11 of the best coding apps for children (Android & iOS)

11 of the best coding apps for children (Android & iOS)

Programming is actually an interesting thing to learn. We began to learn basic knowledge in school. Did you know that programming and coding can appeal to children too if it is presented in a comprehensive and funny way?

All children in our day are playing computer games and mobile app games on their devices that they had from an early age. Many children who reach elementary school start dreaming about creating something themselves. Instagram, Youtube channel, their own Tok Tok video, etc. Imagine how a child can be happy with the idea that he can make something similar to what they are playing with.

To express our ideas we have compiled a list of the best coding applications for children. Some of them are for Android devices and others for iOS. Look at them and choose the ones you like to play with your child. Older children can discover the world of coding themselves.

First, coding can develop different skills such as creativity, non-standard ways of thinking, logic, and persistence. If the assignment is incomplete it will not function, so the children must show determination in completing game tasks.

Second, gaining basic but basic knowledge about coding can benefit children in the future.

After all, there are many more pluses to check out these programming language games.

1. Kodable


Kodable is the first application that you should pay attention to when looking for programming for your child. This is suitable for preschoolers and elementary school students. This will be the first but main step for your little one in the coding world.

This application is perfect for your child’s busy mind. First, the color is bright and entertaining. Second, he has an educational background. This application has an innovative approach in presenting knowledge through the game process. “Play and learn” is the catchphrase. The child will learn computer science exploring the fields of asteroids, slime, Smebeborg World, and other entertaining objects.

This application helps children to develop memory and memorization processes, logical thinking, orientation in space using left, right, up and down commands.

Kodable provides basic knowledge about Python, Java, HTML, CSS, and many other coding languages. There are various characters that children can choose to go through all stages of the game including rotation, direction or color coding.

This application is free to download but offers many subscriptions with different fees. It can only be found on iOS.

2. Lightbot: Programming Puzzles


Lightbots are programming puzzle games created to help children get involved in the programming process. The approach is easy and entertaining. Many parents enjoy playing with their children.

This game is suitable for children over 8 years. It introduces basic concepts including loops, conditionals, procedures. There is one character that children must guide to move through the level. The interface is easy to understand and very user-friendly which is important for young students.

Puzzles are a great way to practice your child’s cognitive skills and develop a programmer’s way of thinking.

It offers 50 levels to complete by getting valuable stars on your path. However, this game requires a paid subscription. This application is available on the Android and iOS platforms.

3. Bee-bot


The Bee-Bot floor robot is very popular and this game is a digital bean replacement. Bee-bot is dedicated to helping children develop their intellectual skills through learning programming, coding, and language instruction. It also includes simple steps: left, right, backward, forward.

The main objective of this game is to complete challenging tasks through various aspects. While the application looks bright and attractive for children of all ages. However, keep in mind that the age is suitable for learning programming even though the game process is not less than 6 years. So maybe school students will understand it more easily than preschoolers.

Starting with easy tasks, each level becomes harder and harder. You may find it complicated to play, so you should help your child with the process.

This game is only available for iOS without an Android version even in plan. It weighs too much according to the Apple Store. However, it’s free to download, just free up space on your child’s device.

4. ScratchJr


This application helps you create using a programming algorithm. You can make videos, cartoons, games from scratch by choosing characters. This game can be very interesting for any child who is under the age of 6 years. Although parents must explain the main rules of the game.

The most challenging in this process is the ability to create and control images that increase or decrease the number of steps a character must take. There are tons of functions that can be added to the game. So it won’t be a tedious process.

Without doubt this game is due to cognitive influences, thinking, logical development and not without learning some numeracy skills. Worth trying especially if your child has a tablet because a bigger screen will be more fun.

The main benefit of this game is not just learning how to code. Learning to count and literacy creates code. So it brings multiple benefits for children’s development.

5. Algorithm City: Coding Game


The simplest and easiest and lightest encoding application for kids that attracts more than 100 thousand users while maintaining a high level on Android. Unfortunately, it’s not available on iOS devices.

There are several levels that must be completed marked with 1 to 3 stars. However, one star is enough to complete a level. % 1 level in 4 chapters available. This game is suitable for family gatherings to strengthen family ties and ties.

The game includes all the coding elements: loop, conditional, sequencing, problem-solving. There are lots of characters to play and guide them through game tasks.

You will find the application only in the Android Market.

6. Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues


Nancy Drew is a game story with a variety of entertaining tasks and dialogues for each child. Because our time is full of technology, children must adapt to this from an early age.

Almost all children from the age of 2 are introduced to smartphones, tablets and other technological devices including smart watches. However, now they can not only play games or watch videos but also make their own. Or at least learn the main principles of this process. Previously the earliest children would know the basics.

Nancy Drew is a creative and educational story line where children must solve different problems. Through all 6 chapters need to unravel the mystery, solve the puzzle, program the robot. It’s more suitable for girls according to the design of this game and the main hero is a girl.

Luckily this game programming is available for iOS and Android. It’s free but with in-app purchases that aren’t expensive at all. There are no ads in this application that will bother you.

7. Tynker


Tynker is a great application for Android and iOS devices dedicated to helping children learn programming and its main principles: repetition and coding.

In this game, children may not play but to make their own games step by step with instructions that are simplified right for children. In addition, there are 9 templates for the first step to make the process easier and more comprehensive. The game also offers hundreds of colorful and funny characters.

Tynker is one of the best learning code games. Making the first game your child will be inspired to create something real a little later to reach the appropriate age. Learning learning puzzles based on the coding algorithm, children will understand the main coding steps, the main loop ideas and requirements.

The game is free to download with in-app purchases that don’t exceed $ 5.

8. Think & Learn Code-a-pillar


Fisher-Price offers this application and adds real toys offline as well to help children in their cognitive development. Think & Learn Code-a-pillar is dedicated especially to preschoolers because it teaches the main skills needed to enter school.

Coding is a way of learning the basics such as counting skills, problem solving, number recognition, counting, planning, and sorting. Of course, there are basics such as conditionals and loops that present the background for any programming.

Fisher-prices always know how to attract the attention of children, especially using beautiful caterpillars that are pillars, helping children create something.

Nowadays creating blogs, youtube channels and other things has become popular not only among adults but also among children. This is a new way of self-expression of a new century.

9. Code Adventures

This bright game teaches children basic coding knowledge through puzzles, adventures and challenges. It offers different levels that make the game more challenging.

Code Adventures is the world of the main hero, a fuzzball named Aurora. It looks funny and cute and moves through puzzles and blocks looking for a way home. And you are here to help through coding.

This game is easy to use especially for young children because it is suitable for children over 6 years. It’s easy to understand step by step instructions. However. children may need help from parents and if parents also know something about coding, they also want to be involved in the coding process.

Arranging different puzzle objects is the main activity here. You will find flying blocks, blocks that lift and fall, portals and moving bridges. Anything that helps Aurora to achieve its goals.

Children will learn about steps, requirements, and cycles and some actions need to be repeated and that can be arranged in advance. Each child will develop ways of thinking logically, calculating and maybe ready for real coding in the future.

10. Hopscotch


Hopscotch is another programming application for children which is available only for iOS. This is a way to express children’s creativity and gain new knowledge. Whatever you can imagine can be made through code in this application: stories, games, cartoons.

This application is not just a game where you learn how to code. This is also a collection of real tutorials that explain everything in detail. Many teachers have used this application with their students to help them develop different skills as well as standard literacy and numeracy. Following are problem solving, number recognition, sequencing, and other useful skills.

This application is free to download with limited options. To improve, you need to buy a subscription for $ 7.99 per month or $ 79.33 per year. However, a 7 day free trial is offered for everyone to try the application.

11. codeSpark Academy


codeSpark Academy is suitable for children who still cannot read because they are not written content needed to pass a level and complete an assignment. Encoding is the main goal that your child will achieve through puzzles, solving problematic tasks, learning the concept of playing mathematics. Using child code will make the game itself.

Learning programming through this application is easier for children because they like to play and they are happy with the challenges of learning new things and doing things that other children cannot do. Feelings of competition and feelings of pride motivate children more than anything.

The developers emphasize more competitive educational content among applications for young students. As such, codeSpark Academy has won many awards and continues to win some such as the best educational applications at the Wharton Re-imagined Education Awards in 2016. There are also some in 2018 too.

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