11 Best Voice Changer Apps For Android & iOS 2020

11 Best Voice Changer Apps For Android & iOS 2020

Voice Changer application is the best way to have fun or remain anonymous. With this program, you can apply various effects, change your gender, and age of your voice. Many of these applications support the ability to change sounds during calls and using messenger.

This list contains the best voice modification applications. By using it, you can change your voice without being recognized.

1. RoboVox


RoboVox is a great voice modifier that can adjust your voice in real-time.

The final results of the recording can be saved in your phone’s memory. This utility has a pleasant interface implementation.

Simple operation will not cause difficulties. This application contains a set of default tools to change your voice tone.

There is a special conversation function. In addition, there are sets of all types of female and male voices, as well as celebrity voices.

The RoboVox application offers a large number of filters and effects that can be applied to speech recordings. It is possible to compare your own voice with others. A useful feature is storing recordings in a practical audio format.

Key features of the RoboVox application:

  • Instructions for learning how to use the program correctly
  • Easy to use recorder
  • A noise reduction option that is useful for unnecessary background noise
  • Support for the most popular audio formats
  • Built-in sound equalizer and tons of effects
  • A fairly simple and convenient menu with options to configure
  • There is a default audio player

This free application is very easy to use. Even a beginner will understand the functionality here.

2. Call voice changer


The Call voice changer application is a great tool to change your voice quickly. Among its advantages, there are audio recording options and many special effects.

This application also has the function of adding various sounds. When you change sounds in real-time, you can add sounds like foreign laughter and so on.

The utility contains tools for calls that can change sounds that cannot be recognized.

Turns out to be talking to friends not only in a male or female voice, redesigned in your own way.

But also in the scary sounds of robots, or even in funny dog ​​barks. This sound correction program is great for practical jokes.

Benefits of Voice Changer Application Calls:

  • Ability to use quick keys
  • Convenient menu implementation with interface options
  • The greeting program has a built-in equalizer and many effects
  • Add female voices, children’s voices, male voices and many other funny voices
  • The function of adding background noise, as well as noise isolation, clear sound
  • High-quality tone changes, frequency editing
  • Periodic updates from the developer
  • Built-in audio capabilities as well as fast voice replacement functions

With the Call voice changer application, you can quickly and easily change your voice.

3. Voice changer with effects


Voice Changer with effects application will be a useful utility. Make various changes to your speech when communicating with others. This program has a nice interface and has the option to configure the hotkey.

All you need to do is adjust the parameters in the settings. Here you can choose the sound changes you want to apply.

An important component of the application of a sound modifier with effects is noise reduction. If you want to make your recording cleaner, use this function.

During recording, you can adjust sound changes. For example, at the beginning of the recording, you can change your voice into the voice of children, and eventually become adults. You can also use voice filters for popular cartoon characters.

This application contains a collection of several dozen sounds, as well as all kinds of effects. Install the application for free. It works stably and handles tasks well.

Voice Changer application with effects features:

  • Works with the most popular instant message senders
  • Option to configure hotkeys
  • Ability to change background sound
  • Ambient noise reduction function
  • Your voice changes depending on the set of sound equalizer effects
  • A large number of types of votes are available against the programs that are registered
  • Easy synchronization with other applications and programs
  • Simple and intuitive interface

Use the voice modifier app with effects for any purpose, whether it’s voice acting or simple rally.

4. Call Voice Changer Male to Female


Male to Female Call Voice Changer application will help you talk in a strange voice. This application is a powerful software package that is compatible with all platforms.

This application can distort the sound during communication and record conversations. The possibilities are very broad.

Interesting features of the Call Male to Female Voice Changer application:

  • Save distorted sound to file or broadcast online
  • Support for all popular sound wave input methods
  • Presence of automatic voice translation presets
  • Adjustment of parameters manually
  • Echo overlay, rewind effects, etc.
  • Easy installation and small system requirements

The range of effects that change your voice in an unknown way can be unlimited. This is because you can create new effects yourself. To do this, you can adjust all types of parameters and put check marks at various points.

Male to Female Voice Changer Call Program is rich in various features. Thanks to them, you can change the tone, quality, frequency or speed of sound.

You can send the finished audio recording to your friends via email or messenger. To do this, you must enter the application. Call Male to Female Voice Changer. You can perform this action and bind all the accounts needed in the settings.

5. Funcalls – Best Voice Changer & Call Recording


Funcall – Voice Changer & Best Call Recording is a free voice modifier made for users of various instant messages.

He is able to qualitatively change the sound in the microphone of the owner. Simple and intuitive application interface will appeal to everyone.

This application includes a blank set for all types of congratulations, draws and so on. A useful option is the availability of voice translation.

Such functions will be useful when communicating with friends or business partners. You can speak in your own language, and the application will translate speeches into other languages.

The Funcall Application – Voice Changer & Best Call Recording shows excellent performance with all modern telephones.

Application Functions – Best Voice Changer & Call Recording Features:

  • Work in real-time
  • Encryption of messages sent for owner anonymity
  • Availability of bases with welcome and entertainment messages
  • Distort the timbre of the voices of women, men and children
  • There is a normal way to check spelling in typed messages
  • You can overlay background ringtones while talking
  • Send messages to one or several users simultaneously

This is a completely free application where there are no native ads. You can use it without restrictions where and whenever you want. Make friends or use a translator when traveling. This will definitely be useful for you in any situation.

6. LOL Face Filters – Funny Voice Changer


Face Filter LOL – Funny Voice Changer is a high-quality application to change the sound in the microphone in real-time.

Use this application as a voice recorder. Change your voice and music with various sound effects.

You can save the completed notes to the application library. Additionally, you can use this entry in a call or send it via email.

Use ready-made sound recordings. To do this, record the sound on the recorder, then apply the effect you like.

During a call, you can use the LOL Face Filter application – Funny Voice Changer to change sounds in real-time. This might be useful for your friends.

At the first launch of the application, you will see a main screen with “Download audio” and “Use a microphone” buttons. The first function is to change notes that have already been completed. The second function can be used for calls.

The application of effects is very fast and convenient. You can cancel or edit changes at any time.

The finished audio recording was as natural as possible. If you use it, no one will guess any changes.

7. Voice Changer


Voice Changer application will help you change voice tones in real-time. Maintain confidentiality when communicating in instant messages. Application contains various tone settings.

Voice Changer Application Features:

  • Very simple and intuitive menu
  • Ability to quickly change keys
  • Built-in function for recording conversations, as well as saving results
  • Free
  • Provides a choice of audio sources
  • Very low system resource requirements and concise program size

With this application, you can change your voice during phone calls. So, laugh and play with your friends as much as you want. In addition to various sound effects, you can use the sounds of cartoon characters and more.

This is a great way to have fun alone or in company with friends. To do this, you only need to record any phrase on your cellphone and forward it through a special transformer. Now just listen and have fun.

With this program, you can find out what sounds you would have if you were a monster, an alien or a dog. You only need to skip the phrases recorded through a series of different effects.

8. Celebrity Voice Changer


The Celebrity Voice Changer application replaces voices with female, male, childish voices.

It has the function of imitating cartoon and movie characters, animals. You can also take advantage of timbre color changes, tone of voice and other aspects of your voice.

Program features for changing sounds:

  • Easy operation
  • The ability to make sounds for others or animals
  • Instant editing quickly using special features

With this application, you can change the sound using one of 46 available effects. From robots and aliens to animal sounds and echoes from the Grand Canyon.

Add sound to photos and share on social networks or send them by email. You can also save recorded files to the phone gallery. Use it, for example, as a ringtone or notification sound.

In addition, here you can convert sound not only into audio but also into video. Add funny effects and change your voice beyond recognition. There is also a funny effect for the video here.

This free application lets you change sounds easily in just a few seconds. In addition, in the Celebrity Voice Changer application, there are no annoying advertisements.

9. Voice Changer – Amazing Voice with Audio Effects


Voice Changer Application – Extraordinary Sounds with Audio Effects allows you to easily change the sound recorded through your mobile microphone.

This application contains many different modifications. It works very fast and maintains high quality recording.

You only need to choose the sound effects that you want to add to your audio recording. The application will do everything in a few seconds.

You can change your age and gender. For example, change your voice to be male or childish. You can even use animal sounds or cartoon characters.

The finished audio recording can be set as your phone ringtone.

Changes can be applied in real time or edit audio recordings that have already been completed. Finished material can be shared via email or on social networks. To do this, open the application settings.

On the Profile tab, add email addresses or account information. Then you need to confirm the data is correct.

Voice Changer Application – Extraordinary Sounds with Audio Effects is perfect for practical jokes. You can make your voice funny or intimidating. Amaze your friends and relatives with funny jokes along with this funny application.

10. VoiceFX


Thanks to the VoiceFX application, you can record phrases or entire speeches and make them sound different.

For example, as if he was spoken by a movie character or a person of a different sex and age. Recorded text is saved in the playlist application. It can also be sent via email or using social networking.

The VoiceFX application includes a large number of different features and functions. Record your voice and change it beyond recognition. Or use this application during a real-time telephone call.

With this application, you can make old recording effects. For example, you can select the audio portion where light disturbances appear, like in an old movie.

Finished entries can be edited or removed. If you don’t like the results, you can delete all effects and start editing again.

After launching the application, you will see a few tips. How to make an effect by touching the speakers, and how to choose sound modification.

Interestingly, touching the screen gives the atmosphere. For example, by choosing special agent effects, you can add sounds to walkie-talkies, as well as unread words.

11. Voice Changer – Audio Effects


Voice Changer – Audio Effects is a free application that lets you change the sound without enhancements.

You can also simulate the surrounding background using various special effects. This is amazing entertainment for those who like practical jokes and jokes.

Using Voice Changer – Audio Effects application, you can:

Change your voice completely to play your family and friends. You can also stay undercover in communication with strangers.
Create and save your own audio recordings using various effects. This application allows you to record sounds and images simultaneously. So you can get a unique ringtone or message tone.
Entertain your friends by turning their voices into the voices of various characters. Dragons, squirrels, robots, wolves, babies, and more, or by applying effects such as echoes, tremors and helium.
Change voice to male or female.
Voice Changer Application – Audio Effects has rich functionality. There are various settings that allow you to change sounds without being recognized. This is very easy to understand because all the required functions are located on the main screen.

When you first start the application, you must select the ready-made recording or microphone. This works well in the background. Thus, you can change your voice even during a conversation.

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