associate certain types of tastes with the memories they have. That’s why we currently have so many recipes. A lifetime won’t be enough to try everything.

But at least you can try it. To better manage recipes and cooking processes, to find the best supermarkets with better products, to get through emotions better despite eating – the following application will help anyone who tries to arrange their recipes.

1. Paprika Recipe Manager 3


Some people are able to keep dozens of recipes in their heads. You can always say they really like cooking. But we all know that humans are not machines and sometimes we tend to forget things and make mistakes. What happens if you forget your favorite spicy name? Or forget how to cut zucchini properly – the whole dish won’t be the same. For cases like this, you get this application.

This will give you thousands of recipes and let you discover new taste limits. Now you can manage your grocery shopping without forgetting anything. If you have your favorite website with recipes, you can download it from there through this application.

Bored with tracking down the ingredients you buy so they don’t explode? Just enter info about them into the application and it will do all the work for you. This application will tell you whether the ingredients you have are edible or not. Use the calendar to make your own meal plans – for a week or a month.

Save your favorite foods and get people out of all things. Because now you don’t need to only hold on to one device to go back to all your recipes because you can synchronize apps between all your devices. This application is also very convenient when cooking because you can highlight the steps while you are in and keep concentrating on the process. The problem with measurements will be solved too – you can determine the size of the ingredients in the settings and hence adjust the portion sizes.

2. BigOven Recipes, Meal Planner, Grocery List & More


There are two types of people: those who like to cook and those who have never done it. Sometimes it is explained by various factors and one of them is you have to have a lot of free time to really cook something delicious. Plus, everything that messes with recipes, groceries shopping, and techniques …

Now everyone can cook easily and effortlessly. BigOver contains thousands of recipes and most are not complicated. You can cook anywhere and anytime because everything is in your mobile. Clearly, the usefulness of this application is proven by more than 13 million people who have downloaded this application. It was featured in Martha Stewart Living’s 25th Anniversary Edition, InStyle, Buzzfeed, and AllYou Magazine.

Now to find inspiration is easier than ever – you can watch every day what your favorite family, friends or bloggers cook if they use this application too. They can share their recipes and results and you can get some ideas from there. There is a seasonal section that displays the most popular products and recipes for the current period.

There are dozens of manipulations you can do with a recipe. You can search for new ones in the application or outside the application. You can pin your favorites from other sites. What’s more, you can, for example, upload your own family recipe photo and the application will convert it for you into text. Find recipes that are marked Favorite or Try. Organize your recipes into folders, filter by categories, and see the folder you just used.

And finally – you can manage your grocery shopping well. Sort the products that you buy into categories. Make a list. In addition, you can comment on other recipes and shopping lists and receive comments as well so share your cooking experience with the world.

3. Yummly Recipes & Shopping List


Back in the days of cooking it was definitely more popular because logistical services and fast pizza delivery were practically non-existent. Society is more traditional and home-made food is appreciated, so everyone tries to surprise their guests with an unusual menu. The more the world becomes globalized, the less the role of cooking in it, because it requires too much effort and time. Plus, there is always a need to save recipes by hand.

Browse find a way to organize all the useful recipes in a simple way – just enter into the application. Yummly presents more than 2 million recipes from all over the world. It gets recipes from every corner of the world, every event or blog, or book. And the base is still increasingly full. Thousands of new recipes are added every week.

Use this application and it will learn what kind of food you like and don’t like. Analyzing your past preferences, Yummly will give you recommendations about dishes you might like. Depending on your mood, you can choose easy and tasty dishes to cook in minutes.

Another important aspect is that the application cares about those who are allergic or vegetarian, for example. All you have to do is enter the required data into the application so that you will receive recommendations in the future taking into account your requirements. It is possible to manipulate applications using your voice. Eating schedule, daily, weekly – just use the calendar to make plans.

4. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner


More than 30 million people choose this application as their daily cooking helper – so you should definitely try it. The community of people who enjoy cooking is still growing. Here you will receive lots of information and useful tips about meal preparation, learning from the best experiences of people.

The more you use this application, the more personal the results. You will get more recommendations based on your past choices. In addition, here we have an advanced search: by keywords, ingredients to be included or excluded as well as by food needs and ready in time. Found a recipe that you really like? Save to your favorites. Create your own collection.

Do you often have problems when you find a very interesting recipe, but when you shop for it, local shops do not have such products? Now you can forget about this situation. This application will check whether all the ingredients for the selected recipe are available in local stores. What’s more, when you walk to a particular store, the application checks which items it has and presents recipes based on various choices.

Thousands of cooking videos will facilitate the process for you. If you want to skip certain steps – you can do it quickly so you don’t waste time because it’s important in the modern world. And are you used to that feeling when you finish eating and it looks amazing? Well, now you can share it on all social networks through this application.

Allrecipes members know the value of reviews! Just like in cooking, reviews help us evaluate what you like, and what needs to be improved.

5. ChefTap: Recipe Clipper, Planner and Grocery List


Do you have friends who cook in a lot and are constantly collecting various recipes from everywhere? Then, of course, he loses everything, because you know, they say, that someone is talented in something one. And then they spend days complaining about a very good idea if they ever find that recipe again …

Tell them that their savior is there. This application not only has a limited list of supported websites, but you can really embed recipes from whatever web source you want. In addition, this works not only with websites in English but also in other languages.

Plan your meals for a week, including leftovers and leftovers. After your plans are ready, add them all to your shopping list at once. Look for interesting recipes according to what you usually like. If you notice that you cook something more often, you can save it on the list. This list can consist of complex menus and from separate items as well.

It could be that you want to slightly change your daily recipe. In this case, make a copy of the original and add changes to the others. When you fill a grocery list, all products are sorted automatically into categories and a pantry organizer helps you keep track of what you already have.

6. My CookBook


Now you can save all your favorite recipes in one place. This application is a recipe manager with the possibility of searching and importing components. Create your own virtual cookbook with unique functions and add thousands of recipes there according to your taste.

When you find a new recipe, just add it to My Cookbook. This way you will always have it when you need it. on your cellphone. What else you can do is add pictures, materials or descriptions and leave comments. If you already have a recipe book, you can add it to the application by typing.

Cookbook allows you to import files in the following formats: Meal Master (.mmf), MasterCook (.mxp), LivingCookBook (.fdx), ReKconv (.rk). Invite your friends to use this application too and share your hive recipe at once.

When you have chosen a recipe, the application will automatically give you a list of products that you must prepare to prepare food. You can save up to 105 recipes and 8 lists in this application. You can also manipulate your data in this application from your laptop. It supports more than 150 cooking websites.

Even if you are not a big cooking lover, funny food pictures, created by other users will surely inspire you to create your own dining masterpieces.

7. AnyList – Grocery Shopping List & Recipe Manager


We optimize everything in our lives today – starting with our daily transportation that ends with content from our smartphone. Reduce chaos in your life by organizing all your recipes wisely, with the help of this application.

Maybe you are a student and you share a room with several other people. Well, if you have ever been one (mostly people), then you know that sometimes you want to have a small cooking party. You have just gathered together to cook something special and add evenings to your warm memories. Apart from that, it was very fun. So use this application to choose a recipe first, maybe, improve, share with everyone and cook together.

This gives you the opportunity to make your smartphone a co-worker cooking tool. Edit your list of ingredients together, add or delete things in one click. Wholesale goods are automatically separated into categories. Reorder categories to fit the layout of your local store.

If there is a special event – create a category like that in the application and add your recipe to it. Then you can find it by simply typing the material in the search bar. In general, this application is more for compiling grocery shopping lists. When you have used the application for a while, it will start giving you personalized food suggestions based on your previous choices.

You may be familiar with the situation when your family members go to the supermarket and you forget to tell them to buy one more thing. Now, if you both use this application, just edit your mutual shopping list and they will see it when they check it out.

8. Recipe Keeper


Has it ever happened to you if you heard or saw a dish somewhere but you couldn’t remember its name and what it consisted of? You only remember a few ingredients. At the same time, you want to try cooking it yourself and you need a way to find a recipe.

Recipe Keeper will keep all your valuable recipes for yourself. Type materials quickly, find what you’re looking for and arrange everything you want. If you feel creative, you can even make your own cookbook in the application, with recipes collected from magazines, websites, restaurants and more. Recipes can be entered with as little or as much information as needed and can be grouped by courses and categories that you specify make the Recipe Keeper work as you do.

Not only can you add information by hand, but you can also scan books, paper and convert it into pdf files. When you are ready to cook something, click on the recipe and add the components to your grocery shopping list. This way you have the ability to plan meals for a week too.

Make all your things more personal by adding your own notes. You can print recipes and grocery shopping lists. If you need to share a list with many people, printing may be an excellent choice. Share your recipes and results through social media. Let your friends see what you make.

9. Recipe book: Recipes & Shopping List


Are you tired of buying the remaining kitchen utensils then collecting dust because you don’t have time to take out recipes from books? Or do you find interesting and rare dishes to cook but, unfortunately, the tools you bought earlier aren’t needed? That’s when you begin to question yourself whether you’re wasting money. But wait a minute before you get frustrated. Look at this application – you will surely find something suitable.

The RecipeBook application was built with artificial intelligence and has won the Editor’s Choice Award twice opening the entire New World of Cooking to be explored by chefs, housewives, and beginners! Many recipes for various flavors, types, and many easy-to-make parts.

It’s fun checking what you can cook according to certain categories: Diwali recipes, chicken recipes, Halloween recipes, healthy recipes, Biryani recipes, pastry recipes and much more. Maybe you also know a strange recipe that fits in one of these categories? You can add it in the application and use it in the future together with others, who might appreciate it.

Here you have to be very motivated to upload your own stuff – the application gives you the chance to win valuable prizes for it! The contest and almost giving way are regularly organized and sponsored by top food brands. This gives our users the chance to win quality prizes and obstacles!

Again facing the problem of limited product choices in your fridge? This application will prove to you that you can make work of everything. You simply enter the material that you have and then you will see possible choices from what you can make from it. A good way to save money on food too!

10. CookBook – The Recipe Manager


Some people buy very expensive courses only they can “improve their cooking skills”. Even more ridiculous when the course and online work that you do is controlled via the Internet. How can you control cooking via the Internet? So, to avoid wasting money, just get this application – and you will get access to a large number of recipes, which are suitable for beginners and for advanced chefs.

If you are hungry not only for food but also new recipes, explore the website and save the items that you like in the application. Don’t worry if you are offline, you lose access to your recipe – the application also supports this mode. Go shopping? Make a list in this application based on planned food. In other words, the application will do it for you.

CookBook automatically synchronizes with your Cloud Storage. If the recipe text you choose contains a timer – it will be entered into the application and launched automatically. Another useful function is to change ingredients seamlessly from the recipes you enter and import to the US, Imperial and Metric sizes of your choice.

11. Recipies Organizer


Let’s end our list with something simple and a little different. You never know, there might be too much minimalism among readers and they want to have an application that is easy with only basic functions.

So, if you are a person who knows a lot of recipes and wants to write them down – launch this application. Name the recipe, add ingredients, maybe a photo and save it. Step by step you will not see how your own cookbook will be ready. The whole process will be more fun if you choose a different color for each recipe.

In this way the application will only contain selected items without additions and additional options. It might be better for you to avoid suffering from the choices they call. For each recipe you add, you can add a description of how to make the dish. And if you think what this application actually does on this list, it has one serious advantage in front of others – it doesn’t occupy much of your phone’s memory.

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