10 Best Video Player Apps For Android & iOS

10 Best Video Player Apps For Android & iOS

The standard video player on our smartphone has limited functionality. Here you can find a video player application to help you watch and sort videos as you like. Such applications support almost all video formats. You can even stream videos from the Internet.

Use this list of the best video player applications and find the one that suits you best.

1. KMPlayer


KMPlayer is one of the most popular players. It supports video playback in almost all formats. This can also work with multichannel audio. Most popular commands can be carried out with gestures.

Thanks to an excellent set of built-in codecs, the KMPlayer application works with video files of the most common formats.

On mobile phones connected to the local network, you can use this player to transfer Wi-Fi videos to other devices. This option can be used to display videos taken on your mobile camera on a large screen.

Thanks to the ability to create playlists, the KMPlayer application is perfect for small video enthusiasts.

Working with players is easy. A clear and simple interface, implemented in a classic design. At the bottom of the screen, users can use playback controls. At the top – other options for settings.

The KMPlayer application allows you to take quick snapshots of the screen. Block screen when watching videos from accidental touch. You can also choose audio tracks and subtitles. It also supports gesture control.

2. ALLPlayer Video Player


The ALLPlayer Video Player application has one of the most pleasant interfaces. It supports many video formats. This also allows you to stream clips from other devices and from cloud storage.

Metadata for content in the library is automatically downloaded from the Internet. Thus, you can see detailed information about the film directly through the ALLPlayer Video Player application.

Thanks to integration with OpenSubtitles, you can download video subtitles.

On the File tab, you can see all content sources, folders and playlists in each of them. All content is displayed in a hierarchical order.

“File” is used to control the source and view the contents in it. If necessary, the old source is deleted here and a new one is added.

The “Search” tab is useful for large media library owners with large amounts of content. Besides searching by title, this will help you find movies to watch using various filters. Like rating, genre, release date, and others.

The application settings are rather concise and contain only the options that are most needed. All accompanied by instructions. In addition, there is also a help section with tips on how to set it up. Here you can find all the answers to your questions.

3. Photon


The Photon application supports many formats and plays any clip without brakes.

You can zoom in and out with motion. You can drag and drop movie subtitles wherever you want. In addition, they are loaded automatically from the Internet.

The player’s appearance does not distract from the details of the watch. Scroll bar, volume slider, and playback control buttons.

Without them, in fact, you can do without them and use movement. The swipe on the left side of the screen changes the brightness, while the right side changes the volume.

Sideswipes is responsible for rewinding, and double tapping will stop the film.

The Photon application can play content in Picture-in-picture and Split View modes. This will allow you to watch your favorite shows in the background, doing your own business in parallel.

Buttons can only be used to switch to Picture-in-picture mode or advanced settings. In the upper right corner, there are zoom settings and switch audio tracks.

Support themes allow you to choose the design that you like. Players take up less space, open quickly and work very smoothly.

4. MX Player


MX Player is a practical motion player with many formats and movements. This application organizes content and shows it in the form of beautiful posters. You can play videos in the background.

Data about each film or series is pumped from the Internet. As a result, users do not see a sad file list, but a beautiful directory of film covers.

By clicking on any movie, you can see a short description. In the description, you can also see genres, directors, actors, writers. Each film or series can be marked as seen.

In the MX Player application, you can change audio tracks and adjust subtitles. In addition, this application supports chapters if they are embedded in the video.

The settings have everything you need. From dark themes to language priorities when choosing subtitles. You can also set a password to enter the application.

This is a free application that functions without limitations and does not need to be purchased by default.

5. VLC


VLC is the best video player for all types of devices. It can open all popular media file formats. In addition, this application has simple system requirements. It contains a large number of different settings.

By default, the VLC application plays videos when the application window is active. But, there are options in the settings to enable background playback.

This allows you to launch any video and bypass the player window. Playback will not be interrupted.

It is not always possible to watch a movie from beginning to end. There is always something urgent to do or a call to interrupt.

To avoid searching when you stop, activate the “Continue” option in the settings.

The main purpose of this application is to play video files. But if you want, you can also use this program as a music player. To do this, simply activate the “Audio Player” option in the “Audio” section. Also, make sure to enable background playback for audio on the “Player” page.

Many users like to customize the appearance of the program to their taste. It has everything you need. The “Interface” page contains a large number of design settings. Start from the theme and end with a location and control display.

6. PlayerXtreme Media Player – Movies & streaming


One of the main advantages of Xtreme Media Player Player – Movies & streaming is the ability to watch videos in a floating window and use other programs.

You can change the window size and control playback completely.

Through this application, it’s easy to hide videos from other people’s eyes. Just add it to the password protected list.

The player works with almost all formats and allows you to rewind the video with simple gestures. Background playback is supported.

Subtitle support is one of the strongest features of Xtreme Media Player – film & streaming application. They allow you to watch blockbusters and new shows before localizing.

But, not everyone knows that the display of subtitles in the player can be adjusted. For example, select a font, adjust its size, determine the location of the line on the screen.

PlayerXtreme Media Player application – Movies & streaming can play not only local files but also online videos. To do this, open the menu in the main window of the program, select “Network flow” and specify the link to the file.

7. Power Video Player


Power Video Player offers a built-in web browser, 3D video support, and the ability to play back certain parts of a clip.

Movies and TV series in various formats can be imported from cloud storage. You can also play it from other devices.

You can change the volume and brightness of the video and find the right place with simple movements. It also supports themes, content blocking, and playlists.

Power Video Player application features:

  • Media library. All media files can easily be found on your device.
  • You can edit, delete, create and move media content, files and folders.
  • Video speed. Videos can be slowed or accelerated.
  • View videos recorded from the device itself.
  • Optimize screen ratio.
  • Lock and unlock the screen.
  • Playback, rewind, and the volume can be adjusted according to motion.
  • Videos can be played since the last playback.
  • Next file preview.
  • Sorting files. Date of manufacture, name, favorite, size, etc.

The Power Video Player application scans the memory contents and displays all available videos in the playlist. If you want to hide videos from the program, check this file or folder and select “Hide”.

8. MPClassic


MPClassic is a popular application for watching videos. It supports most basic formats, subtitles, and external audio tracks.

After launching the MPClassic application, you will be taken to the “Library” section. Here lies all your favorite content. The program immediately looks for videos and music available on your device.

The player itself has very comfortable movements to control backward and volume. What’s more, you can upload videos to the MPClassic application not only via cable but also via Wi-Fi.

This can also be done from any cloud storage.

MPClassic application functions:

  • Basic scaling. You can adjust the screen scale with your fingers. Simply touch the screen with your index finger and thumb. Adjust it by connecting and disconnecting your finger.
  • Text You can scroll text further, zoom in and zoom out.
  • Video player settings. All you have to do is swipe the screen.
  • Lock screen. This is needed to prevent other applications from being warned.

The “List” menu contains settings for video list display. Only light and dark themes can be selected from a preset theme. For convenience, you can check the box next to the grouping by list.

If the MPClassic application does not find a movie or video, you must specify all folders to be scanned. Next, check the box next to “consider,” then everything will be found.

9. Video Player All Format – Full HD Video Player


Video Player All Format – Full HD Video Player application is a video player.

It can play clips of the highest quality without real battery consumption. You can transfer videos to your cellphone via Wi-Fi from another mobile device or computer.

You can browse the library even when a movie or TV series is active. Simple and intuitive application interface.

There are various color schemes and playback history. Support for subtitles and speed control is also available.

All Format Video Player Application – Full HD Video Player has a very simple and clear interface. Almost all operations that are repeated often can be done by movement.

So, the volume is adjusted by swiping your finger on the right side of the screen, and brightness – on the left side. The horizontal stack allows you to move the video forward or backward.

Actions performed on ordinary taps are adjusted. For example, you can pause, just show the controls, or do it all at the same time. There is a special button to lock the screen so as not to knock while watching videos.

All Format Video Player Application – Full HD Video Player can not only play files stored on the device but also stream videos from the Internet.

10. Power Media Player


Power Media Player is a video player that can play almost all video formats.

It supports various types of subtitles. Even stylish subtitles are always displayed correctly. If necessary, you can play streaming video easily from the Internet.

The Power Media Player application can download metadata. This allows you to easily organize your media library, whatever its size.

Due to the support of any video format, your series and movie collections can be imported into the application.

The first time you launch the Power Media Player application, you can add files in one of the many available ways.

Each is accompanied by a brief instruction manual. Content can be uploaded to the device memory or played through the network from a source.

Within a few seconds after adding the source, the application will scan the file and upload all metadata. Each film will have an official description, rating, and poster. This makes the main Media Library tab look amazing.

The key place on it is given to the big slider. Here you can preview all films and TV series. The Power Media Player application takes into account the places and episodes you have stopped.

Content is automatically divided into movies and TV shows. There are filters for videos that were newly added and not visible. Within each category, you can switch between display and sort.

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