10 Best Apps For Buying A Car in 2020 Android & iOS

10 Best Apps For Buying A Car in 2020 Android & iOS

To choose a car is a responsible agreement, it requires many parameters to be taken into account. First of all, there is a budget. You need to consider family size – if you have children, a small car is not good. Those who are accustomed to buying food for a week, need roomy luggage. To quickly find a car with the least standard requirements, you can use one of the applications presented in our review.


Edmunds is the most convenient search for all advertisements on new and used car sales. It has a very convenient interface for choosing the car category that you are looking for (using a catalog you can choose a particular model).

Determine interesting parameters, for example, model, year and volume of the machine – the application itself will choose the variant that suits you. After you choose a car, you can connect with a private dealer / seller here.

2. Car Buying


Do you need to buy or sell a car? This application will serve you. This application offers a simple way to choose a new car following the step by step instructions.

You can find the right dealer in your area using the map and instructions in the application. There are more than 100,000 ads that are relevant to photos and descriptions. The Car Buying application will be a good helper for future drivers, and for those who are already driving!

3. – New & Used Cars

3 is the most extensive and popular application where ads for car sales are displayed. The main announcement came from the dealer, about 10% of advertisements came from private individuals. A large number of offers in the application makes it possible to find a car, practically, for every taste.

This application is equipped with an excellent search system, useful information, links to sellers, and of course, detailed descriptions of each car, so choosing a car with this service is quite convenient. To search for a car in the filter field, you must enter the brand, model, price, area, zip code, then click “Search”. For more detailed filtering, there is also an extended version of the filter. is the most popular and visited vehicle sales site, which by default is considered to play in this ad free online segment for the United States. Every rider with even the most demanding requirements can choose a car here.

4. Autotrader – Find New & Used Cars For Sale


AutoTrader is an application for buying cars like, and is not inferior to sales volume. But is more profiled to car dealers, while Autotrader to individuals – more than 40 thousand car dealers offer their cars and 250 thousand private traders.

Due to the large number of advertisements from ordinary citizens, Autotrader pays special attention to the reliability of the information provided in the description.

5. CarMax – Used Cars and New Cars For Sale


Install the CarMax application on mobile digital devices and keep up with new offers in the car market. This program has a clear interface, friendly, convenient and wise tool. This can be used by representatives of any consumer segment – special knowledge or skills are not needed for this.

You can save your search on the phone. Then, you can set a notification when the price of a saved car goes down and contact with the seller quickly.

6. Instamotor – Buy & Sell Cars


Instamotor application is a useful tool when searching for cars.

Advantages of the Instamotor application:

  • You can chat with the seller right in the application.
  • Using a map makes it possible to search for cars in your area.
  • You can save the car that interests you and get alerts when prices drop or other updates.

7. Droom: Used & New Cars & Bikes


Buy a car? The Droom application will help you with this. It’s easy to find the car you need with the help of filters. Specify features, for example, model, year of manufacture and engine volume – the application will give you the appropriate variant to choose from.

8. AutoScout24 – used car finder


AutoScout24 is an application for Android and iPhone users, with the help of where you can search for new and used cars and motorbikes in Europe’s largest car portal, offering sales of around 2 million cars. There is a function “Warning”, thank you that you will send information immediately after the car or motorcycle, suitable for your request will be entered by the seller on the site. Within the search criteria, you can choose a brand,

In the search box, you can choose the brand, model, and price of the car, mileage, year, desired location, as well as engine power, used fuel, gearboxes, etc. You can save search results, sort them by price, color, and other criteria.

You even have the possibility to share upcoming purchases with family, friends, and others via email, Facebook or Twitter.

9. eBay Motors


Today the Internet gives everything to buyers, and the legendary online auction eBay is the place where you will find your car. This trend is not surprising, because buying a car on eBay can cost potential buyers almost half the price. However, price is not the only factor influencing the popularity of online purchases. After buying a car, everyone wants to get a loyal and reliable “iron friend”, who will only bring pleasure from the trip, and will not force the owner to regularly visit the service station.

These cars are for sale on eBay, and you must choose a reliable and inexpensive car that suits you in every way.

Do you want to buy a car, motorcycle or truck? And maybe some parts, equipment, and accessories? You will only be happy with the price: ready to help you, both used and new cars. And if you are lucky, you will find a discount!

10. Used Cars & Trucks for Sale


This application is designed to make the process of choosing, buying or selling a car easier. Now available on Android and iPhone devices. There are many car search criteria. As a result of a search query, we get a list of cars that meet your requirements and have chosen the one you like. Furthermore, the application will tell us about the selected car.

How do you find the car here? There are many car search criteria. As a result of a search query, we get a list of cars that meet your requirements and have chosen the one you like. Furthermore, the application will tell us about the selected car. The used Cars & Tracks for Sale application can help you a lot in finding a suitable car, even without sitting in front of a computer.

If you are tired of searching for or not finding a car that matches your criteria, you can make an email notification when a car that suits your needs appears on the market. You can also be notified if certain cars experience price reductions.

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