11 Best Helicopter Simulator Games For Android & iOS

11 Best Helicopter Simulator Games For Android & iOS

How do you feel about flying? No, not a rooftop flight or a bird, but a real flight? Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a pilot on an airplane?

Obviously, it is dangerous and is responsible for being an airplane pilot, because the lives of hundreds of passengers and crew are at stake. The plane is not the most maneuverable engine.

And what if you want to fly in a smaller vehicle? People underestimate their helicopters and pilots by accident, their work is no less and sometimes more dangerous than aircraft pilots.

There are remote areas of the world that can only be reached with the help of a fast helicopter; they are used in big cities in the police and hospitals to provide emergency patients.

Helicopter pilots are heroes, but who doesn’t want to feel like a hero? Even though your helmet is a smartphone, we present the best helicopter flight simulator simulator.

1. Police Helicopter Flying Simulator


Police Helicopter Flying Simulator is an application that simulates police helicopter operations. Experience city police and fight crime! Already feel responsible? Not? You must!

Because this application is not just a flight simulation, it also includes a series of missions, episodes, and tasks! You can download 20 levels and free missions.

For example, in the city, there will be wild fires, which can be extinguished only from helicopters, or find people lost in the forest, collecting oxygen canisters from the roof and much more.

You can use high-power magnets and even drag and drop very heavy objects and unload containers! Players have a very large area to explore.

In addition to realistic helicopter controls, you can also enjoy the scenery, the scenery, and the natural surroundings and bird views. Dynamic commutation, realistic physics, easy handling – become a real pilot with the phone in your hand.

2. Helicopter Simulator 2017


Do you feel like helping others? Can’t you see yourself without the help of strangers? Become a helicopter pilot in Helicopter Simulator! Many missions, as many as 20 free levels, realistic graphics and aircraft controls.

Often in games like that, we face a lack of realism – everything looks like performance and cartoons. However, if you are looking for a real experience, then Helicopter Simulator 2017 is for you.

For example, you might have a mission to intercept a group of dangerous criminals who escaped from the city with tanks! Or drag cargo that can’t be trusted remotely. Explore the available terrain to complete 20 exciting missions.

You can choose your own technique: take a rescue helicopter, police helicopter or emergency helicopter from a hangar. Remember: different missions might be more comfortable on different planes!

In addition to pilots, you can become a firefighter, police, rescuer and even a member of government secret facilities. Where else can you try many roles? In addition, easy touch controls will only increase the fun of the game.

3. Helicopter Flight Simulator 3D


Helicopter Flight Simulator 3D gives you exciting missions where you can feel like a secret agent.

You will be responsible for managing the secret army helicopter. Your task will include saving people, shooting enemy territory, and collecting items. Use high-power magnets to collect heavy objects.

The level of difficulty of the mission depends on the level: for example, at the first level, you need to learn how to fly an army helicopter. When you undergo a new mission, the task will become more complex.

You will practice new and more advanced flying and flying skills. As you progress through missions, you will find new items and gadgets that you can use to improve your game playing skills.

Have you always wanted to be a military pilot? Now, fasten your seat belts! With Helicopter Flight Simulator you can get closer to your dreams.

4. US Army Helicopter Flight Simulator Rescue Mission


Do you think military service is boring, just lined up and disciplined? And what about the real incident? The US Army Helicopter Flight Simulator will prove to you that an emergency occurs in the army and you can feel like a hero.

The game is a story line that attracts even more. According to the developer’s idea, there is a snowstorm in the mountains and the victims cannot do it without help from water.

You play the role of a brave soldier who has to help ordinary citizens by helicopter. You’ve never driven a helicopter? And here you have to manage it in an emergency situation!

Tension and a sense of responsibility for the lives of others are your emotions. During the rescue mission, you will feel love for this military helicopter, the equipment will become almost your friend.

When you install the US Helicopter Flight Rescue Mission Mission, you choose the level of difficulty you want to play. Over time, you will improve your flight skills and complicate your mission.

Think of yourself as a helicopter pilot! The advantage of this game is it’s free. At the same time, the application has controls that are easy to use, so even a beginner can handle it.

How does it feel to be a hero? Feel it with the help of the US Army’s Helicopter Flight Rescue Missions and rescue civilians.

5. Helicopter Simulator 2017 Free


Helicopter Simulator 2017 Free is a free version of a simulator with a large number of missions. In the game, you have a large selection of vehicles to fly. More than 30 helicopter models, including some that are available free!

The game venue is the largest metropolis in New York City. So in addition to basic tasks, you can still enjoy the sights and views of the tourist city. The city is explained in detail, with excellent 3D graphics.

The game scenario is developed so you don’t get bored. Trucks, cars – all equipment works in parallel. This creates a sense of reality for what is happening.

More than three thousand missions, differing in complexity and storyline, 3 types of pilots. This application simulates the movement of the helicopter exactly as it is on real equipment. Simulators are identical to real helicopters.

Are you bored? Rescue, military missions and others will save you from boredom.

6. Cobra Helicopter Flight Simulator AH-1 Viper Pilot


It can be understood from the name that this application simulates the control of a particular helicopter – AH-1Z Cobra. This is a real combat helicopter that carries out military missions and serious missions.

This helicopter is an attack helicopter that is used in many countries. Sometimes it’s called HueyCobra, so you can find out by that name. Although it has been replaced in several places with improved models, it is still used in the U.S. Army and a number of countries. So you can feel like a real pilot.

The uniqueness of this simulator is in the full simulation of the cockpit and pilot shooter. You can control and destroy Hydra missiles!

The most accurate details of damage and equipment, realistic control of the model actually used. Want to be realistic? Then this application is perfect for you.

7. Chinook Helicopter Flight Sim


Chinook Helicopter Flight Sim is one of the best simulators of the Chinook helicopter version. When playing games, you will use this machine to destroy enemy cars and buildings, to make shots and all of this at impressive heights. From the air, you can carry out missions.

This game has realistic sound and video effects. You really immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the mission, give up on the game and fall from reality!

You will have the realistic 3D cockpit you want – feel how the pilot feels on the boat; detailed implementation of the CH-47 Chinook helicopter; full display of structure and graphics; realistic movements; detailed visualization of your environment; and, of course, realistic flight simulations!

Travel by helicopter on missions and cities in Chinook Helicopter Flight Sim.

8. Hind – Helicopter Flight Sim


Hind – Helicopter Flight Sim is another Flight Sim Studio simulator.

In the story, you are initially at the air base. Explore! From there you can go to the nearest small towns or start exploring the beautiful mountains. At the same time, you are given the opportunity to test your combat abilities at an air base.

Be a rebel – destroy any building or building. The application graph will show you the detailed consequences of your attack. Flying wall, concrete crumbs – a sight to see!

This application is versatile and is supported on any platform. Clear control from the first minute won’t bother you.

Jump into the Hind cockpit and go to heaven!

9. Osprey Operations – Helicopter Flight Simulator


Guess who is the developer of this game? Of course, Flight Sim Studio. This time the team presented to the players the flight simulator version for the V-22 helicopter. Very impressive, right?

If you have a question, “Why should I be impressed with that?”, We begin one minute of cultural education in our article. The V22 Osprey is almost the most expensive aircraft available for the U.S. Army.

It is famous for its perfect performance in Afghanistan. By the way, you are in the game right there, and there are also tropical choices – small tropical islands.

The Osprey V-22 is a modern multifunctional, multi-use and military helicopter. The technical feature is that a short landing and take-off is possible, and this can be proud of not all helicopter models.

And this unusual model – the combination of an ordinary classic helicopter with a cargo plane, which has a powerful turbine – is very impressive.

The Osprey Operations Helicopter Flight Simulator application is free to use, so you don’t need to make additional purchases.

Bright 3D graphics, realistic controls, rotating rotors, missions that can be in the form of battles and transportation, all of which differentiate applications from the rest. And download or not – this is your decision, but we believe it’s worth a try.

10. X-Plane 10 Flight Simulator


The most popular helicopter simulator! This is understandable – because the application combines the power, strength, and detail of the computer version.

Details of the terrain where you can fly. Realistic 3D airport complex, which has runways and airport terminals, buildings that look real, cities look like the real thing.

If we talk about realism, we can’t help but mention the cockpit – lots of levers, buttons, amplifiers – just like in a real cockpit.

What is the difference between the X-Plane 10 simulator and the others?

  1. 9 free master classes – takeoff, landing, maneuverability and traffic patterns.
  2. Interactive cockpit, real system, and sensors.
  3. Full helicopter launches from any state.
  4. 50 simulation situations.
  5. Emergency situations, missions involving combat missions.

X-Plane 10 gives users 2 free packages and 5 mission locations. A wider choice is available in the paid application version.

Experience trials as a pilot now with Flight Simulator X-Plane 10.

11. Carrier Helicopter Flight Simulator – Fly Game ATC


Carrier Helicopter Flight Simulator is a very realistic and high-quality helicopter simulator. Detailed graphics, attention to detail, physical accuracy, and simulation of complete engineering responses – that is what is immediately visible in this application.

You will find yourself in the cockpit of the UH-60 Blackhawk and feel its capabilities. You can explore the tropics where you are. There are mountains, rivers and beautiful lakes on the island and you must explore them all. After all, you are a real pilot!

You can try to destroy buildings or cars, attack bases or land. Refill – not as easy as in a car! Here you will definitely not meet with boy fuelers.

Destroy, research, learn to drive and feel like a pilot full of Carrier Helicopter Flight Simulator!

Are you excited Ready to conquer heights? Ready to save lives in an emergency? Or do you just want to relax and shoot buildings? However, choose the simulator to your liking, place it on your gadget and go to the sky for adventure! The main thing is not to start spinning dizzy.

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