10 Best Prayer Apps For Android & iOS

10 Best Prayer Apps For Android & iOS

Prayer is the way we connect with the Supreme power. They are often the foundation stones of our spiritual path. For those who do not wish to walk the path of spirituality but still wish to connect with divinity, prayer is a means for them to achieve it.

If you are looking for a prayer app that can help your journey, whatever the purpose, we present you with a collection of the 10 best prayer apps for Android and iOS users. Take a look and choose the one that suits you the most.

1. Daily Prayer App


Created by RethinkMe LTD, the Daily Prayers app is available for Android and iOS platforms. This free to use app creates the perfect guide for reading the scriptures and entering the spiritual rhythm of prayer.

It is designed to help people enter the rhythm of morning, midday, evening and night prayer. This app has been designed to send users special notifications so they can set their own prayer times to suit their prayer schedule.

This application is very well designed with a logical pattern. The interface is elegant and prayer creates a sense of relaxation and serenity. The good thing about this app is that it doesn’t bother its users with ads. Yes, it is ad-free.

2. PrayerMate 


Again, a cleverly designed app for Christians, PrayerMate has a very clear and thoughtful design. This is a free app but comes with in-app purchase options.

This application helps users to be faithful in prayer, no matter who they are praying for or what they are praying for. This app has been designed to allow users to create custom categories that perfectly suit their own prayer methods.

If users wish, they can quickly subscribe to an online prayer diary, which is loaded with content from organizations such as UCCF The Christian Union, Open Doors, London City Mission, local churches, and more.

Users can also set an alarm as a reminder for prayers. The app also allows people to send messages or emails from within the app to the people they are praying for. This application comes with an integrated help section.

3. Pray As You Go – Daily Prayer


A very simple app, the Pray As You Go app is designed to help people fulfill their daily prayer sessions whenever they have time. It could be during a trip to work or back home. Even during the study.

The app is designed to generate completely new prayer sessions for each of the 5 workdays and then one session for the weekend.

This session is a kind of framework for one’s prayer. The sessions that were made were not really Bible study or sermons or any thoughts today.

Each session is a combination of scripture, questions for self-reflection and music and the sessions can last between 10 and 13 minutes. The whole idea is to make a person aware of God’s presence in life and improve that person’s relationship with God.

4. Click To Pray


Created by Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, this app is designed to help one connect with thousands of people around the world who pray for humanity’s challenges. This app provides three short times for daily prayers during the morning, evening and evening. This app can send notifications to users reminding them of prayer times.



This app is designed to help you improve your daily prayer habits with the help of an inspiring daily devotional. This application gives users the ability to listen to the wisdom of the Bible. This app offers reports on community prayer and praise. Users can also view the member directory and get notified about leader announcements and service times.

6. Echo Prayer


Basically, the Echo Prayer app is a note-taking app where you can keep track of all your prayers. You can categorize and organize your prayers, delete old prayers and even mark them as ‘answered by God’ so you can see how God is working for you and you can thank him.

You can even share prayer requests with friends, family members, or in small groups that you can create via the app.

7. Daily Prayer Guide 


This app positions itself as a 365 day devotional app complete with inspiring Bible verses, poetry, quotes and prayers. The app also provides daily reminders so users can read their daily devotions.

If the user wants to listen to the devotional content instead of reading it, it is also possible with the help of a voice synthesizer that has been integrated into the application. It also allows users to share their content.

For Android users, this application is available in lite and full versions. For iOS users on the other hand, only the premium version is available.

8. Catholic Novena Prayers


This app provides a direct and simple way to Prey Novenas. This is an application designed to help people get closer to God through daily faithful prayers. This application is designed to provide daily prayers for its users. If someone using the app misses her prayer, the app sends a gentle reminder for the same.

9. Ceaseless Prayer


This app is designed to help people pray for all their loved ones be it family or friends. This app shows the user the three contacts in a day along with the scriptures. This app allows users to connect with people and request prayer requests. Apart from creating a disciplined prayer life, this application also allows users to experience the joy of seeing God at work and answering their prayers.

10. Abide – Christian Meditation 


Based on the scriptures of the Bible, Abide is a guided Christian meditation and daily prayer app. The guided meditations offered by the app are 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and 15 minutes. This app takes people into spiritual meditation and helps people to deal with a number of problems such as stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia and many more.



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