11 Best AR Measuring Apps For Android & iOS

11 Best AR Measuring Apps For Android & iOS

Technology has developed so rapidly that today we don’t even need a measuring device to measure an object. Several AR measuring apps exist to help measure objects around you in a precise way. When exploring in a new city, you may come across tall statues or large buildings, this application will be the fastest way to measure its height.

Not only that, you can also use this application to measure the length of the door, the width of the window, the area of your bedroom, the size of the carpet, and many other things. They are free, comfortable and compatible with all the latest smartphones. So, it’s fine to have one of them on your device for quick action.

While there are many such applications that use augmented reality to measure various things, here we present the best for you. let’s take a look and see which one suits you better.

1. AR Ruler App


This AR measuring app requires the help of augmented reality (AR) technology to measure the real world with your smartphone camera. Focus on the targeted object or plane and the application will provide calculations using its AR measuring tool.

With the help of this application you can measure linear sizes in cm, m, mm, inches, feet and pages. This also allows us to measure the distance from the device camera to a fixed point on the detected 3D plane.

This tool also helps you measure angles in 3D planes, volume, height, area, and perimeter of the room. It can generate plan projections from drawn objects and export them to PDF format for easy sharing.

2. Measure


This is an AR measuring app for Android developed by the tech giant Google to assist you with everyday measurements around your home, office or project area.

This tool will facilitate your job in measuring the length and height of objects on a flat surface, for example; the size of the rug, the width of the sofa or the height of the table, etc.

It includes features such as easy switching between imperial and metric units, clicking an image of your measurement, copying a measurement to the clipboard, and much more.

You just have to move the phone around the room to find a flat surface like a table or floor. Point the camera at the object, adjust the end point, and tap to start measuring.

When completing measurement, it will show the results and quick reference for unit conversion, copy and delete functions.

3. Ruler App


This is a great measuring app designed to help you accurately measure the size of any object by taking a picture of it or measuring it on the screen.

This tool allows you to measure objects conveniently and precisely as with a traditional mm ruler or tape measuring tool. You can easily measure the angle, area, volume, path and height of objects with just your smartphone.

All you have to do is bring the object you want to measure and the object of known length (Base Item) in the same frame. This app has a predefined list of Basic Items in settings, which includes Debit or credit card, Quarter, etc.

The Base Item and the object you want to measure must be on the same plane and the ruler app camera (or earlier) is facing parallel to the two. This is necessary to avoid image distortion caused by the ruler app’s camera perspective.

Then you have to align the blue arrow with the Base item and the green arrow towards the object you want to measure. After the measurement is complete, the details of the measured object will be displayed on the Ruler application screen.

4. AR Plan 3D Ruler


This is one of the best augmented reality measurement apps that uses augmented reality (AR) for fast space measurements. AR technology has turned virtual tape measuring into a reality which now makes the process of measuring and creating 3D floor plans much easier and faster.

With this Plan 3D Ruler application, you can measure the perimeter and height of a room in Metric or Imperial units such as the ruler app for cm, m, mm, ruler app for inches, feet, pages, etc.

You can also measure doors and windows, automatically calculating the perimeter, squares, squares of the walls and other values, which may be required to estimate the amount of construction materials.

It also lets you create a 3D floor plan of a room with all dimensions measured and a 2D slideshow of your creations. You can save floor plan measurements in the floor planner archive and share them via email, message, social networks etc. If needed.

5. Cam To Plan


Measure anything like a pro with Cam To Plan. It lets you draw virtual measuring 3D lines on the object you want to measure via the phone or tablet camera.

This virtual ruler app lets you measure objects horizontally and vertically. Thank you very much for augmented reality (AR) which makes it possible to measure length, area, distance, height of windows, doors, floors in a few seconds.

Whether you work as a DIY worker or in any sector in Real Estate, this application can be your partner of choice in all types of measurements and create floor plans of a house, apartment or a specific room of a flat. .

This app will also be useful for gardeners, gardeners, pool builders and maintenance, diggers, earth movers and people who like to navigate. For people like technicians, economists, this AR measuring app will be a useful assistant for price estimation.

6. Smart Measure


It is one of the best altitude measuring app for measuring the height and distance of the target object. To measure a person’s height, click the height button. Trigonometric assistance is needed to give precise results.

How to use the app is very simple, just stand and press the shutter button. Remember that you should aim the camera at the ground, not the object. This means that to measure the distance between two objects, aim for the position of the toes.

7. Plumb-Bob


Plumb-Bob is an excellent measuring app for Android that can turn your smartphone into a laser leveler, tape measure and protractor. This combination of features will help you in vertical and horizontal alignment, measuring distances and angles.

It displays a virtual frame over the camera image that remains vertical regardless of your device orientation. Frame dimensions are displayed in real-time.

It has several frame shapes which are suitable for various sizes such as height, width, volume, tilt angle and many others. So, people who work as interior designers, architects and DIY enthusiasts will take advantage of this app.

When you take a picture, it allows you to move the frame and measure any object visible on the screen. There is also a magnifying glass which helps to make precise measurements.

Once you are done with the measurement, you can save it as a 3D scene in the application library. Which you can reopen at any time and measure other parts of the 3D scene too.

It also allows you to save your work as a standard image in the phone gallery. This can be useful if you want to share your measurements via email or insert them into a document.

Another useful feature of this best measurement app is the sharing option which allows sending 3D scenes to other devices running the Plumb-Bob app. The receiver can then manipulate the 3D scene on its device and measure other objects in the image.

This application has an online tutorial to provide a step by step guide on how to operate it. You can also send an email with your feedback, ask questions or requests for new features as well.

8. Quick Measure


This AR measuring application uses a ToF camera and AR technology to provide fast measurement results. So, make sure your smartphone has a Tof camera sensor.

With this application, you can measure the distance between two pointing objects. It also measures the length, width and area of a rectangular shape if a rectangle has been shot. The radius and area of a circle can also be measured using this application if the shape of the circle has been directed.

It can also measure 3D objects by judging the longest axis of each 3D object’s length, width and height. With the help of this application, you can measure the height of a human from the feet to the head of the upper body in a few seconds.

9. Ruler


Ruler is a beautifully designed and easy to use measuring tool that works smoothly on every Android and iOS smartphone and tablet. Using this tool, you can calculate the length of the straight line, the surface area, determine the pitch of the thread, as well as other measurements.

It has several length units such as m, cm, mm, inch, feet, pages, etc. To measure various things. It is also possible to convert units to one another if needed.

There are 4 measurement modes in this application: point, line, plane, level. Tap the screen to start using the best multi-touch measurement system and find the size of all objects around you. It also supports 15 multiple languages.

10. Distance Meter


Distance Meter is an altitude measuring application which helps you to measure the height and distance of a person or object using your mobile camera.

This application is very easy to use. To measure the distance, simply stand and focus your camera on the bottom of the object. When measuring height, aim at the top of the object. When finished with the calculation, it shows the result on your display.

11. Digital Ruler


This Digital Ruler app will instantly turn your smartphone into a ruler, meter, Vernier caliper, construction level, rollometer. So, you don’t have to carry a lot of measuring instruments in your pocket.

If you are at school or doing homework with the help of this application, you can measure the length of the side of the image and any segment, convert millimeters to centimeters or meters, or inches to cm only with the help of your smartphone.

If working on a construction site, it will help you to make the calculation of the necessary parameters such as length, width, thickness, radius, gap, distance.

Digital or bubble levels can be used to determine deviations from the vertical or horizontal axis. This function is comfortable and ergonomic, so you don’t need to carry a tool of this dimension.

In your repair shop or garage, this electronic vernier caliper and online ruler will be an indispensable assistant. When sewing and creating patterns, a virtual ruler allows for easy lining and marking of fabrics.



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