11 Best Drinking Game Apps For Android & iOS

11 Best Drinking Game Apps For Android & iOS

Going out and drinking with friends is one way people catch up with their daily routine. To make drinking with friends more fun, people usually play games to make it more fun. Therefore, you can try asking for help from a drinking game application to produce a fun game.

With the help of drinking games applications you can get ideas for games through your phone. Usually, apps are available for Android and iOS, or even both – which can make your life easier. But make sure, if you use the apps below while drinking, you reach the legal drinking age.

1. Picolo Drinking Game


The first one from this list can also be categorized as a drinking games app for couples. Because sometimes, you just want to have fun with your significant other without inviting other people. The reason is, you can play the Picolo Drinking Game with only 2 players.

To do that, you have to enter the player’s name and start the game. No complicated rules and just have fun using your phone. This app contains instructions that must be followed by players and is available for Android and iOS.

2. Drink or Doom


If you are looking for a drinking game that you can play with a lot of people, then Drink or Doom can be your alternative. Because you can play up to 12 players at once and have about 50 challenges to try. In addition to the challenges given, you can also be creative and enter your own challenges there.

But to play this comic-like setup, you have to choose who you play with. The reason is because the challenges are so tough (like nudity) that you can only play with the closest people. If you like extreme challenges, you can get this app from the Play Store or App Store.

3. iPuke


Next on the list of drinking game apps is iPuke. Available for Android and iOS, iPuke can jazz up your drinking night with up to 300 challenges. Each challenge has score points that you can collect. So, at the end of the night, you can choose a winner based on the total score points collected.

Each turn, you have to draw 2 virtual cards – one challenge and another for the number of shots you have to drink. Then, to continue the game, you have to choose one – take up the challenge or drink the shots mentioned.

4. Drink-O-Tron


Using traditional cards for drinking games goes back a long way. Nowadays, you can install apps to do the job and don’t have to carry multiple cards with you. Just like Drink-O-Tron where you can choose a virtual card challenge to accompany your drinking night and make it even more fun.

The app has more than 255 cards available and you can even get bonus packs for free. To play this game, you only need to press the switch button to get a card. Then, do what the card says and have a good time drinking.

5. Seven Drinking Game


If you are looking for a unique challenge while drinking, then you should definitely try Seven Drinking Game. To play with this application, you need at least three players who are ready to get rid of. Also, make sure you have plenty of liquor ready.

It has up to 400 unique challenges that are hard to find in other apps. Not to mention, the cards have unusual visuals which make things even more fun. Another fun fact, you can create your own personal card and throw the ones you don’t want off the deck.

6. Heads Up!


Another app from the list of drinking games you can play to make your evening even more festive is Heads Up !. This game received good reviews from the New York Times and Cosmopolitan. Even famous TV personalities like Ellen DeGeneres played this game on her show. Even though this game is an arcade game, you can still use it for some fun drinking time.

To play this game you have to guess the word that is written on your phone while placing it on your forehead. At the same time, your friend should give you a clue as to what the word is. You can even turn it into an online drinking game by playing it via Zoom.

7. Game of Shots


Get the party started by installing Game of Shots on your phone. This application has tons of games that you can choose to play with friends. You can have classic games like spin the bottle, truth or dare, roulette and many more.

One fact that you will like is that you can have this game for free. The only drawback will be in-ads within the app. But don’t worry, because the ads will stop after you play the seventh game of this app (at once). To get this application, you can download it from the Play Store or App Store.

8. Drink! The Drinking Game


Still from the list of drinking game applications, you must try Drink! at the start of the party. Because at that time, you were still conscious enough to understand the confusing challenges that could light up the atmosphere. Because this game combines various kinds of minigames, fun activities, and drinking games at the same time.

To play this game, you have to send the number of players and each one has to choose its character. Then, the app will instruct who or even everyone to do something. The winner is named the one who has the maximum score at the end of the game.

9. Kings (Drinking Game)


Often to turn over a deck of cards for drinking game equipment. But now, you don’t have to carry a deck of cards to make your drinking party even more fun. Because you can install Kings on your phone and start your drinking game.

Therefore, you can play the Ring of Fire, Circle of Death, or even the Kings Cup by using this application. The rules are quite simple, just follow what is written on the cards and have a great evening. Another interesting fact, you can edit the cards or even custom your own.

10. Drinkie – Drinking Game


Playing drinking games through Drinkie can be a fun choice. Because it has different fashion themes you can do – sexy, macho, goofy and tipy. Therefore, you can choose what theme you will play according to the situation.

In total, the app has up to 800 cards that you can use to make explosions at parties. It doesn’t stop there, you can also make your own rules to make it more personal for your circle of friends. That way, the party will be more fun and get ready for fun.

11. Drink and Tell – Drinking Game


Tired of old school drinking games? Then, it’s time for you to move on to this application. Drink and Tell is your new way to light up the party with a new style of drinking games. There are 6 categories that you can choose from.

To play this game, you have to answer questions (mostly taboo ones). One way to avoid getting drunk the next day is by getting the questions right. Because getting the wrong answer amounts to drinking.



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