10 Best Song Writing Apps For Android & iOS

10 Best Song Writing Apps For Android & iOS

Do you consider yourself a beginner singer? If you give a positive answer, this post is exactly what you are looking for.

Well, the road to fame will be difficult for you. You have to overcome dozens of difficulties like buying a musical instrument, finding a record company, using skills in this problem and many others. And of course, like every creative person, sometimes you will run out of inspiration and look for the right words for a long time. Sounds sad, but it’s true.

However, there is another alternative: your device can help you in this difficult business. By saying this, we intend many applications that have been developed to help songwriters find the right words and agree on themselves. We have selected the best application for songwriting that we want to present to you now.

We advise you to look closely at this post, regardless of who you are – a beginner or specialist.

1. Lyric Notepad – Write Song Lyrics, Poetry, & Rap


Are you going to write the best hit song ever? Lyric Notepad will definitely help you. The all-in-one application has a feature to check your lyrics for rhymes and suggest his own words for rhymes if there are better ones.

By the way, there is one more special feature that will track your rhyme and syllable schemes. That is called Metronome. This can be used as an audio or visual reference, so nothing confuses you.

Another advantage is that here the Measure mode is available for users. This will make you break your lyrics into a quarter size. In addition, there you can learn information about syllable counters for each quarter size. So you can try to split your lyrics evenly or create unique syllable patterns. And of course, this is available to record your voice and apply it to any part of your song.

2. Rhyme Time Professional: Rhyming Dictionary


Is your muse mute today? Maybe that’s why you can’t find the best song for your new song. Use Rhyme Time Professional and get rid of this problem. This will find songs for lyrics rather than you.

There are 9 types of rhymes available, just select one of them and start writing. This application will correct you by suggesting better alternatives. Also, for your convenience, it is possible to play audio pronunciation for each word, that is why you will surely find rhymes.

In addition, if you face difficulties in understanding the meaning of words, you can open the application dictionary and learn it. This application has a database rich in more than 100,000 words, so it will definitely help you. By the way, the application will be suitable not only for musicians but also for poets.

3. WordPalette


Do you want to prove that you are a very talented person? Download WordPalette and do it now.

Start writing your song with the help of 6 sliding lines. These lines include intuitively grouped words taken from the Palette. It’s very convenient to switch between a keyboard with a line and an iOS keyboard with one tap or slide.

Why do you need to use Palettes? This is a text source that you can edit manually by adding your favorite lyrics, articles, poems, etc. That is why you will see many beautiful words that you know but rarely use. These are 6 lines that will help you reach a new level in songwriting.

4. Tully


This colorful and highly functional application must also be listed here. Here is available for importing your music and writing text while listening. Special intellectual platforms will find rhyming words and suggest them for you. That will make your song more interesting. Then you can record some song ideas if you want. The recording system is very powerful will not distort the sound at all.

One more advantage of Tully is that you can share files directly from the application. By the way, all files are stored in one folder, which is very convenient. As you can see, the possibilities for using it never end.

5. Songwriter Pad LE-Songwriting


Incidentally the song writer is stuck. But that is not true for users of this great application. Alright, let’s start with the basic features of the application.

As always, by using Songwriter you can easily find rhyming words, a special dictionary will help you with this problem. By the way, Thesaurus is also included in the application. In addition, you can import melodies and play them directly from the application. Then, record some song ideas, add authors, copyright dates, publishers, keys and tempo info and your work is ready!

The main distinguishing feature is the application’s ability to produce words depending on the song’s emotions.

The developer claims that Grammy Award winners use the application. Who knows, maybe they will be one of them too.

6. Rhymer’s Block


Are you out of inspiration? That’s because you still have not installed this application on the phone. This application also has the ability to find rhymes for words from songs or poems. In addition, rhyming words will be highlighted in the same color, it will make your work easier.

What about the Block Rhymer differentiator feature, this application is appreciated for its ability to find it even near Rhymes. Apart from that, you will definitely like the “Block” community, where you can share texts and get feedback. That will also be your source of inspiration.

There is no doubt, this application will refresh your mind and improve your skills as a song writer.

7. RoadWriter Lite – Songwriting


If you want to simplify the entire song writing process, this application is for you. Import your melody into RoadWriter Lite, play it, then write the lyrics while listening. There are special players that will make your job easier. It has a button that is able to jump back 5 seconds and forward to efficiently replay parts of a song.

Forget all the other players you use. Try this modern and very comfortable application and make sure you are sure of its strength. By the way, the paid version of this application is also available.

8. Write Songs Lite: Songwriting


This application will be the best tool for poets, rappers, lyricists, and song writers. By installing it, you will get everything needed by songwriters in one application.

Here you can note any text. Compose Song Lite will be your assistant in this matter. The Rhyming Dictionary will suggest all possible variants. As a previous application, it has its own Player and Sound recording system which will simplify the work process.

Now let’s discuss its distinguishing features. The most risky will definitely like the Song idea generator. Features like Word of the day and the Holy Bible will enlarge your vocabulary. The latter will be very suitable for those who like Christian Rap, Christian Rock, etc. All application needs are your talent.

9. Songwriter


It so happens that bright sentences for your future song or poem come to your mind and you want to write them now, but you don’t keep paper and pens. If this situation is true for you, download this application and use it.

Here you can type the text you want and get access anytime. In addition, this application has the ability to record samples of lyrics, poetry, and ideas.

As you can see, Songwriter’s user interface is very simple and only has basic features for song writing.

10. Write Your Own Song – Rhymes Finder


The last but not least application is developed by professionals for professionals. This application is designed to help you write creatively and quickly. You only need to start typing, and the application will immediately produce rhyming words. Then you can share the songs you made to social networks.

If we consider the app’s distinguishing feature, it’s probably the ability to write lyrics for each part of your song. That will simplify your work process.

Although this is not unusual, Write Your Own Song has become a top-ranked application.

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